The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 1195

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The Hulk’s punch carried unspeakable force, seemingly able to split mountains, but the vampire skillfully avoided it by cleverly flowing along the ripples in the air like a fish in water.

The strong wind blew the Count’s black-and-red cloak back. The Count slithered upwards along the Hulk’s arm in a weird way. He held between his fingers a silver knife with complicated runes on it and lightly sliced into the Hulk’s arm as he passed by.

Everyone knew that the weaknesses of vampires were silver, holy water, crosses and garlics, so a vampire with a silver weapon felt as mismatched as a muscular man in a dress.

And yet, there were always exceptions. This silver knife had a very illustrious origin. According to legends, it was Simon Peter’s dinner knife.

The name Simon Peter may sound unfamiliar to most, but his other identity was extremely well-known! He was the head of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ!

It may not be comparable in importance with the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin or the Lance of Longinus, but the object used by such a legendary figure was definitely a great sacred object.

And it was. This knife with a silver glow had been worshipped for 470 years in the Sistine Madonna, the largest church in Europe. In the end, it was taken out by an angry ascetic monk who rushed straight to the then headquarters of the Dark Church, bringing a storm of blood to the vampires!

Two Vampire Princes died in the battle (only vampires who ruled a large city could be called princes; they were similar to mayors), as well as seven Dukes and countless Counts and Barons. The vampires finally killed the monk after paying a heavy price. The weapon was also corrupted to the dark side by the vampires who coveted its power.

Although the vampire race had declined since then, there was no way a mere Count could possess the fallen communion knife. The only explanation was that he should be someone from a really influential vampire family, no inferior to Prince Dracula!

The wind enveloping the Hulk’s punch was easily dissected by the ‘Corrupted Communion Knife’. The body and the arm of the Count twisted in a way that was absolutely impossible for human beings to perform, plunging the silver knife into the Hulk’s arm like a broken bamboo, without a trace of smoke nor fire.

The wound was as thin as a strand of hair, so delicate it almost could not be seen.

And yet, the wounded Hulk instantly turned stiff all over. His green skin turned a deadly white and solidified like concrete into blocks that did not look organic at all. He almost lost his balance, but before he fell, he suddenly shook violently. His petrified skin cracked and burst open, revealing the flesh and blood within. The wound was as large as a basin! It was also smoking, like it was corroded.

The Hulk gritted his teeth hard in anguish. His anger caused the veins on his forehead to swell up like twisting water pipes. He actually became even faster than before as he rushed a few meters forward, caught the Vampire Count, grabbed him by his left and right legs like he did before, then tore hard. The terrible scene from a moment ago was reenacted. The unfortunate Vampire Count was also torn in half.

But amidst a chilly scream, the powerful life-saving ability of the vampires manifested itself. The corpse that was torn in half suddenly burst into hundreds of dark, hairy bats that flew away in all directions.

The Hulk took a deep breath. His body was unusually muscular to begin with – from afar, it seemed like a cube – and at this time, following the deep inhalation, his body rapidly expanded like a giant ball, his eyes bulging a few centimeters out of their sockets! His mouth became a huge black hole!

Next, the Hulk gaped his mouth wide. Time seemed to freeze at that moment. He then looked up to the heaven and….


“F*ck me!” The Hulk’s actions instantly gave Sheyan a feeling of unprecedented crisis. Sheyan never had the intention of being the one at the front and centre of this fight, so he immediately rushed back behind the breakwater and covered his ears with his hands.

A terrifying shockwave spread in all directions. The first victims it claimed were the bats that were trying to fly away. As one would expect, all of them burst like pustules, forming clusters of blood mists in the air. The blood mists then gathered and condensed into an illusionary image of the Vampire Count, raising his hands and howling in despair. The illusionary image could only persist in the Hulk’s roar for less than a second before it distorted and exploded into nothingness!

Even Sheyan who hid behind a cover could feel the impact that was like a nuclear explosion in the middle of the battlefield. Rocks, bullets and corpses flew over his head to a distance hundreds of meters away. The gale that rose cut through his cheeks like sharp knives. He felt like he was riding a bicycle in a grade 12 storm. Even taking a breath became hard.

The Hulk’s roar was so powerful that it almost completely cleared the battlefield. He had also killed one of the troublesome Vampire Count with it!

As tough as he was, he inevitably had to take a moment to recover after that horrifying attack.

But a black shadow suddenly appeared from the distance, tracing an astonishing parabolic trajectory in the air like the shell of a mortar, spanning at least fifty meters and landing right in front of the Hulk.

“This guy…” Sheyan immediately bounced up from the ground and sprinted forward with large strides.

The shadow was revealed to be a short, bowlegged man with festers and bumps on his face. He was the trusted underling of Magneto, the mutant Toad. He may not be very strong, but few could match his patience and his ability to seize opportunities.

Toad fell heavily in front of the violently gasping Hulk with a cruel, venomous glint in his toad-like horizontal pupils. The giant arm of the Hulk immediately swept at his waist, but the Toad had already launched his strongest attack – his tongue lashed out like a bolt of lightning!

The frogs may give the impression of being slow moving animals (toads are actually a classification of frog), but according to scientific research, there’s a type of frog in South America that can launch its tongue three times faster than a bullet when it hunts! The mutant Toad’s tongue strike, though limited in range, was still far faster than anyone could imagine, more than ten times faster than the tongue of ordinary frogs! He never missed his target whenever he grabbed the opportunity to perform this strike!

The seemingly soft tongue stabbed into the Hulk’s right eye as fast as lightning, penetrating deep into the brain! When it retracted, it even ripped the eye out. The eyelid of the Hulk’s right eye did not even have the time to shut yet when the whole process was completed. This showed how fast Toad had struck.

Of course, if Toad’s tongue was clipped by the eyelid of the monstrous Hulk, the green-skinned monster could tear the tongue out of Toad’s mouth just by the force of the eyelid closing.

A great pain spread to the Hulk’s entire body. He swung three consecutive punches, which Toad dodged with great difficulty. Although each punch merely landed on the ground, the splashing soil and shockwave could not be avoided. The monstrous strength of the Hulk meant that even these indirect damages managed to injure Toad and make him spill green blood.

“The fourth punch… It’s over, I can’t dodge it!” Just when Toad was desperately thinking this, a person rushed over and blocked in front of him. Toad instantly felt a sense of relief having escaped from certain death.

Toad thought the face of the man named Reef was the best looking face in the world right now. His act of holding up his shield against the Hulk looked so courageous and heroic. Toad naturally would not miss the chance. The solid muscles on his thighs tightened and burst out with great force, propelling him in an parabola to a spot more than 30 meters away. He disappeared into the darkness.

At the same time, the fist of the Hulk smashed onto Reef’s dark gold shield.

It produced a low muffled sound, like an old car driving past. The dark golden glow on the surface of the shield scattered! In any case, Reef had managed to block the punch. But the contestants could clearly see that a large chunk of Reef’s HP had been deducted like it was abruptly cut away! Reef also staggered back unsteadily from the blow, his front completely exposed!

Mister Fantastic, the rubber man, acted then. Two long rubber arms seized the opportunity to come flying down from sky to grab at Reef’s shoulders. However, at that moment, a blood slave who was struggling suddenly went crashing into the rubber arms. His cry of terror immediately made him the focus of the battlefield.

The blood slave was instantly caught by Mister Fantastic’s left hand, but it was clear that Mister Fantastic’s target was not him. The rubber man threw the blood slave at the feet of the Hulk without much effort.

The Hulk, who was in pain, stomped on the blood slave’s back and bent his spine in a terrible obtuse angle. Before the blood slave could even scream, the Hulk had already grabbed his hair and hit him on the head with a hammer-like fist. Once, twice, thrice….

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