The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Luo Yunzhu Whips the Cynics on Feng Tianlans Behalf

Chapter 56: Luo Yunzhu Whips the Cynics on Feng Tianlan’s Behalf

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If he wanted to know, he had to wait for her to tell her himself. At the moment, all eyes were on Feng Tianlan, so she did not think that Si Mobai was looking at her any differently from anyone else.

“What do any of you know? So, it’s ok for a younger sister to steal her sister’s fiancé?” Luo Yunzhu could not bear listening to any more of this and broke free from Feng Tianlan’s grip. She shouted, “A man and his sister-in-law are hardly a match made in heaven, ordained by the gods. They are obviously an adulterous pair!”

“Yunzhu!” Feng Tianlan called after Luo Yunzhu, reaching out to pull her back.

But she had already reached the stands, so Feng Tianlan quickly ran after her. PIAK! A long whip lashed out like a snake, striking the spectators, hard.

Ouch! Ah! Owww! There were screams of pain from everywhere.

“Tianlan is not a good-for-nothing! She’s not despicable, ruthless, or heartless like you all say! Those words describe Feng Xiuyu!”

PIAK! PIAK! PIAK! The long whip started lashing again, followed by more screams of pain.

“Zhu’er!” Luo Yuanjie dashed down from the stands and restrained her. “Stop this nonsense,” he told her firmly.

Feng Tianlan pulled Luo Yunzhu behind her and glared coldly at the strong men who had now gathered, intending to beat up Luo Yunzhu. In an icy voice that sounded like it came from the depths of hell, she said, “Whoever dares to hurt her will die instantly.”

The murderous intent in her stance and words made the strong men shrink back. Oddly, they believed that she had the power to kill them.

“If you dare to say anything bad about Tianlan, I’ll rip your mouths out!” said Luo Yunzhu. She thought: These idiots just say whatever they want because they don’t face any consequences for spouting garbage. From now on, if anybody says anything horrible, I’ll rip them to pieces!

It was no big deal, anyway. At most, Luo Yunzhu would be beaten up but not killed. After all, she was the Luo Clan’s sole heiress, and nobody wanted to offend the family. Luo Yuanjie wanted to scold her on the spot, but she had already started a fight; if he scolded her now, everyone watching might think that he no longer protected her and dream up new ways to bully her instead. He decided to scold her after they got home. For now, it was more important to remain on his daughter’s side.

The emperor looked worriedly at Si Mobai. This was the perfect chance to rescue his damsel in distress. Why wasn’t he taking it? How would this stupid boy win Feng Tianlan’s heart?

No, I’d better do something, the emperor thought. Otherwise, he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t frighten her half to death with his icy personality.

“We will stop here for today and discuss the annulment another time. The only thing I have to say about this matter is that Feng Tianlan holds the sole right to refuse this marriage. Even if both parties died, the agreement would still stand,” Si Ming concluded solemnly.

He did not want to interfere in the matter any longer. Feng Tianlan’s performance today made the emperor look at her in a different light, but he felt that she still had to become stronger. Si Rong was kneeling on the ground, and he was so shocked that he was unable to speak. How could this man be his father? Instead, he was acting like Feng Tianlan’s father.

“Your Majesty, I don’t want to annul the engagement. But…” Feng Tianlan began speaking directly to the emperor.

The Fengs did not need to bow or use honorifics in front of the royal family, nor did they need to go through any formalities—this was how much their clan was revered.

“Feng Tianlan, can’t you be a little less shameless? I have already rejected you, and you still want to cling to me? I tell you now: even if we do get married, you will live as a widow,” Si Rong interrupted Feng Tianlan angrily.

He couldn’t believe it. He’d already gone to such lengths to reject her, and she still wanted to marry him! What a shameless woman!

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