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  • Then Comes Spring When Winter Ends

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Then Comes Spring When Winter Ends summary:

*cover is not my pictureJade Lu was brought up by her grandmother, the Matriach of Lu family. Her parents dislike her and thinks she is weird while her siblings saw her as eye sore who took away their grandma's love and attention. Her parents did not know how to deal with Jade who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a disorder that shows impairment in social and emotional cognition. Under her grandma...

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Then Comes Spring When Winter Ends Chapters

Time uploaded
136 Fallen Hard4 weeks ago
132 Showdown Iv4 weeks ago
130 Showdown Ii4 weeks ago
129 Showdown I4 weeks ago
128 Wishes4 weeks ago
126 A Good Deed4 weeks ago
124 Death4 weeks ago
122 Frustration4 weeks ago
120 Humiliation4 weeks ago
116 Stroke4 weeks ago
114 Heavy Hear4 weeks ago
112 Daughter4 weeks ago
110 Small World4 weeks ago
108 Big Gif4 weeks ago
106 Decision4 weeks ago
102 Healing4 weeks ago
100 Steamy Bath4 weeks ago
99 Betrayal4 weeks ago
98 Quickening4 weeks ago
96 Awaken4 weeks ago
92 Ecstasy4 weeks ago
91 Devotion4 weeks ago
90 Its Me4 weeks ago
89 A Huge Scare4 weeks ago
84 Big News4 weeks ago
83 Leaving4 weeks ago
79 Ransacked4 weeks ago
77 Training4 weeks ago
74 Freedom?4 weeks ago
73 Escaped I4 weeks ago
69 Cold4 weeks ago
68 Retribution4 weeks ago
67 Aftermath4 weeks ago
62 The Storm Ii4 weeks ago
61 The Storm I4 weeks ago
60 Delinquen4 weeks ago
58 Get A Room4 weeks ago
51 Jealousy4 weeks ago
49 Crystals Vow4 weeks ago
38 More Plots4 weeks ago
36 The Truth4 weeks ago
34 Wifey4 weeks ago
31 Uncle?4 weeks ago
30 Infidelity4 weeks ago
24 Heart Attack4 weeks ago
13 Funeral4 weeks ago
12 Repor4 weeks ago
10 20 Years Ago4 weeks ago
5 Breakthrough4 weeks ago
2 Mama Lu4 weeks ago
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