Thunder Pirate Emperor Chapter 37

"Young master!" The young man shouted happily the moment he saw Rayden. But Rayden shook his head and replied, "Law, I told you to stop calling me that! I prefer you to call me by my name."

At this time, Law was sweating profusely. It seemed that he had just completed a very difficult exercise. Trying to catch his breath, before Law could answer, Richard suddenly asked, "and who might this young man be?"

"Sorry father. I forgot my manners. This is a new friend I made recently. His name is Trafalgar D. Walter Law!" With a smile on his face, Rayden proudly introduced, "Law, this is my father, Gol D. Richard and his friend Silvers Rayleigh!"

Obviously, because Law was still very young, he didn't realize the significance of these names so he happily greeted, "Nice to meet you, Uncle Richard, Uncle Rayleigh!"

"D?" Both Richard and Rayleigh were surprised when they heard that middle name.

"Interesting!" Both men looked each other in the face while smiling and said. Rayleigh then looked intensely at Law and smiled suddenly, "Nice to meet you Law!" then he turning said to Richard, "Richard, it seems your son made an interesting friend."

"Haha, that's what you'd expect from my son. Always springing one surprise after another!" Richard replied happily.

Rayden suddenly looked at his father. Since his father arrived here today, his attitude had been very strange. Today's Richard seemed to be in a very good mood. Shaking his head, he turned to Law and asked, "The fact that you are here means you have finished the routine I gave you."

"Yes, Young master! I have finished the initial routine of the sword skill you gave me." Law was really proud of himself. Rayden had given him a very strong sword skill but being as strong as it was, it was also very difficult to cross the threshold. Rayden had said that usually it would take a talented person three months to grasp the basics of this skill but he had taken less than two months.

"It seems I still underestimated Law's talent" this thought flashed through Rayden's head when he heard Law's reply. With the help of the System A.I, Rayden had selected two skills from the Cultivation panel and battle panel respectively. The Cultivation Skill was a middle Heaven ranked Mental Cultivation Skill while the Battle skill was a top level heaven ranked Sword technique [Void Shattering Seven Swords].The strength of this sword skill could even be said to be evenly matched with his [Illusionary Sword tactics].

This is the highest ranked sword skill in his battle skill panel that he had access to. He knew from the system A.I that when his cultivation breaks through to the eighth level, he would have access to Saint Ranked sword skills. But for now, these skills were the best or the current Law. To have better control over his devil fruit ability as well as improve his comprehension speed, Rayden had given him the Heaven ranked Mental Cultivation Skill.

Now, Law had displayed his amazing talent by reaching peak of the first stage of the Mental Cultivation Skill in just one month and now he had reached the proficient level of the Sword technique. Rayden was quite shocked at Law's progress.

Smiling satisfactorily, Rayden said to Law, "Good, you've done very well Law. What about your three friends?" Rayden suddenly asked.

According to the original storyline, Trafalgar Law would take residence in this island while still grieving for Rosinante's death. He ended up meeting Bepo, Penguin and Shachi by defending the former from the latter two, who were bullying the Mink at the time. Law defeated both Shachi and Penguin, earning their and Bepo's respect and admiration. The three started following Law and eventually formed the Heart Pirates at some point. But since he had interfered in Law's life, Rayden didn't know whether the events would follow in the same sequence or be changed.

Therefore, after getting to Swallow Island, he first allowed Law go settle down at the port town to see whether his interference in Law's life would change the original storyline. But contrary to his expectations, on the fourth day of arriving here, Law run into those three fellows. Amazingly, everything happened exactly as transcribed in the original story line. This let Rayden realize that his presence in this world would not change the direction of the story line as long as he doesn't interfere in them.

"They are in the village seriously training in the technique you gave them. They also want to meet the standard set by Young master so that they can set sail together with us" Law replied.

Hearing that, Rayden immediately extended his Observation Haki and sensed Bepo, Penguin and Shachi seriously training the Limit Body Training Method that he had given them in the village. Like Law, they had not slacked off but were very serious in their training. After retracting his haki, he looked approvingly at Law, "Good, for now apart from training in the two techniques I gave you, you shouldn't slack off in training your foundations. The Limit Body Training Method will allow you to have very stable foundations and a strong body with which you can effectively execute your various abilities. As long as you reach the second level of the skills I taught you, you can set sail and announce your presence to the world!"

The intelligent Law immediately realized that Rayden was about to leave, so he asked "Young Master, are you going to leave now? I thought you said you would be leaving in three days."

Rayden had initially wanted to bring Law along with him for his final test. This would allow him to effectively supervise his training. At least he believed that he had enough strength to protect him and his friends. But when his father called him three days ago, he informed him that the place he was going to could only allow him to enter so he had to change his plans.

He had now decided to allow Law to follow the initial trajectory of the story and establish his own crew. They would later join him when they are ready to enter the New World.

"Sorry Law, my schedule has suddenly changed so we would have to part here" at this point, Rayden took out a special Den Den mu Shi and gave it to Law instructing, "Take this. If you face any problems, you can use it to contact me. But try to use it as little as possible. This will serve as a form of tempering for you. After I leave, you can inform Bepo, Penguin and Shachi"

"Yes, young master! I won't disappoint you." Law replied. Even though he really wanted to follow Rayleigh, he knew his strength was currently very weak and the only way to effectively help him and also revenge for Rosinate was to train harder and temper him.

All this while, Richard and Rayleigh were standing by listening to the conversation of these two kids. They realized what Rayden was trying to do and approved of it. In this world, even though individual strength is important, one cannot achieve much relying on that alone but requires trusted companions that would stick together through thick or thin.

"Good, good! Now that you have bid your farewells it's time to leave." Saying this, Richard turned around prepared to activate the space gate. Suddenly, Rayleigh spoke, "Richard, it seems that we must also part ways here. Even though I also want to witness the mysteries of that ancient ruins very much, I can't let Shakki continue to worry about me since she hadn't heard any news about me since our disappearance two months ago."

"Oh, that's unfortunate. Since that's your decision, I respect that. Anyways, after Rayden leaves for his trials, I'll have to come to Saboady personally to thank you and Shakki personally for your help." Richard replied disappointedly.

"No problem. I'll be looking forward to your visit. But before I leave this Island, I'll leave a little surprise for little Rayden. Be sure to visit your auntie Shakki and I when you finally begin your journey" Rayleigh said mysteriously to Rayden.

"I will, Uncle Rayleigh. I still want to hear a lot about your travels with Gol D. Roger!" Rayden replied excitedly. A surprise from Rayleigh surely wouldn't be an ordinary one.

"Haha! Enough with that, Rayden prepare yourself. The space gate we are going to use is quite different from the usual one" saying this, Richard took a circular pendant from his bag. This pendant had two slots at the center so Richard removed the two energy crystals that Rayden had just given him and inserted them into the two slots. After the energy crystals made contact with the circular pendant, they began to glow brightly. Richard immediately threw it to the space in front of them.

They continued to release a blinding golden light which lasted for a few seconds before dying out. When the golden light faded out, all that Rayden saw was a three meter huge green door with a green space behind it. Rayden wasn't surprised by this since he had used this door a couple of times to return home previously.

"This space door is different from the one we usually use. It will take us directory to your trial grounds at the center on Crowell Island. So hold tightly onto my hands and don't let go until you hear it directly from me," Richard instructed.

Nodding his head, Rayden looked back at Law and Rayleigh for the last time and held his father's hand. After that they jumped into the space door and instantly disappeared. After a couple of seconds, the door also gradually faded out and also disappeared from this place.

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Hello guys.

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Anyways this is the last chapter of the week and last chapter of volume one.

Volume two along with a new arc will be starting next week. The new chapter release schedule will also start from next week

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