Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 142

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 142 142. Meeting An Old Senior 2

Chapter 142. Meeting an old senior (2)

Song Jia and the other actors were at the backstage after the play ended.

The actors murmured to each other after discovering them. They were mentioning autographs, fans, and pens.

They were thinking that Ren and other were fans, wanting to get autographs.

As they approached the actors and actresses, Chief Wong skillfully took out his business card and approached them.

"Ms. Song Jia?"

"Yes, what is"

"I am a casting director. Would you like to audition for a movie?"

Their murmurs grew louder. Song Jia took Chief Lee Kyojin's business card.

The other actors stuck closer and looked at it with doubtful eyes. It was normal for them to be wary. There were too many scammers in this industry.

Just as Ren was wondering if he should remove his beard and reveal himself or not, Song Jia eyes suddenly met his.


She exclaimed with slight shock in her eyes.

"What happened, Senior Song?"

"Is it really a scam?"

"I think it's a scam. Look at how shock Senior Song is."

The other actors murmured but before they could say anything else, something unexpected happened.


Everyone exclaimed in shock when they saw Song Jia suddenly hug Ren. It was really out of the blue.

"You! Kid, I thought you already forgot about us after becoming a celebrity."

"Senior Song, you haven't changed in so long."

Ren said as he laughed.

His relationship with Song Jia was already good but he didn't knew she would even recognise him when he was in a get up.

"What is happening?"

"Why is Senior Song hugging that tattered cloth guy?"

"He isn't her boyfriend, right?"

The other members muttered out of shock and astonishment.

"Brother Ren!"

Even Xiao Rin was shocked by it. She was staring at Song Jia with slight hostility but she didn't knew what to do at this moment.

Seeing that, Ren removed his beard and showed himself. He even introduced himself before all the actors.

"Hello, My name is Xin Ren, me and Senior Song used to do theatre sometime ago. It's nice to meet you all."

"The hell!"

"Someone pinch me! I am seeing things today!"

"Am I hallucinating or something? Is that Xin Ren in front of me?"

The actors reaction were of shock, astonishment and they were not willing to believe that he was really Xin Ren.

Like that, they stayed glued at their spots for sometime. Some more sociable actors started to approach him.

"Are you really Xin Ren?"

"Can't you see he's the real deal."

"No, he's just unbelievable to meet him in person!"

"Damn! I didn't knew that Senior Song knew someone like you."

"You said something about a role, right? Are you here to recruit actors for A born star?"

"There was really too much hype around it. I heard a reality TV show is also coming soon, Movie making, right."

"I heard about people auditioning for minor roles, I was even thinking of sending my profile to them."

The actors chatted really sociably with Ren. It was their first time seeing a big star like Ren, they wanted to make some connections are least.

"I think you should also reveal yourself now."

White bear said to Xiao Rin and she nodded and removed her mask and put her hair down.

There was a bigger commotion this time, mainly because there were more male actors than female ones.

"Hello, my name is Xiao Rin. It's nice to meet you all."

She introduced herself as she sticked next to Ren. It was her way to show, how close she was with Ren.

"Then, is it really a role for your next movie?"

Song Jia asked Ren. The atmosphere suddenly went silent after she said that.

Everyone wanted to know if it was true or not.

"Yes, it's a role for A born star. I thought you would really fit well in it."

Ren said and Chief Wong nodded and added.

"Yes, I saw your acting in the play just now and I think you would be perfect for the role. Although there's still a audition, I think you would do great. I wish you luck!"

"What type of role is it?"

An actor asked. Everyone was also wondering what type of role they were offering to Song Jia.

"It's a role for the second female lead."

When Chief Wong said that, there was a even bigger commotion.

"Damn! A second female lead."

"Wow! Senior Song is really lucky."

"Senior Song is not lucky. She has worked hard till now. We all know that."

"Yes, we all agree with it."

All other actors agreed with that. They all knew that Song Jia has worked really hard till now and has struggled in the industry for years.

"A second female lead!"

Song Jia said as she looked at Ren. There were indescribable emotions in her eyes.

For an unknown theatre actor, even getting a minor role in a movie is great news.

Auditioning for the role of the second female lead was not a thing they can imagine and by looking at the expressions of Chief Wong and Ren, she can see that the role was already hers.

She didn't knew what to say at this moment. Standing there, uncontrollably, tears started falling from her eyes.

"Senior Song, are you okay?"

"Why are you crying?"

"No, no, it's just that, I, I am really happy."

Song Jia cried as she said some words.

Watching this, Ren laughed slightly and said.

"Senior Song, your face will get ruined if you will cry. In the future, no one will marry with you."

"You, bastard! Your cheeky side is still the same!"

Song Jia said as she slapped his shoulder.

Everyone laughed seeing that. The mood was really joyful as they talked with each other.

After that, they all decided to go for drinks together in a bar close to the theatre.

They talked for hours there, many theatre actors were talking about their struggle stories as they bragged about their hardcore struggles.

Ren also talked about his life before becoming a celebrity and how he used to get rejected from the auditions.

They also talked about how some entertainment agencies will overly exploit their signed actors and how some actresses were even asked for s.e.x.u.a.l favours.

In the end, everyone was stunned after listening to Song Jia life's story, about how she struggled to even found a apartment and has to live with four other women.

And how she was once rejected for her role, just because an actress more famous than her wanted to do it.

They all heard those stories with perked ears but in the end, the most happy person was the cameraman who was shooting all of it.

He was not able to wait to see the first episode of the reality TV show.

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