The Trembling World Chapter 475

Chapter 475

Chapter 475 - Cloud Canal

TL: LifeisaJourney

“You dare to kill me? If I die, everyone here will die! You best believe that! You will regret it!” Cao Yi shouted arrogantly.

“So, how do you want to die? Do you want to be in one shape, or many pieces?” Wang De Cheng started another round of torture.

Killing him would be an easy way out for Cao Yi. He had to suffer through all the pain that he had brought to the villagers. In secret, Liu Gan had said to leave Cao Yi alive. In public, Liu Gan had to put up an act.

“Lord Liu, if they sent out an SOS call, would anything happen to the village since they have been alerted?” Wang De Cheng slipped in his question.

“With me here, the village won’t have any more problems. Don’t be worried,” Liu Gan replied nonchalantly. Even saying that took some effort, since he could sense that his enemy was overwhelmingly powerful. Even the tactics were a grade higher than his usual encounters, but Liu Gan was confident in his abilities to overcome this challenge.

Even the King Crocodile had been killed at his hands, so what could be more of a challenge than that? He must take care of this pest before he can try something else!

From gathering all the intel on what Cao Yi has said before, there was one clue about his organization: they are hiding within the city. As for Cao Yi’s teacher, it is very possible he was above level 15.

Wang De Cheng’s worries were not without reason. Liu Gan was only level 14. If Liu Gan was fighting against same level peers, then there wasn’t a problem. The problem began if Cao Yi’s Teacher was level 15 or above. The level differences between 14 and 15 were similar to a level 4 and 5 power gap. There would always be one side that had the advantage.

It was good for Liu Gan that he had Yin He and NaNa by his side. He could still handle players above level 15. The big issue is that Cao Yi wouldn’t provide any information no matter how many times they tortured him. With limited information, they didn’t have much to work with.

What a tricky situation! With the enemy in the shadows, they would be difficult to handle.


The very next day in the afternoon, the newly assembled battalion under the name Galaxy Battalion was prepping for an expedition. That was when Liu Gan decided to test out his scepter abilities. Specifically, it was the weather aspect he wanted to change.

A bright round white light shot out from the scepter. The round shape started to expand and formed a column that penetrated into the clouds. The column of light expanded horizontally, and covered the entire Beginner Village and everyone else in it. The light wasn’t harmful, and in fact, it felt warm and comfortable.

When the bright white light started to dim down, the clouds that once roiled in turmoil above their heads had disappeared. In there place was a large cloud canal. Liu Gan had seen this situation before! It was during the time he was in the northern region of the island. Sunlight penetrated through the sky, and shone right down on the Beginner Village and surrounding areas.

Now Liu Gan understood how the cloud canal had been formed. However, with one question answered, another two questions came up. Was there someone testing the scepter’s ability? Who was the one testing it in the northern region?

Once again, the truth of the matter was limited by his lack of information.

Liu Gan tried to form another column of light in a different area, but in his head a notification popped up. It says that the scepter didn’t have enough energy.

Energy… Energy...

What was this energy?

What type of energy could power this scepter? There was no inlet for taking in electrical energy. There was no inlet anywhere on the scepter! So how was it recharged? If there was no way to charge the scepter, then did that mean it is just a useless wooden stick?

Liu Gan stashed his scepter away. He would have to worry about recharging the staff at another time.

After the Galaxy Battalion was ready, Liu Gan didn’t want to sit idly for the enemy to strike. Instead, he wanted to get the pre-emptive strike first. He would personally lead this massive battalion. Just like before, their mission objective was to continue killing all types of zombies within Nin Jing City.

Cao Yi and his organization were very dissatisfied with the village doing the cleaning, so Liu Gan would do exactly that to piss them off. This would force the enemy organization to reveal themselves!


With Liu Gan’s leadership and his strengthened Rage Aura and Battlecry, the entire battalion’s morale and damage output had increased. They were unstoppable, cleaning several streets within a day. So far, they hadn’t encountered any resistance from the enemy organization.

Even though the enemy organization didn’t reveal themselves, Liu Gan had an unexpected gain. Through the deaths of the zombies, his scepter absorbed all the black orbs that were floating around.

Regardless of whether it was regular or variant type zombies, they didn’t supply Liu Gan with any experience anymore, but they could be used to feed into the scepter. As long as Liu Gan was holding the scepter, it would capture all the black experience orbs. The scepter was slowly charging up on the energy!

Once Liu Gan realized what was happening, he was so excited. He could finally repurpose his waste kills. Killing lower-level zombies didn’t give him any experience, so he always had a few new members escorting him and fed them the kills. He didn’t want to waste the experience points.

Now, he could venture out alone and it wouldn’t be wasteful to kill the regular zombies. All the energy would be stored within the scepter!

The energy in the scepter could be used to create more cloud canals. It could also be used to cast magic spells, if Liu Gan could find a Neuroscience Research Facility to activate the mental domain.

If he could cast a fireball or freeze enemies with ice shards or snipe enemies with lightning, it would feel so cool!

Liu Gan had already decided his next course of action once he knew how to recharge the scepter. He would get rid of the enemies lurking on this island, then he would have to find a way to reach a Neuroscience Research Facility. He needed the ability to use long-range magic to increase his damage output.

If Nin Jing Island didn’t have a Neuroscience Research Facility, then he would have to take his chances with the Spatial Transfer Gate. Otherwise, why would the scepter and the Transfer Gate be awarded together?


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