Thunder Pirate Emperor Chapter 38


Deep within the jungles of Crowell Island, on a ridge that bordered a huge valley, there was a ripple in space surrounded by a misty light. A transparent door appeared in the middle of the misty light then two figures appeared within the distorted space in the centre of the door. After the misty light dispersed, the two figures were now clearly discernible. Standing in the centre was a man dressed in a white unbuttoned shirt with a blue overcoat and a young man who was slightly disoriented standing by his side.

Even though Rayden had used this space door a couple of times before, he still became slightly disoriented every time he used it. Noticing his father standing by him, he looked curiously around at their surroundings.

All around them were remains of huge structures. "It seems this is the ancient ruins that father and Rayleigh were talking about." Rayden thought as he noticed the broken down stone buildings all around him.

Around him, each stone house looked very large and spacious with small windows for ventilation. The window frames seemed to be made of metal. Under the countless corrosion of time, this place only bore visages of its former glory.

Looking their current location, Rayden surmised that they should have teleported deep into the ruins of this ancient city.

"Is this where I'll be having my final test?" Rayden asked curiously. He was actually confused. This place looked like your average abandoned ancient city. Even though he couldn't understand how anyone in their right mind would build a city in the middle of a dangerous and secluded location like Crowell Island, he still didn't see anything special about this place. There were places like this scattered all over the world. What made this one special?

When he heard Rayden's question, Richard smiled. He certainly understood Rayden's thought process. When he was also brought here the first time by his brother, he similarly did not believe that this place was as mysterious as his brother had said.

"Have patience, Rayden, you'll know how special this place is soon enough" after saying this, Richard starting looking around the stone buildings carefully as if he was looking for something. After searching around for a few seconds, he finally spotted what he was looking for; an inconspicuous stone house placed a few meters from them.

"Follow me!" Richard suddenly said to Rayden and started moving towards that building. Even though Rayden was still confused, he still obeyed his father and followed him. After getting closer to this stone building, Rayden finally noticed its peculiarity. Different from the other stone houses scattered around this ancient city, this stone building wasn't broken down but rather looked like it had been constructed recently.

"How could a new building be here? Was it constructed by father?" these were the thoughts that flashed through Rayden's mind when he noticed this detail but he suppressed these thoughts because he knew his father would explain it to him sooner or later. There should be something special about this place.

Upon entering the stone house, what Rayden saw was a simple arrangement of a huge stone table with our stone chairs surrounding it. Richard suddenly pointed to one of the chairs, "Sit!"

Rayden randomly picked one of the chairs and sat down. Richard also chose a chair across from him and also sat down. After finally sitting, Richard breathed in deeply, looked seriously at his son and finally spoke, "It's finally time to know the real secret of our family! Haven't you always wondered where the various technologies like the thunder energy crystals as well as the space gate came from?"

Rayden frowned when he heard that. Since he came to this world, there was only one thing that had baffled him until this day. It was the technology behind the space gate that his father often used. Initially, he thought it was an effect of a devil fruit ability but later upon further examination he realized that notion was far from the truth because this ability could even be activated under water.

Still confused, he had asked the System A.I. about it and upon scanning the pendant and the energy crystals, it informed him that these products weren't products of this world but rather, came from a very high level world.

When he first heard this, he was very shocked. First it was the Heaven Ranked Sword Skill, then the energy crystals and now, the space gate. All these came from another world. At that time, Rayden was very curious as to how his father got his hands on these but he had no way to ask him so he decided to give up. He figured that since the System A.I had said that there were other higher levelled worlds out there and he even managed to be reborn here then these things should also have somehow found its way here from another world.

But from his father's expression, it seemed he wanted to say it came from here. But how was that possible? Rayden was really confused this time.

Seeing Rayden's confused expression, Richard smiled and continued, "You remember what I told you when I gave you the Haki training method and your [Illusionary Sword Tactics]?"

"Yes father, you said you discovered it together with uncle on this Island!" Rayden nodded his head and answered.

"Good! We discovered it on this Island, specifically, in this ruin." Richard stopped here and allowed this to sink in Rayden's heart and continued, "When your Uncle and I were younger, we had stumbled onto this Island after losing our ship to the attack of very strong Sea Kings. At that time, the beasts on this Island were stronger than they are now. At least the weakest was equivalent to a typical marine Vice Admiral (A to A+), with some equivalent in strength to Marine Admirals(S- to S++)!

I was relatively weak back then but your Uncle being as talented as he is, was very strong even without any systematic training. So we were able to fight our way through all these ferocious beasts and finally discovered this place.

Initially, this was the most dangerous spot on this whole island, filled with all kinds of strange traps and ferocious beasts that we had never seen before. This led us to believe that this place held a very big secret!"

At this point the curiosity of Rayden was getting greater. What kind of secret did this place contain?

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