The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Cant Wait to Marry Her Off

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Xu Jiayi’s face paled, and anger began to show on her face. Her daughter was a prodigy, but, during the battle, Feng Tianlan had turned her into a useless person. Even though her heart was full of hatred, Xu Jiayi suppressed her anger for the sake of recovering the marriage token. She thought through the list of men who she could match with Feng Tianlan. Then, she put on a fake smile and said, “General Wang is not bad. He’s only in his early thirties, and he’s never married. No concubines, and pretty good looking too…”

Feng Tianlan laughed at Xu Jiayi’s words, and her eyes filled with scorn when she heard the mention of General Wang. General Wang was thirty-three years old, which was young for a top general. He certainly had a lot of self-control and self-discipline. As for being handsome? He was just tall and not ugly. As for being unmarried and having no concubines—that was all true. But she knew that this General Wang had violent tendencies, especially in the area of sexual relations. If a girl were lucky, she got away with some cuts. If not, she could die. So, unless someone had similar kinds, who on earth would want to marry such a man?

Xu Jiayi saw Feng Tianlan staring straight at her as she spoke well of General Wang and concluded that she liked the sound of this man. She turned to Feng Xiang and asked, “My dear, what do you think of this arrangement?”

“I also think this is a good arrangement.” Feng Xiang stretched his hands out towards Feng Tianlan. “Give me the token, and I’ll ask him tomorrow.”

“This is a good match, so don’t run away, alright? Quickly give the token to your father, and we’ll make arrangements immediately,” added Xu Jiayi added hastily, as if this were an excellent arrangement, so she had to act fast or lose him to someone else.

Xu Jiayi was well aware of General Wang’s fetishes. Because he was a high ranking official, none of this was known to the public, and all received him well. So, if she arranged for Feng Tianlan to marry him, everybody would think that she was a wonderful mother for choosing such a good man. After all, nobody knew that General Wang was such a violent man at home. This arrangement would ensure that she would get the Feng family treasure and Feng Tianlan quietly killed at the same time. She would not just emerge unscathed but gain reputation for being a good mother. Therefore, this was the best arrangement she could think of.

Feng Xiang nodded along in agreement and added, “I’m familiar with General Wang, he’s not bad. He’s not a superficial man who only wants looks or talent. It will be a great privilege for you to marry him, so give me the token.”

Feng Tianlan continued to hold on tightly to the brocade box. She was disgusted by how these two were suddenly so enthusiastic about marrying her off to this awful man.

“Since you think he’s such a good catch, why don’t you give him to my third sister?” Feng Tianlan put on her most concerned voice. “My poor third sister is now considered a useless person, plus she’s endured public humiliation, too. I’m sure General Wang is a wonderful man who won’t reject her.”

A good catch? This was like pushing her into a burning fire! But what caught her attention was how both of them were very concerned with the token. What can possibly be inside this box, she wondered, that makes them want it so badly?

“Your sister has Third Prince, so how can I marry her off to someone else? Besides, you’ve been rejected by a prince, so no ordinary person will dare to marry you now. But General Wang is not an ordinary man. He’s an exception. Don’t reject this arrangement,” Xu Jiayi managed to suppress the anger boiling inside her. She wasn’t going to let Feng Tianlan drive her up the wall so easily.

Yu’er was the hot topic of South Peace City. Never mind that she’d been rendered useless by a fight. She’d been glimpsed completely nude by thousands of lower-class citizens! If Third Prince were no longer agreeable, Xu Jiayi knew it would be nearly impossible for her to marry him.

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