The Unwanted Princess Chapter 78

81 Chapter 78: Confrontation


Ivery opened her eyes, and her eyes scanned the room. Her mind was muddled, and for a few seconds, she forgot where she was. She then noticed that she was laying on someone...

She lifted her head up and saw Luther looking down at her with a gentle smile.

"How are you feeling?" Luther asked

"Strangely, I feel fine..." Ivery sat up and didn't feel much different

"That's good then." Luther was happy to hear that

"She's awake!"

Ivery turned her head and saw three fairies flying in.

"We have been instructed to take you to the golden lotus pond." One of the fairies told her

"Why?" Ivery was curious why they needed to take her to a pond

"It's the rejuvenation pond that gives the bather energy, strength, and magic enhancement. It is necessary for you to bathe in the pond and absorb its energy to give balance to your new magic, since you have consumed the golden apple your magic will be unstable, and bathing in the pond will calm your magic and even bring your newfound abilities to greater heights." The second fairy explained to her

"Interesting. Okay, take me there." Ivery smiled


Ivery was taken to the golden lotus pond and was given a plain thin white long dress to wear. Ivery had already taken off her hanfu and its under layers and put on the long dress.

She carefully entered the beautiful golden tinted water.

Even the lotus flowers were golden. The water wasn't clear, so Ivery couldn't see how deep the water was, so she stayed waist-deep in the water.

She closed her eyes and inhaled.

The fairies told her to absorb the magic in the pond so it will instantly flow into her prowess core.

The white dress stuck to Ivery's body in the water, making her body shape show vividly.

Just as Ivery began absorbing the magic in the pond, she felt arms wrap around her waist. She gasped at the feeling and turned her head.

"Sorry, you look so temptingI can't help but want to touch you.." Luther kissed the back of her neck

"L-LutherI have to-"

"I know, continue" Luther's arms around her waist slightly tightened

"Howcan I..? When you're so close.." Ivery felt like her heart was about to explode and her cheeks were pure crimson

"I'm not leaving you." Luther smiled

Ivery took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She tried her best to not focus on Luther who was tightly hugging her from behind. The magic from the pond began to once again flow into her body and entered her prowess core.

A faint golden aura was visible around Ivery's body.

"You're so beautiful.." Luther's hands moved down her body

Ivery's eyes opened wide when she felt Luther's hands on her thighs.

Ivery turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, she pressed her wet body against his, she noticed that he wasn't wearing his hanfu at all, he was wearing his usual black shirt and slim black pants.

"Where's your hanfu?" Ivery was still looking at his attire and asked him

"I don't need it." Luther lifted Ivery's head up by her chin

"Buying something like that for me and yourself was a waste of money" Luther leaned down

"If we were going to become adventurers, we might as well act the part." Ivery smiled

"Mhm." Luther closed the short distance between them and kissed her deeply

His hands went down and wrapped around her waist again, he then lifted Ivery slightly out of the water, she wrapped her legs around his waist. The water that soaked into her dress poured back into the pond as her legs went up.

He lightly smiled into the kiss and supported her legs.

They both melted into the kiss, and deepened it further, they both didn't dare to disconnect their lips. The passion they both felt was too intense, it needed to be satiated.

Luther then slipped his tongue into her mouth, her eyes opened slightly as their tongues suddenly touched.

Her fingers slowly ran through his long, silky black hair, it was so soft and smooth that felt as if her hands were melting into it.it was surely an addicting feeling.

Ivery looked up and suddenly noticed that several fairies were watching them with blushing faces.

"Mmmn" Ivery felt embarrassed and slightly pulled away from Luther, disconnecting their lips, a string of saliva followed her pullback

Luther grew irritated and wanted more, his sad expression pierced Ivery's heart.

"What's wrong?" Luther asked her, thinking he did something wrong

Ivery pointed behind him.

He turned around and saw the group of fairies watching them from afar.

"You can't just ignore them?" Luther asked as he went for another kiss

"No..I can't." Ivery covered his mouth with her hand

"Being watched isembarrassing.." Ivery blushed

Luther narrowed his eyes and sighed. He licked her palm, which made her quickly move her hand.

He turned around to face the fairies, and Ivery's back was now facing them. Luther glared at the peeping fairies and released his murderous intent. The fairies felt like they were being suffocated, drowned, and like there was a gigantic weight on them.

They all quickly flew away in a panic.

"Now, where were we?" Luther smiled

"You've been veryaffectionate lately, why?" Ivery loved this side of Luther but she wondered why he's been extremely loving, he has been more expressive about his love for her with his actions

"Can't I just love you with no reason needed?" Luther asked

"Yes.." Ivery nodded and blushed

"Good." Luther went for another kiss

Suddenly Ivery quickly pressed her lips against his, initiating the kiss. Luther lightly chuckled and was deeply immersed in the kiss.


"You might as well come out, I already know all about you and what you're planning.." Julian said

"D ?" Eos's ominous voice echoed in the hallway

"Because I know that you don't know why we're really here and what we're here for....half bred demon Emperor of the Lilith Kingdom.." Eos said with a scoff

"Half-bred demon? Then would you care to tell me why you're here then?" Julian raised an eyebrow, knowing that she was mocking that his human blood had been tainted with demon blood

"Would you like me to show you instead?" Eos slowly walked out of the darkness that covered the hallway, revealing herself to Julian

"Go ahead." Julian smirked, unphased by her terrifying appearance, and red electricity sparked across his body, his long blonde hair flowed to the side although there was no wind

Eos snapped her fingers and to Julian's disappointment, nothing happened.

"Farewell, Emperor of Lilith..." Eos smirked

Julian then felt something odd behind him, he summoned his sword and quickly stabbed the strange presence.

But to his surprise, he too had been stabbed...

He looked down and saw the tip of a long sword sticking out of his abdomen. He turned his head and saw Xia standing behind him with a sly grin.

She slowly pulled his sword out of her chest.

"You thought I'd let her get close to you without protection?" Eos laughed

"It's been a while, father..." Xia stabbed Julian's sword into his back and it stuck out of his chest making him fall to his knees

"Whoever your father is, it's certainly not me.." Julian's hair slowly turned red and his sclera's filled with a bloody red color

He stood up straight and pulled both swords out of his body. Julian's body then turned into a red flash and before Xia realized it, both swords she had stabbed Julian with were pierced into her.

The swords glowed with a red aura and Xia screamed in agony as she felt the excruciating sensation of her internal organs burning.

As soon as he ripped the swords out of her, she collapsed on the ground, blood flowed from her body and pooled around her.

"D-Damn it..." Xia started choking on her own blood

"You mortals continue to surprise me." Eos smiled, realizing she had underestimated Julian

"But you are still mortals in the end, how long exactly do you believe you can continue to stand? We both know you're bleeding out...." Eos said

"Long enough." Julian replied


Ivery and Luther were still in the pond, continuing to indulge in each other.

Suddenly Ivery felt a strange and unsettling feeling...

She once again pulled away from Luther and unwrapped her legs that were around Luther's waist.

"Ivery?" Luther didn't understand why she left their embrace

"Something's...not right.." Ivery walked in the water and stepped out of the pond

"What do you mean?" Luther was lost

"Julian..." Ivery somehow felt it, her father was in trouble...maybe it was their blood connection

"Julian?" Luther stepped out of the pond with more confusion

Ivery's body turned into a golden mist cloud.

"Ivery!?" Luther saw Ivery teleport away, which increased his bewilderment to the maximum level


Ivery appeared behind Julian, and looked at the shocking scene in front of her.

Xia was lying in a pool of her own blood and Julian who stood in front of her was heavily bleeding from two stab wounds.

And she saw the ominous floating being who she recognized instantly as Eos.

"Oh? It's you..." Eos widely smiled once she saw Ivery

"Hecate's favored child..." Eos's undivided attention was on Ivery, she now could care less about Julian

"Isn't it me that you want?" Ivery stepped forward

"Yes, of course." Eos smiled

Julian saw his daughter step in front of him, he noticed she was drenched, the thin white dress she wore was soaked with water and her hair was wet. He wondered where she had been all this time...he was already notified that she had escaped the Hollow's Castle...but he didn't push out a wanted order for her capture since everything had been a ruse.

"No, what type of father would I be if I allowed my own daughter to fight for me?" Julian didn't want Ivery to fight Eos....he'd gladly die for her if it ever came to that

"If you continue moving, you'll bleed to death." Ivery said to Julian

"It doesn't matter, I can still fight...you shouldn't have come here." Julian refused to let her come to any harm

"I'm sorry, father." Ivery snapped her fingers

Julian's eyes closed and he instantly fell backwards, and before he hit the floor Ivery caught him and laid him down gently, he was completely unconscious due to the power of her divine commandment which she could now use without having to speak.

She kneeled down and held her hands over his wounds, her hands glowed with a green light and his wounds quickly healed.

"How touching." Eos laughed

"What is it that you truly want?" Ivery stood up and looked at Eos sternly

"To see Hecates face once I have your head in my hand..." Eos snapped her fingers again

"Sorry to disappoint you, but that's something that you'll never get to see." Ivery's eyes glowed and Excalibur materialized in her right hand

Ivery then felt a strange feeling and acted on instinct.

In an instant, Ivery suddenly held the blade of a sword in between her index finger and thumb. The sword was very close to her neck, she narrowed her eyes at the sight of it.

"What?" Xia couldn't believe Ivery stopped her sword...she was sure she hid her presence

The blade of the sword shattered into pieces once Ivery pressed her fingers harder.

Ivery quickly turned around and stabbed Xia in the chest with Excalibur. Piercing into Xia's prowess core.




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