Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 141

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 141 141. Meeting An Old Senior 1

Chapter 141. Meeting an old senior (1)

"Why were you disguising as a indie singer, Brother Ren?"

Xiao Rin said when they were in the van. She was now back to calling him Brother Ren instead of Senior Ren, as the camera was off.

"He actually wanted to get the feel of being a singer, that's why he started playing in bars, disguised as a indie singer."

White bear said as he stared at Ren's tattered clothes.

"It was also great for the reality TV show. So, they gave me permission to use the songs in the album. It would be a good publicity after the truth came out."

Ren said as he looked at Xiao Rin.

The reason he was disguising as a indie singer was simple. He wanted to get the feel of the role.

He was playing a failed singer whose career had destroyed because of alcohol addiction.

To play that part well, Ren was singing songs in bars, his consumption of alcohol is also going up day by day.

As he was not a natural actor like Xiao Rin and has less talent, he had to do everything to get into the role.

He can't be slacking about it.

"So, where are we going?"

Xiao Rin asked.

She only knows that they were going to see someone for the role of second female lead but she didn't knew who or where.

"We are going to a theatre."


Ren started to explain about it.

"Yes, we are going to a theatre. There's a play there, we are going to see it."

"Is the actress acting in that play?"

"Yes, I have heard that she's been doing theatre since high school and she's a good actress. Ren, here even knows her personally."

Chief Wong said as he pointed at Ren.

"You know her personally!?"

Xiao Rin asked slightly astonished.

"Yes, she was actually my senior when I used to do theatre. She taught me a lot back then, so when Chief Wong was deciding upon the second female lead, I recommended her."

"Yes, and I liked her profile quite a bit."

Chief Wong said as he brought out a portfolio from his bag.

"We used to have drinks together those days. They were really the best days."

White bear said recalling the past.

Those days, they have quite a lot of time since they were without work. Now, they don't have much time to meet as they were too busy.

"You seem really close."

Xiao Rin asked and Ren nodded and answered.

"Yes, we were."

Ren remembered that in his previous life, like himself his senior was not much successful.

In the end, she had married her long time boyfriend and had continued doing theatre.

The van stopped outside the theatre when Ren was thinking that.

'It's still as before!'

Ren thought as he stepped inside the theatre with everyone else.

Of course, he and Xiao Rin was in disguise. He has again transformed into a indie singer and Xiao Rin was in her earlier disguise.

The familiar scene of the theatre entered his nose, when he was inside the theatre. He looked around everywhere.

"Is this your first time coming to the theatre?"

White bear asked Xiao Rin and she meekly nodded and answered.

"Yes, it's my first time."

"You will like the play, I guess. Theatre plays are really good."


While talking, they founded a casting board outside the main hall.

"She is my senior."

Ren said as he pointed at the girl playing the female lead in the play.

Xiao Rin stared at her photo and said.

"She's really pretty."

"Yes, her name is Song Jia, she is really good in acting too. I think she will fit in the role of the second female lead."

The role of the second female lead was off a business women. She has to have a certain atmosphere to play that role and Ren was pretty sure that she will fit in it.

They entered the hall after that and sat down on their respective seats.

"There are mostly couples here like always."

White bear said as he sat next to Chief Wong.

"Yes, well, couples will surely like a romantic play."

Ren said as he glanced at all the couples around them.


Xiao Rin muttered in a soft voice.

She looked around the couples around them and then, she glanced at Ren besides her.

Suddenly, a slight blush appeared on her cheek.

"What happened?"

Ren asked when he noticed something wrong with Xiao Rin.

"Ah, no, no, I am fine."

Xiao Rin said as she waved her hands in the air.

Ren didn't glanced at it much, Xiao Rin breathed a sigh of relief seeing that.

"The play is starting!"

While they were chatting, the lights turned off and the play began.

It was Ren's first play in a long time, so he got completely absorbed in it.

The screenplay was quite good, and the actors' acting skills were very good.

There were many familiar and unfamiliar faces on the stage. Ren thought that some new actors has joined their crew seeing this.

As he has expected, Song Jia shined amongst them. Of course, she just didn't shine in only Ren's eyes.

The audiences and even Chief Wong was impressed by her.

There were quite a few murmurs about her beauty among the audiences.

"She's really good in acting."

Xiao Rin muttered in admiration.

She can see at a glance that Song Jia was really a good actress. The skill in her and the other actors was clearly seen on the stage.

"Yes, she is really good. When I had first came here, she has helped me quite a lot. Even Brother Chu has been helped by her."

"Even Senior Chu?"

"Yes. Senior Song has been really unlucky to not have gotten a role in any movie or she would have been a top actress."


Xiao Rin agreed with him.

The play ended after that and as Ren has expected, Chief Wong really liked Song Jia as the second female lead.

They moved towards the backstage after sometime.

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