Thunder Pirate Emperor Chapter 39

Richard continued to explain, "Your Uncle and I had tried our best and explored this ruins removing all those traps and beasts protecting this place but even with our strengths then we were prevented from fully exploring it by an unknown restriction. We obtained the Observation Haki training method and the [Illusionary Sword Tactics] sword technique in one the residences in this ruins.

We also discovered a lot of interesting things like the space transportation crystals and thunder attribute crystals. It may contain other treasures that we might not have found. At that time we realised that all the writings left behind were made up of two languages. One was ancient text used about 400 years ago and another was a language both had not seen before.

Because I had previously had the chance to study the Ancient language before from an Archaeologist friend from Ohara, I and your Uncle were able to speculate that this ruin was a heritage grounds left behind by a very ancient Civilisation and only those who met certain age and attribute qualifications are able to fully explore it."

"Ancient Civilisation? What kind of Civilisation was that? Is it related to the Ancient Kingdom destroyed during the Void Century?" Rayden asked.

"Well, all I can tell you is that, this civilisation existed way before that, about 2000 years ago. Even after your Uncle found Raftel and the secret of the Void Century, he still didn't get any information about it."

Rayden was shocked when he heard that even Gol D. Roger wasn't able to fully explore this ruins. From the surface it didn't look like much.

"Father, with Gol D. Roger's strength at his peak, if even he was not able to fully explore these ruins how I can do it."

"When your Uncle and I entered this ruins, we had already passed the age required to begin the trial for the heritage grounds which so we weren't able to do it but with your current age and strength I believe you surely qualify. If even you don't qualify, then I don't believe anyone will."

Rayden nodded his head in agreement to that. He didn't believe there was any ten year old stronger than him in this world.

"Exploring this ruin can also be said to be a graduation test for you. If you are able to explore this place completely, I believe you would gain more benefits than I and your Uncle gained. After your uncle and I explored this ruin, we installed a teleportation here to facilitate easy entry because there are still some troublesome beasts around this place." Having spoken to this point, Richard suddenly stood up and walked to one corner of the stone house.

He then walked to the wall and started to knock at a particular spot consecutively. After six successive strikes, there was a loud sound and the floor of the stone house started shaking.

"Buzzz!" The floor beside Richard began to slide open to reveal a dark and narrow underground passage beneath him. There were stairs leading downwards.

Looking back, Richard's expression didn't have any change when he saw Rayden's surprised expression.

"Follow me closely! Don't veer too far!" Richard said to his son and then entered the underground tunnel. Rayden immediately stood up and obediently followed behind him. After descending downwards for ten minutes, they finally arrived at a straight underground tunnel. Richard didn't stop but continued to move forward with Rayden following closely behind him.

This tunnel was very damp and dark. Only the sounds of their footsteps could be heard as father and son trekked deeper and deeper down this dark path.

Rayden wasn't comfortable at all walking in complete darkness. There seemed to be something in the air that was seriously suppressing his Observation Haki so he could only investigate just a few meters from him so he was somehow very happy when he noticed a light source ahead after walking this path for almost an hour. That was the end of this dark tunnel.

After walking out of the tunnel, Richard and Rayden entered a huge open hall. Looking around, Rayden noticed that the roof of this hall was embedded with some glowing crystals which had become a bright source of light for this hall.

But what caught his attention the most were the two huge statues standing erect at the end of this hall. From what he could tell these statues were about nine meters in height. One of the statues depicted a big, muscular figure with a terrifying face. It looked more like a devil with two small horns sticking out of both sides of his forehead. It also had wild, gravity-defying hair. It was depicted holding two hammers and surrounded by four drums. All these drums had symbol tomoe carved into them.

The other statue depicted a terrifying wizard-like demon, resembling a red headed green-skinned humanoid wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders.

Even more eye catching was the huge black whirlpool hanging behind these statues. It was as if the statues were guarding the whirlpool preventing anyone from encroaching upon it. A transparent barrier was surrounding the vortex preventing anyone from circling the statues and accessing the whirlpool.

After seeing these statues, Rayden thought they looked familiar but he just couldn't remember where he had seen them. After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly remembered where he knew them from. There were the statues of two of the oldest and strongest Japanese gods, Raijin, god of lightning, thunder and storms and Fujin, god of wind!

Because in his previous world, he liked Japanese culture a lot, he had browsed a lot of information regarding Japanese mythological figures and these two brothers, the former being god of lightning, thunder and storms and the latter being the god of wind were two of the most notorious gods in Japanese mythology.

Even with his mental fortitude, Rayden was shocked when he saw this. He looked back at his father expecting an explanation.

Noticing his son's expression, Richard nodded his head and explained," This is the entrance I told you about. That huge vortex behind those statues is the entrance to the heritage grounds of the ancient civilisation. To get to it you have to pass through the two statues in front you which will check your qualification entering.

Both your uncle and I had failed to meet the qualification to enter so we don't know what is behind that door. If you are able to enter, try as much as possible to stay alert since we don't know exactly how dangerous it will be in there but since it's a trial the danger should be within your coping range. But to be safe, immediately activate the space door and escape if you encounter anything you absolutely cannot handle."

"I will father! And I won't disappoint you!"

"Good! Be on your way then. I'll wait for your return at the stone room"

After hearing this, Rayden began to walk towards the statue of Raijin! He didn't know why but since he arrived in this hall, the thunder/lightning attribute internal energy began to seethe with excitement. It seemed as if he was being drawn towards this statue.

Rayden crossed the fifty meter distance to this statue quickly and arrived in front of the statue. Following his instinct he moved his right hand and began to trace the statue but something strange happened when his hand touched the statue. It was as if the internal energy had received some kind of summoning. It began to move restlessly within his body and gradually rushed through his hand into the statue.

Rayden was petrified! His thunder internal energy was being absorbed by this statue!

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