The Tempestuous Consort Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Die Betrayers Of The Feng Family

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This time, her entire soul refreshed from the fight. In the past, Feng Xiuyu had always bullied them because they werent strong enough. This time, however, it was her turn to be on the receiving end of the bullying. Served her right!

Feng Xiuyu was traumatized by the assault. She trembled uncontrollably as she howled with burning outrage, "Butler Zhu, kill her! I will rip her into a million pieces."

Butler Zhu ordered the guards in a grave voice, "Kill the maid. Capture both the First Miss and Miss Luo."

The moment he passed down the order, a dozen guards from all directions circled them.

"Who are you to touch my people?" Feng Tianlan coldly scoffed as she took over the whip in Luo Yunzhus hand. She put herself before Luo Yunzhu and Chuling, making sure that they were adequately shielded. She stared icily at the enemies in front of her and said, "Protect my back well."

"Yes." That single sentence of Feng Tianlan immensely moved Chuling and Luo Yunzhu. Fire course through their blood. How fortunate of them to have such a master and friend.

Pa! The soft red whip cracked. Like a fiery-red flying snake, it flew out and wrapped itself around a guards neck. Snap! His neck broke as the noise resounded.

"Today, allow me to help you remember the consequence of betraying the Feng family."

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The whip tore the air, unforgiving and lethal. It wrapped itself around the necks of the guards, and one by one snapped their throats with a sharp tug. Those guards had their necks broken even before they could let out a scream. Heads hanging unnaturally on their shoulders, all of them died without finding peace.

Luo Yunzhu guarded Feng Tianlans back. Kicking guards left and right, she clapped gleefully at the same time, "Great kill. That felt awesome."

Those betrayers deserved to be killed!

Butler Zhu saw first hand how Feng Tianlan reaped the lives of a dozen guards within minutes. With their formation destroyed, a tinge of fear and killing intent crept into his eyes. A ball of massive spiritual force began to form on his palm. He pulled himself into the air and leaped up, bringing down a strike to the top of her skull. He would kill her with a single blow!

He was a guard who had been nurtured by the previous Feng Clan Head. She once said that the only outcome for those who betrayed the Feng family wasdeath!

And now, Feng Tianlan made him feel like his life was under threat. Therefore, he must kill her.

He saw the ball of spiritual energy almost crashing into Feng Tianlanonly to rebound at the very last second. Not only did it bounce, but it also reoubounded with twice the power and strength. The moment he saw the ball coming for him, Butler Zhu hastily mustered some spiritual force on his hand and struck out.


Butler Zhu, who took a direct blow to heart, flew across the area like a thrown object making a trajectory through the air. He crashed heavily into a wall, creating a substantial hole from the sheer force alone. He slid down to the ground and threw up a large mouthful of blood. His head turned and hanged on his shoulders, his eyes wide open from the impact.

He couldnt rest in peace!

The few remaining guards widened their eyes in shock as they witnessed the death of Butler Zhu. All of them inhaled sharply from the shock!

Butler Zhu, an Advanced-stage Spiritual Master, had died at the hands of a good-for-nothing?

"Die, betrayers of the Feng Family!" A soft red whip in hand, the white fabric of Feng Tianlans clothes flapped with the wind gusts. Her sharp, piercing gaze swept past the few guards remaining. A rulers oppressive strength was more than evident, and it stuck fear in everyones hearts.


The guards shrieked in horror as they dropped the sharp swords in their hands. They abandoned Feng Xiuyu and ran for their lives. They feared that if they missed the opportunity to run, they might be next to die.

"Tianlan, should we chase after them and finish them off?" Luo Yunzhu was also astounded, but quickly came to terms with Feng Tianlans prowess. This was Feng Tianlans real nature. This was the actual top genius from ten years ago, Feng Tianlan!

She had truly returned!

Luo Yunzhus eyes lit up at the thought. She looked at Feng Tianlan with a gaze filled with awe and worship. She believed that, from this day on, Tianlan would stand at the pinnacle of the world, and no one would dare to lay a finger on her.

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