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  • The Two Faced Venerate Emperor

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The Two Faced Venerate Emperor summary:

Description Her – a glutton without troubles or worries who crossed over and became a young fat chick with a deep vengefulness. Him – a young master of the number one power; a two-faced man with elegance and charming, good looks; he is the chosen one of the former saint god and a man who will only bend his back for her alone. This domineering crossover’s slogan is, ‘Don’t touch if it is this sister’s, put it there if it isn’t this sister’s!’ …watch how the Domineering Glutton and the Two-Faced Venerate Emperor create sparks as they meet and collide, stirring the whole Spirit Treasure Continent into turmoil, how they fall for each other and how they kill each other, how life and death severs love. 腹黑帝尊,抱一抱

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The Two Faced Venerate Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 9063 weeks ago
Chapter 9053 weeks ago
Chapter 9043 weeks ago
Chapter 9033 weeks ago
Chapter 9023 weeks ago
Chapter 9013 weeks ago
Chapter 9003 weeks ago
Chapter 877 Jinx2 months ago
Chapter 870 King2 months ago
Chapter 861 Boom2 months ago
Chapter 858 Sorry2 months ago
Chapter 854 Dowry2 months ago
Chapter 839 Secre3 months ago
Chapter 832 Hate3 months ago
Chapter 820 Charm4 months ago
Chapter 807 Happy4 months ago
Chapter 781 Moved5 months ago
Chapter 760 Lose6 months ago
Chapter 742 Blind6 months ago
Chapter 736 Bh6 months ago
Chapter 711 King7 months ago
Chapter 676 Fck9 months ago
Chapter 675 Eerie9 months ago
Chapter 671 Hatred10 months ago
Chapter 642 Scram11 months ago
Chapter 613 Shyly11 months ago
Chapter 609 Seduce11 months ago
Chapter 549 Blurone year ago
Chapter 531 Kissone year ago
Chapter 522 Killone year ago
Chapter 501 Jinxone year ago
Chapter 498 Mushyone year ago
Chapter 492 Evilone year ago
Chapter 484 Ballyone year ago
Chapter 464 Uncleone year ago
Chapter 310 Awardone year ago
Chapter 280 Rogerone year ago
Chapter 249 Miserone year ago
Chapter 205 Sisone year ago
Chapter 184 Goodone year ago
Chapter 136 Guestone year ago
Chapter 118 Omenone year ago
Chapter 97 Warmone year ago
Chapter 41 C Cupone year ago
Chapter 27 Waitone year ago
Chapter 17 Huggedone year ago
Chapter 7 Pervertone year ago
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