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  • The Wielder Of Death Magic

  • Genres : Academy -  Revenge -  Sword and Magic -  underestimated mc
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The Wielder Of Death Magic summary:

"A speck of white on a black canvas might stand out but it doesn’t hide the fact that the canvas is indeed black."After a tough upbringing on a war-zone guided by his father. Staxius Haggard, now grown and independent, decides to take the entrance exams for Claireville Academy. One of the best, if not the best magical academy around the world.Despite having an intellect which surpasses normal human understanding, his path toward achieving his goal of becoming a sorcerer comes to a stand still as he went face to face against the strongest foe ever made.Low physical ability paired with a surreal intellect, will he outwit his way to the top or awaken a rare magical affinity which will boost his advancement into a peaceful future?A journey into a godforsaken world where people only thirst for wealth and glory. With a child whom got rejected by her parents, he decides to raise her as his own. Join Staxius as he aimlessly follows a dream, a dream which he isn't aware of, a dream he seeks to find.A tragedy happens - sixteen years later, the world now is tethering on the edge of a new era; the era of monsters, fantasy creatures and demon-lords. The world is soon to change, in a world where politics is filled with malice; together with his party - Staxius sets off on a new adventure, to be the first hero or the first villain.Disclaimer: I don't own the picture on the cover. No copyright infringement intended All the rights goes solely to the artist

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