The World Online Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063: Splitting the Spoils

Chapter 1063 Splitting the Spoils

Shikoku, South Army Camp.

The moment he learned that Edo had fallen, Di Chen stood stunned on the spot, not knowing how to react.

"How is that possible?"

Di Chen basically could not imagine how the south army had attacked the heavily defended Edo. Furthermore, the time was so short, so it was impossible to move troops from Great Xia.

"Investigate, go investigate!" Di Chen gave the order.

"Yes, my Lord!"

Very quickly, Difeng intel officers went to do their duty.

In the original Yanhuang Alliance Intel Organization, apart from Difeng of Handan City and the relatively famous Chunxiao from Pill Sun City, there was Warring Dong from Blood Red City as well as Fengyun from King City.

After merging, the three of them became the branch organizations of Difeng, causing Difeng to jump into a super intel organization on the level of the Shanhai Guards.

As the country war had ended and the forums were reinstated, it was not hard for Difeng to investigate the matter.

Di Chen looked at the Edo battle report, and his face grew darker and darker as he fumed, "He's using public items for himself. Why did not he tell us such an important thing?"

On this matter, Ouyang Shuo was indeed in the wrong. However, he was the country war leader, and even if he hid it and did not report the matter, since he smoothly took down Japan in the end, no one could blame him for anything.

Di Chen and the others took a lost and could only keep silent.

"There's no point talking in about this now. Let's think about how to deal with the aftereffects!" Xiong Ba said.

That's right, to meet the interest demands of the Di family in Silver Hand, Handan City had purposely slowed down their speed, and they even disobeyed Ouyang Shuo's decrees.

His actions could be considered as betraying the country, and it was worse than Ouyang Shuo not informing them.

Handan City was going to experience an unprecedented trust crisis. If they dealt with it badly, they would lose people sentiment, with allies leaving and people deserting them.

Especially Di Chen himself, who stood at the front, he would definitely face the heaviest punishment.

Just thinking about it, Di Chen felt a chill run down his spine.

Di Chen asked, "What ideas do you have?"

Xiong Ba said in a low tone, "There are two most important things now. First, we need to discuss with the old fox on how to split up Japan. Secondly, we need to use all the powers we can to at least reduce the animosity amongst the players."

"After all, Japan is already taken down, so the animosity of the players is not as big as before," Xiong Ba added.

Di Chen nodded, "Our grandfathers should be handling the latter matter, and we do not need to worry about it. As for the former, we do have to decide on it."

After pausing, Di Chen looked at Xiong Ba and the others and said, "How should we split up Japan?"

With the character of Handan City, giving up Japan was impossible. Just with interest considerations alone, if Great Xia took down Japan, they would lock down Handan City that was opposite them on the river.

Trade with the Dawson Empire had already become the trading lifeline of Handan City, and Japan was at the core position of this naval route.

The moment Great Xia grabbed them by the neck, the future of Handan City would be understandable.

Xiong Ba said, "We should not pin much hopes on Honshu. The best case would be taking what we took down. As long as we keep Shikoku and Kyushu, our target would be met."

Di Chen nodded, helplessly accepting the fact. Taking a look at Xiong Ba, he said, "How about you represent Handan City to discuss with the old fox at Edo?"


Out of all of them, Xiong Ba's relationship with Ouyang Shuo was the best, so he was the most suitable choice.

"Congratulate the old fox too. We must show that we are magnanimous." Di Chen said so because he hoped to reduce the hatred of the Chinese players toward Handan City somewhat.

Xiong Ba nodded, "I will set off tomorrow."
6th month, 23rd day, Edo.

The morning sun shone on the torn and tattered Edo, but it was unable to give this city any warmth. The pillaging lasting for a night still had not stopped. Instead, it was getting more intense.

A courtyard within the city.

Feng Qiuhuang, Ouyang Shuo, Blood Romance, and the others were having breakfast whilst discussing their plan for Japan.

Edo was still okay. After all, the north army had taken it down alone, and Ouyang Shuo and the others had the rights to handle it themselves. The problem was how should they split up Japan, should one person take one island?

"In my eyes, why not use the opportunity when we open up the teleportation formation to bring some troops over and chase the Handan City Army away? I'm annoyed just by seeing them," Feng Qiuhuang said.

Right after the Battle of Edo had ended, the remaining 300 thousand Dali Guards were teleported away.

Similarly, as Edo was taken down by the Great Xia Army, and Ouyang Shuo was the country war leader, he smoothly took over Edo and opened up the teleportation formation.

Feng Qiuhuang's suggestion was really feasible, and it even tempted Ouyang Shuo.

Thinking about it, Ouyang Shuo immediately sobered up from his idea. He shook his head and said, "That cannot be done. The country war has just ended, and we start an internal conflict, what would the China players think about us?"

"No matter what, the south army did their part and took down Kyushu and Shikoku. To chase them away like that would be a little too ugly."

Ouyang Shuo saw even further than Feng Qiuhuang did.

Currently, Great Xia and Handan City were going at it. As time went on, to truly decide who wins, it would depend on who the people supported.

Great Xia needed to be upright and upfront when they beat Handan City.

During this battle, Handan City made a rare mistake and lost the people's sentiment. Ouyang Shuo naturally would not attack them for just two Islands.

If he really did that, with the ability of the four families, they would immediately say that they were the victims instead of traitors to try to gain sympathy.

If that really happened, they would be losing a lot more compared to what they would earn.

When Feng Qiuhuang heard Ouyang Shuo's explanation, she looked deeply at Ouyang Shuo, and her eyes flashed with enlightenment, 'When did this man start to think about problems from such a height?'

For the four families to face such an opponent, it was their misfortune.

"We are letting them get away just like that?" They had gone all out and taken down Edo with much difficulty whilst Di Chen and the others just sat there and shared the spoils. Naturally, Feng Qiuhuang was unwilling.

"Let's wait and see. Rice must be eaten mouth by mouth and roads walked step by step. We cannot rush it."

Feng Qiuhuang nodded, "You should fight it safely now."
On the dinner table, Ouyang Shuo and the others were settling the splitting plan. Fallen Phoenix City would take Hokkaido, Great Xia would take Honshu while Handan City took the other two.

As for the resources and spoils of war, naturally the subordinates would handle that. After opening up the teleportation formation, Ouyang Shuo brought over a batch of civil servants.

Apart from that, there were war prisoners.

Based on rough estimations, from the disembarkment battle to taking down Edo City, they had captured a total of 60 thousand Sanli City troops and 420 thousand Japanese Guards for a total of 480 thousand troops.

On the side of losses, the blazing legion corps lost close to 80 thousand, which was over a legion.

The Great Xia Army was similarly in bad shape. Apart from navy loses, they lost 100 thousand army troops. If one considered the Dali Guards loses, this was a tough battle.

Ouyang Shuo and Feng Qiuhuang calculated that after making up for the loses, they had around 300 thousand prisoners remaining, which could be made into four War Fighting Legions.

"We do not need to split that. Let's just take two each," Ouyang Shuo said.

During the Battle of Japan, the blazing legion corps was really valiant, fighting a few crucial battles and being the vanguard each time. Hence, Ouyang Shuo had to treat her fairly.

Feng Qiuhuang did not say anything and nodded. The two sides did not need to be courteous with one another, as they had already formed a close understanding.

Apart from war prisoners, where Ouyang Shuo took a step back, in terms of the spoils of war, Ouyang Shuo tried to lean toward Fallen Phoenix City. The grain and equipment he got, apart from giving a portion to the adventure gamemode players, the remainder was given to Fallen Phoenix City and shipped to Hokkaido.

After Hokkaido was pillaged, it was on the verge of collapse and badly needed all this. The crimes of Ouyang Shuo needed to be resolved by Feng Qiuhuang.

Such an allocation was not him acting as the good guy. Rather, it was because Great Xia had taken a huge win.

Just taking down Honshu along with Edo was not something any item could compare to. Feng Qiuhuang gave up Honshu, so Ouyang Shuo would naturally treat her well.

Even to say that he was prepared to move three million Edo civilians over to Hokkaido to atone for his mistakes.

As for how to plan Honshu, Ouyang Shuo already had a rough idea in mind. He planned to name it Yingzhou Prefecture. Its position was similar to islands like Qiongzhou and Yizhou, and it would be directly run by the Imperial Court.

One must know that Honshu was the seventh largest island in the world, and its size was comparable to a province. It was three times larger than the combined size of Qiongzhou and Yizhou. Not to mention setting up a prefecture, one could even set up a province.

Yingzhou Prefecture had many large-sized ports, which would act as a middle ground to North America. It would also be a bridge for Great Xia to take down North America.

As a result, the Pacific Squadron would quickly move their headquarters over.

The two War Fighting Legions made by the prisoners would become the Yingzhou Formation to be in charge of the safety of Yingzhou Prefecture. They were mainly to defend against the south.

With the cross-country teleportation formation, two legions were enough.

As for choice of the Lieutenant General, Ouyang Shuo had targeted one of the three heroes of the end of Song - Zhang Shijie. As for the other military general, Yue Fei, who was still studying at the Army Military Academy, Ouyang Shuo had other plans.

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