The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 1194

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Sheyan patiently explained to Jean, “Why did the government union only build four Noah’s Arks with the entire strength of the human race? Because they don’t know the specific situation of the disasters that are about to occur, so they can only device their plan according to the worst case scenario. Based on the information you provided, each Ark can withstand temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius below zero. It can also resist the pressure ten thousand meters underwater and can carry the supply for fifty thousand people for five years. In reality, more than 90% of the design is a waste.”

Sheyan sighed.

“Unfortunately, I have no way to tell the government the truth. First of all, why would they believe me? If they do believe me, sure, more people can be saved, but the more people that are saved, the difficulty…I mean, the power sent to correct the course of history will become greater too!”

“So you say,” Jean remarked coldly, “but do you expect me to believe that you’re doing all these out of selfless desire? Why are you afraid of baring your memories to me?”

Sheyan helplessly spread open his arms. “It’s not that I won’t bare my memories to you, you simply can’t get in at all. I’ve told you that I have a very unique origin, more unique than you can ever imagine, so there are barriers protecting me memories. Your teacher, Professor X, has verified this himself. It’s not my fault.” he said.

“So you don’t dare,” Jean said coldly.

Sheyan laughed. “Of course I dare. I can bare my memories for your inspection any time. But can YOU unravel the barriers?”

A sharp glint suddenly flashed across Jean’s eyes! She was really trying to read Sheyan’s memories at such a time! But, Sheyan could not care less. All information about the Realm was inaccessible to storyline characters anyway.

What’s more, psychics more powerful than Jean had already tried to read Sheyan’s mind before this – the Gypsy fortune-teller in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, and during the battle with The Fool’s test subject not long ago.

The cold truth was anyone who dared to do such a thing had suffered.

They had suffered greatly.

The only exception was Professor X, but it may have something to do with the fact that the old man had stopped right away when he noticed something wrong and did not force it.

Jean’s mental strength rapidly waned as she arduously tried to read Sheyan’s memories. On the contrary, Sheyan was pretty relaxed. It would be good to teach the girl a lesson.

But just then, a distant sound came from the sea.

Sheyan turned around and was greeted by the sight of Jean’s pale face and unfocused eyes. She had really tried her hardest. He saw in her pupils three bars which stood like a prison cage. The strangest thing was the furious black flame burning behind the bars!

Such a strange phenomenon instantly made Sheyan recall that this woman was not that simple! She might be unremarkable now, but her alter ego was the powerful Dark Phoenix, a level 5 mutant!! It must be known that Magneto and Professor X were only level 4 mutants!

Her alternate personality was kept in check right now because Professor X had locked it in with a mental cage, but once it broke out, it would have major consequences! Therefore, Sheyan did not hesitate to give Jean a huge slap on the face! The slap brought the dazed Jean back into her main personality. Sheyan then rebuked her in a harsh voice, “What’re you spacing out for! The enemy’s here!”

Jean now had a clear red palm mark on her face. She surprisingly did not say anything to retort. She seemed lost in thought, as if she was recalling the indescribable feeling of the awakening of her alternate personality a moment ago! She then held her head and pointed at a spot to the west. About ten seconds later, a small submarine emerged.

Five people appeared on the landing steps. One of them was carrying a suitcase that was curiously shaped like a flower bud magnified a hundred times over. That was the special suitcase for tritium Dr. Octopus told them about.

To were about to commence their attack when a nervous voice transmitted over from the earphones they wore.

“Look out, it’s Bruce Banner carrying that suitcase! He’s a really powerful monster! And the person at the very back seems to be Reed Richards, or Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.”

“Bruce Banner?” Even Sheyan was surprised by that.

That guy was also a scientist. During an accident in a gamma-ray experiment, he was hit by a large amount of gamma-ray radiation while protecting his colleagues, causing him to mutate. Whenever his heart quickened in anger, he would turn into the raging Hulk!

The Hulk had astonishing strength. The starfish gene in him allowed him to regrow lost cells; even if his head was chopped off, it would grow out again. He also had chloroplasts in him, allowing him to increase his strength through light. Also, the angrier he was, the stronger he would become. He was at least at the level of Magneto. Even someone of Wolverine’s level was not his match. Sheyan did not expect to encounter such a tough guy on their very first outing.

‘Damn, that means we might not have enough manpower. Should I ask for reinforcements?’ pondered Sheyan.

This was the first time they launched an attack, so they expected the enemy to be caught unprepared. Therefore, they split into three groups in pursuit of maximum efficiency.

In this group, besides Sheyan and the other contestants, there were also three Vampire Counts, plus Jean and the mutant Toad. Toad was someone with an amazing leaping ability, and his tongue was lethal.

They could already see two legendary figures among the enemies. What about those who had not made themselves visible?

Most importantly, the tritium they were targeting was in the hands of the Hulk. Even if they could beat him, who could stop him from running away besides Professor X and Magneto?

While Sheyan was still hesitating, the impatient vampires had already was started the fight. These arrogant creatures had always felt a sense of superiority in their hearts, believing themselves a race of higher existence. An yet, they were restrained for so long. Now that the enemy had appeared, what were they waiting for?

A loud scream reverberated through the air. It only sounded a bit harsh on the ears of Sheyan and his allies, but to the enemy, it was a ultrasonic attack from a Vampire Count. When the invisible sonic waves passed through the ground, the water and rocks on the ground were agitated and then shattered.

The person walking at the very front was probably just an ordinary person. The powerful ultrasonic attack tore his clothes to pieces and blew him away like a broken kite. In the blink of an eye, he was already more than ten meters away, about to fall into the sea.

But right then, the rubber man Reed instantly reacted. He instantly stretched his right hand towards the back like it was made of rubber. He grabbed the unfortunate guy’s foot and saved him from certain death.

Honestly, even Sheyan before he entered the Nightmare Realm would not have much chance to live if he fell into the sea in such terrible weather, let alone an ordinary person. If Reed had not used his superpower to save the guy, he would have become food for the fish.

The fierce sound of gunshots rose from all sides. They were all made by the vassals of the vampires: the blood slaves.

Vampires usually had three choices when they bit someone. The first was to just suck blood. They could also inject poison into the prey. This was called the First Bite and was used to breed the next generation of vampires. Another option was to inject their own blood into the prey.

Those that were injected with vampire blood would become blood slaves.

They did not fear death, did not know pain and fatigue, and were extremely loyal. However, blood had to be re-injected into them every year.

All the blood slaves brought here by the three Counts were the most elite blood slaves under their command. Although there were only fifteen or sixteen of them, the firepower they displayed was almost superior to that of a company. Hundreds of kilograms of metallic ammunition were released in an instant, assaulting the enemy like a storm. Smoke and even fire were spreading on the waves!

But when the shooting reached its peak intensity, a huge green figure emerged and charged towards the metallic storm. When the bullets hit his body, they ricocheted away, merely producing sparks. The green figure reached the nearest flamethrower-wielding blood slave in an instant and smashed down with a punch.

The burly blood slave raised both his hands to block. The two blood slaves beside him also pulled out their katanas and chopped at the Hulk in an attempt to save the burly blood slave. But although the blades were sharp, they only managed to leave two white marks on the skin of the Hulk.

At that moment, the Hulk performed a dextrous maneuver which completely belied his bulky appearance. He turned his smash into a grip, grabbing the burly man’s left foot and made him lose his balance. Meanwhile, his other hand grabbed the man’s right foot. The Hulk’s arms separated to both sides, fiercely tearing the man apart!

Substances like blood and fat gushed out in large amounts, splashing down to the ground. It could be clearly seen from the torn section that the internal organs of blood slaves had undergone changes. Aside from the texture of flesh, they also contained a strange plastic texture. Disgusting dark red and dark purple tissues squirmed constantly. He was actually still barely alive, a testament to his extremely tenacious vitality. He was still struggling constantly like a fish out of water.

One of the Vampire Count was furious at the death of a trusted subordinate of his. He screamed and swooped down like a bat. The nails on his fingers were as sharp as blades, and fangs could be seen in his mouth. The Hulk didn’t even look at the vampire. He punched out. The air in the path of the fist erupted deafeningly from being rapidly compressed.

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