The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Feng Clan Seal

Chapter 75: The Feng Clan Seal
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Feng Xiang’s thoughts immediately cleared when he heard what that icy voice had said. He narrowed his eyes and watched Feng Tianlan leave but did not dare attack her anymore. It was true that if he killed her now, he would have to consider the consequences.

Feng Tianlan was not a useless woman that nobody cared about anymore. Now, she was a sensation throughout South Winds Nation—the underdog good-for-nothing who’d managed to turn the tables on her challenger. If he killed her, he would be the prime suspect. If he were convicted of killing his own daughter, all his plans would go down the drain. Still, it was also a horrible feeling to see the treasure that he’d wanted so badly for so long finally within reach and be unable to get his hands on it.

Xu Jiayi went up to him and called him gently, “My dear.”

She had straightened out her thoughts after the quarrel earlier and decided that it was better to go with whatever her husband said and not argue with him. Feng Xiang rubbed his temples. His head hurt as he thought about what means he could use to obtain the Feng family treasure.

Xu Jiayi knew what was giving Feng Xiang a headache, so she gently suggested, “She’s a hot topic in the country, so you can’t kill her now. But we can still arrange a marriage for her. Then, when the deal goes through, we’ll get the token back.”

“You think she’ll listen?” Feng Xiang snorted. Looking at the way Feng Tianlan had behaved just now, it was apparent that she wasn’t going to allow anyone to make decisions for her. Otherwise, she would have handed the treasure over to him by now.

“She’s in a rebellious stage. If you are so hard on her, she’s not going to give it to you.” Feng Xiang motioned for her to continue talking. “You’ve never shown her any paternal love, so, of course, she will rebel. If you want her to give you the token, then you have to talk to her nicely and slowly coax her into giving it to you…”

Xu Jiayi continued to explain her plan to Feng Xiang. After listening, Feng Xiang had an evil glint in his eyes.

He said, “Go find a matchmaker soon and check with General Wang what he thinks. This is a good match.”

Xu Jiayi planned to marry Feng Tianlan off to General Wang without seeking her consent. Once the marriage was confirmed, the token had to be taken from Feng Tianlan. For this to work, in front of Feng Tianlan, Feng Xiang had to play the role of the good father. If that still didn’t work, then they’d have to resort to some dirty tricks. After all, once she was with child, there was nowhere she could go.

On the other side of the house, Feng Tianlan dragged herself back to the courtyard with a broken left shoulder. She looked at the rundown state of the courtyard and thought about how her mother had initially built the Heavenly Phoenix Court for her. She told herself that once she finished healing, she would take back everything that belonged to her, bit by bit, starting with Heavenly Phoenix Court.

“Miss!” Chuling was cooking in the small shed, which she had built herself. She saw Feng Tianlan slowly staggering back with her shoulder hanging loosely, and her face went white. She rushed over, choking back sobs as she asked, “Did Master beat you again?” Was her shoulder broken?

“I’m fine,” Feng Tianlan smiled as she replied. She had already set her bones back in place and taken a Grade 5 Nurturing Pill, so she would be fine after resting for a while.

“I should have followed you. Then you wouldn’t have…”

Feng Tianlan took some time to comfort Chuling, who was crying and blaming herself. Once Chuling was less emotional, she went back to her room and retrieved the brocade box from the Pill Scroll Realm. She was curious to see what it was that Feng Xiang wanted so badly. She opened the box and saw a seal intricately carved with a fire phoenix. On closer inspection, she realized that the other side was engraved with the word ‘Feng’!

“The Feng Clan Seal?”

Feng Tianlan raised her eyebrows, trying to figure out what was going on. Why wasn’t this seal with Feng Xiang? Instead, it was her token of marriage that had now been returned to her. Did this mean that Feng Xiang had never had the Feng Clan Seal in the first place? Was he so anxious to get the seal back to secure his position as the Feng Clan Head?

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