The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Demon King

Chapter 64: Demon King
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Flying Frost Pavilion? When he heard the name of this top-level sect, Si Rong made a mental note and did not continue speaking.

Feng Xiang took the letter from the servant and read it immediately. After reading, he excitedly told Xu Jiayi, “My dear, there’s hope for Yu’er! Pei’er says she’s on her way home to celebrate my birthday!”

Si Rong raised an eyebrow. He knew that the Second Miss of the Feng family was a child prodigy. The Flying Frost Pavilion had taken her in as a novice disciple at the young age of ten. The Feng clan was backed by a top-level sect!

If that were the case, then this marriage must move forward. I must not let it slip, Si Rong thought to himself. He interrupted Feng Xiang, saying, “Uncle, Auntie, regardless of what happens to Yu’er, I am willing to take her as my official wife.”

Nothing else mattered now. The most important thing was to ensure the support of both the Feng clan and this top-level sect so that he could become the emperor. After becoming the emperor, there would be scores of women falling over themselves to have children with him anyway.

Xu Jiayi didn’t think that far ahead and was simply touched by Si Rong’s devotion to Feng Xiuyu, exclaiming, “That’s good to hear! Otherwise, Yu’er would be devastated.”

Yu’er liked Si Rong so much. If Si Rong didn’t want her anymore because she’d become useless, she would suffer a breakdown. Feng Xiang gripped the letter tightly. He did not think so highly of Si Rong because he knew what sort of choices he would make as a man. What Feng Xiang needed was not a devoted or upright man but a puppet emperor who relied on him. Right now, Si Rong was the most suitable candidate.

“Why don’t both of you go and get some rest. I’ll take care of Yu’er. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see me when she wakes up,” said Si Rong with great gentleness and love.

Feng Xiang and Xu Jiayi exchanged glances and nodded. “We’ll have to trouble Third Prince, then.”

“It’s something I ought to do.” Si Rong sat down next to the bed and held Feng Xiuyu’s hands as if deeply in love with her.

Feng Xiang exchanged a few words with Xu Jiayi before leaving Heavenly Phoenix Court. He then headed to the study while Xu Jiayi went back to her bedroom.

Si Mobai, meanwhile, left Feng Tianlan’s courtyard. He made a silver mask from the air and jumped creepily around above the Feng Manor. He noticed that Feng Xiang was in the study, so he quietly waited.

He’d said that he wanted to wait for Feng Tianlan to become stronger, but he couldn’t watch her get bullied for no reason, either. At the very least, he wanted to teach these bullies a little lesson. He would be away for at least a month and wanted to make sure that her life wasn’t in any danger while she was in training.

Feng Xiang came out from the study and saw a ghostly figure flash by. He immediately became guarded. “Who’s there?”

Suddenly, Feng Xiang felt an extremely strong Spiritual Force come at him like a hurricane, and held up his hand to resist the force. But the force was too powerful, and his defense was utterly useless. With a bang, Feng Xiang was sent flying and slammed into a wall. The wall collapsed from the impact.

Pffft! Feng Xiang violently spat out a mouthful of blood and looked up to see a figure wearing a silver mask, his white clothes flying in the wind, with a long shadow like the grim reaper. The figure was flying toward him as if coming to kill him, and he opened his eyes wide, and his face turned pale. “Demon King!”

The Guiyuan Continent had three top-level sects—Flying Frost Pavilion, Demon Palace, and Evanesce City. Flying Frost Pavilion was the most well-known because they took in disciples all the time. They had many disciples all over the world. Thus, the Flying Frost Pavilion ranked first in influence and power.

The Demon Palace, by contrast, had very few members. It was rumored that Demon Palace was a group of hitmen who cared neither for worldly affairs nor societal norms. They were widely believed to be a cult, but they ranked first in battle prowess and the ability to kill.

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