This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome Chapter 151

Chapter 151 The Sparring Was Pointless

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Lu Xuan had it all too easy.

He seemed as if he had no problem at all with blocking the Dragons attack.

Even for someone who knew little to nothing about fights, they would have been able to see how extraordinary that fight was. This was despite the fact that those who were watching the fight were elites among elites, with even National Guardians of Ming Yueyao and Chen Feng being among them.

"Hes really something. Ive never seen someone able to take an attack from the boss so easily."

Chen Fengs eyes were wide open as he commented with an expression of disbelief.

If it had been the Dragon who had no problem taking attacks, that would have been something expected. However, it was the opposite happening between the two of them insteadthe Dragon was the one attacking, and he was the one whose attacks were being easily deflected.

Even though the man taking the attacks was the legendary Mr. Lu, they were still very shocked.

It was like they no longer knew what was going on anymore.

Ming Yueyao said nothing. If one saw the look in her eyes, they would have been able to tell that she was somewhat worried, as she kept her gaze locked on the Dragon.

While that worry lasted for only a brief moment, it was nonetheless enough to tell a lot of things.

Surprise was seen in the Dragons eyes. He knew that Lu Xuan was powerful, but he seemed too powerful.

The young man actually blocked his chop attack with just two fingers. It was worth noting that despite the chop being a simple attack, the Dragon had no doubt of his powers; that chop would have easily sheared through a block of steel about a meter-thick.

"Chief Dragon, you wont be able to defeat me if thats all you got." Lu Xuan stood his ground and kept one hand behind his back. Everyone was able to tell that he was still having an easy time.

The Dragon stopped attacking. His expression turned serious. It was obvious that he truly was about to give it his all in his next one.

"In that case, Mr. Lu, Im going to be really serious about this."

The Dragons aura changed altogether. It became apparent that his intention of holding back was proven pointless because Lu Xuan was far more powerful than previously anticipated.

Lu Xuan sensed the air around him heat up in an instant, and that was not a result of illusory tricks or him seeing things.

The temperature around them had truly risen because the Dragon was cranking up his powers. He practiced a fire type inner arts, and that affected the air around them as he put his Spiritual Qi into it.

Lu Xuan had seen the Dragon fighting with his all back in his past life. The terrifying Spiritual Qi about the man seared the air about him. It was as if he would actually be able to cook the sea if he wanted to.

But then again, the Dragon, who was before Lu Xuan at the moment, was still far below the Dragon that he knew to be at the pinnacle. But nonetheless, Lu Xuan was able to see that the Dragon show signs of being at his pinnacle form.

While the weather outside was very cold, the Dragons surroundings seemed to have been like that of a scorching hot summer instead.

"Stele Throwing Hands of Flames!" the Dragon shouted as he flailed his hand over. The Spiritual Qi materialized into a fiery stele in his hand, which was over two meters long as it clapped down on Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan remained unfazed. He grinned and seemed to have melded with the world around him in an instant. He then threw a simple slap at the incoming attack.


The crowd saw that Lu Xuan did not even have to use his Shield of Vigor. He took that Stele Throwing Hands of Flames with his bare hands, but what was most shocking had yet to happen.

The higher-ups of the Special Task Force witnessed something like that with their own eyes before. That move, which was regarded to be on par with explosives, actually dissipated right away, like snow under a blazing sun.

Lu Xuans hand then clashed directly with that of the Dragons.


The Dragon was unable to control himself and was thrown backward. It took him quite a few steps before he was able to steady himself.

His expression was a mixture of shock and terror. He felt that his blood was boiling within him. A terrifying raging force was rocking his body all over.

That clash shocked his internal organs so thoroughly that he felt they were about to be turned upside down.

That was something that he had never experienced before. It was worth noting that he was born with monstrous strength, so much so that it was every bit on par with grown-ups even when he was very young. He learned of cultivation in the army, and ever since he began his path of cultivation, he had almost been invincible ever since.

At the very least, in terms of physical combat, he was considered to have never been caught at a disadvantage.

He gave his all in his last attack, yet Lu Xuan was still able to push him back without breaking a sweat.

He became even more shocked by then. He had long known that he was something like a monster, yet the young man before him seemed more like a monster than even he was.

Lu Xuan was truly a terrifying monster.

He deemed that there was definitely a monster of absolute terror hiding underneath the human facade.

Lu Xuan did not pounce onto the Dragon. It was just a sparring session instead of a real fight, after all. The Dragon took the chance to make use of his inner arts to stabilize his increasingly raging aura and blood circulation.

"Youre indeed very powerful, Mr. Lu. I admit defeat." The Dragon felt rather complicated as he spoke.

He was already speculating that Lu Xuan was actually superior to him in terms of combat prowess, and that was the conclusion he came to from that seven-day exchange.

He had been very confident in himself, thinking that even if he were not to be the best fighter to be found in the world, he would have remained the best in the country.

He initially thought that Lu Xuan might have been powerful but that the young man would only be his equal, all things considered.

After going through the seven-day exchange with Lu Xuan, however, he found that his initial thoughts had been wrong altogether. Lu Xuan was not just some kid with no lineage who seemed to have just popped out of nowhere.

The breadth of his realization and knowledge regarding cultivation made him feel like a very old monster instead.

If it had not been for Lu Xuans identity being that clear, he would have suspected that he was actually one of those old monsters in some sect or clan hidden from the world.

It was after the exchange that he truly felt that Lu Xuans powers were possibly above his. Lu Xuans knowledge of cultivation was such that so long as he was at the required level, he would have been able to bring 100 or even 200 percent of what he was capable of to the fore.

Yet, the Dragon found that all that he speculated about Lu Xuan had been completely wrong after sparring with him.

He knew very well that he was possibly not Lu Xuans match, yet he challenged the young man nonetheless, for worthy opponents were difficult to find, and he might have had a lot to gain if he were to allow to go full force.

However, reality had ended up dousing cold water on him instead.

Even though he had given his all into the fight, he was still unable to make Lu Xuan get serious, as the young man seemed to be able to tear down his ultimate moves without breaking a sweat at all.

The gap between the two was so huge that even outsiders would be able to see it.

Despite being of the same level, the difference between their powers was like that between heaven and earth.

That made the Dragon feel very exasperated.

Sh*t, Im really out of my league this time, the Dragon thought.

The difference between them was so huge that it had been utterly pointless to even spar in the first place.

In his perspective, Lu Xuan was undoubtedly nothing less than a monster in human form. Be it in terms of actual powers, knowledge regarding cultivation, his grasp of tempo in combat, experience, vista, or whatever else, Lu Xuan was terrifyingly powerful in everything that could affect the end results of a battle.

Although that had been a sparring session between fellow Level Eight cultivators, the effect made it all look like it was a Level Nine fighting a Level Eight instead.

Lu Xuan was practically airtight.

"You flatter me, Chief Dragon. Youre also the strongest that Ive met in quite a while. Be it Qiu Zhen or Song Lingfeng, nobody was able even to begin to compare to you."

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