The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Another One Dead?

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“What do you want now?” Feng Tianlan heard the voices outside her room and walked outside.

Feng Xiang replied to her in a serious voice, “This is the shopkeeper of the Tianhai Trade House. Come quickly and say hello. The Tianhai Trade House belongs to Flying Frost Pavilion, so don’t make any trouble.”

Feng Tianlan looked at the young man who had come with Feng Xian. He was looking at her with eyes full of lust. She coldly reminded Feng Xiang, “Feng Xiuyu’s cinnabar field was destroyed by a pill she that she ate. Are you not going to check who last touched those pills?”

“How dare you insinuate such a thing! Doctor Feng would never do that!” Feng Xiang knew what she was getting at. Doctor Feng had been the last person to touch the Marrow Cleansing Pill that Yu’er had eaten, so Feng Tianlan was suggesting that he was the only one who could have added the poison.

But Doctor Feng was a Grade 3 Alchemist, and Feng Xiang didn’t want to offend him. Regardless of whether Doctor Feng had done it or not, he would simply disregard this possibility and blame everything on Feng Tianlan. After all, it would be easier to find a reason to get rid of Feng Tianlan without repercussions if he could find her guilty of as many crimes as possible.

The shopkeeper was afraid of Feng Tianlan’s frighteningly cold stares. But when he looked at Feng Tianlan’s flawless porcelain white skin, he immediately took a liking to her. He thought that her skin must be as soft as a baby’s.

“Feng Clan Head, you’re really giving her to me?” The shopkeeper was itching to have Feng Tianlan and couldn’t wait to touch her beautiful skin.

“Of course. She’s been rejected by the royal family, so it’s up to you whether you want her as a wife or concubine. Just marry her as soon as possible,” Feng Xiang was quick to respond.

He knew that the moment Feng Tianlan got married, he would get his hands on the Feng family treasure. Feng Tianlan saw that the two of them were talking about her marriage as if there nobody else were watching.

She asked the shopkeeper teasingly, “General Wang came to ask my hand in marriage just three days ago and got himself killed. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be next to die?”

“Feng Clan Head…”

Feng Xiang quickly explained, “That’s just a coincidence! General Wang was killed because he had committed a crime, and not because he wanted to marry her. So, don’t worry about this. You can marry Tianlan in peace.”

Feng Tianlan’s expression darkened. She warned the shopkeeper, “I advise you not to proceed with this. Otherwise, you’re next to die because I’m going to kill you.”

She didn’t care how or why the general had died. If this shopkeeper dared to have any funny ideas about her, she was going to kill him.

“Such audacity!” Feng Tianlan’s insolence angered the shopkeeper. He told Feng Xiang, “Go get ready, and I’ll get someone to fetch her in a few days.”

She was a lowly good-for-nothing who dared to say such outrageous things! He was determined to teach her a lesson. Otherwise, it would be such a waste of her beautiful skin.

“Sure, it’s a deal,” Feng Xiang replied happily and escorted the shopkeeper out of the door, completely ignoring Feng Tianlan’s wishes.

Feng Tianlan coldly stared as she watched them walk away. Feng Xiang was a scoundrel who deserved to die for allowing his daughter to be a concubine!

One hour later, Feng Xiang stormed into the courtyard angrily once more. He kicked the door open and shouted in a rage, “Feng Tianlan! How dare you kill someone from the Tianhai Trade House! You must be tired of living!”

“Another one dead?”

Feng Tianlan was slightly confused. She had intended to wait till nighttime before killing the shopkeeper, but he’d been murdered within the hour.

“How dare you feign innocence!” Feng Xiang angrily shouted.

He nearly swung his fists at Feng Tianlan but stopped short when he saw her cold glare. He felt fear in his heart!

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