Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 144

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 144 144. A Big Splash

Chapter 144. A big splash




It was the scene of a concert. There was endless cheering from the audience as they looked at the man on the stage.

The man was also looking down on the stage with a gaze that consists of satisfaction and emptiness.

He took out the guitar from the stage and started playing it. It was like he was letting out his frustration as the engulfing sound of the guitar flowed around the concert ground.

"Let you grace bless me...."

"Love, love O love..."

"Give me some intent, give me promises and guarantees....."

"Give support to the pointing of my prayers...."

"Give a permanent place to my heart, give it new excuses..."

"Give small pints of the weather to the rain of dreams....."

"Let you grace bless me..."

"Turn your eyes here too....."

"Hope you are listening that I am crying..."

He sang the song and there was a heartbreaking feeling in his words.

He was Leo, a once famous singer who was now only doing concerts in small towns.

His career was almost over, there was even speculations that he was soon retiring from his music career.

Just because of one reason, Alcohol!!

"Damn! He's drinking during the concert."

One of the people in the front row shouted as he looked at Leo drinking alcohol on the stage.

He was drinking alcohol like water as he drowned a whole bottle.


At that moment, Leo was suddenly hit with a tomato hard on his face.

It was thrown by the same person who has shouted earlier.

"What the.."

Leo look at the front row where the person was. There was anger rising in his eyes but he stopped himself from growing out of the control as he continued to sing.

"Give a permanent place to my heart, give it new excuses..."

"Give small pints of the weather to the rain of dreams....."


Another tomato struck him on his face but this time, Leo was not able to stay calm, he suddenly jumped out of the stage.


He started fighting with the fan like street dogs. His mind was not sane, because of the alcohol and he was not even minding his concert and the people here for his show.

That's how the concert ended but not many people were surprised about this, as it was not the first time Leo's concert has ended this way!


That's how the first scene of A born star was completed.

* * *

Inside the CEO's office

"Is the project proceeding smoothly?"

CEO Xu asked Director Zhao when he came to submit his report on a matter.

"It's going well, with the CTS film crew and Producer Qian running around catching all the footage they can, and Ren helping them in it, it can be said to be progressing well."

Director Zhao said as he licked his lips.

With the shooting of the movie and the reality TV show, Ren was running around from one spot to another.

He was even sleeping in the office these days.

"Good! About the movie?"

"Yes, it's going well too. The shooting is proceeding well and because most of the actors are theatre actors, the acting will be at the top level."

"I mean, the results. What do you think will be the outcome?"

Director Zhao smiled embarrassingly when he heard that.

He gazed at CEO Xu as he continued.

"I think it would be good. Most of the things will depend upon the reality TV show."

"Yes, we must make the show a success."

CEO Xu said as she leaned on her leather chair.

"Yes, the performance of the movie will largely depend on the reality TV show."

"That's why, we can't afford to slack on it. It will be released a month later, right?"

"Yes, it would be released in about a month."

Director Zhao didn't said anything after that. He licked his lips and blinked his eyes, he stared at CEO Xu as if he wanted to ask something.

After a while, he finally said.

"What will you do if the project failed, CEO?"


CEO Xu let out a surprised and confused voice when she heard that. It seemed that she was not expecting this question.

But after a second, that confused expression became one of a smile.

"There are many rumours in the company that Ren will lose your favour if the movie failed or how his contract would be terminated if he can't procure the results you are expecting."

What Director Zhao was saying was correct.

Top star entertainment was even investing in this project and the stakes were truly high this time.

The more high the stakes, the more high the risk is!

That's why, Ren was in a huge risk this time.

"Well, he wanted to raise the stakes and I let him do it because I wanted to see what type of outcome he can give me."

"So, what will you do if the outcome is not to your expectations?"

"Well, we will have to see!"

CEO Xu said as she stared at the portfolio spread around on her desk.

There were portfolios of the celebrities assigned with Top star entertainment there.

In that, Ren's portfolio was particularly shining among them.

* * *

"This reality TV show will be a blockbuster."

Producer Qian said as he shouted with a happy and joyous expression.

"Do you really think so?"

"Have you not watched the screening we held yesterday of the first episode of Movie Making?"

Producer Qian said towards the marketing team director.

"Yes, I was busy with a press release yesterday. I wanted to ask you that as well, how was the screening?"

The CTS film crew has hold a internal screening of the first episode of Movie making yesterday night.

"It was..."

Producer Qian suddenly paused in his sentence as he look at the marketing team director.

"I think you should see it tomorrow like everyone else."

"Ah! Can't you tell me?"

"I don't want to honestly, I think you should watch it with everyone else."


"Because the real fun would be tomorrow."

"Is it that good?"

The marketing team director asked curiously. He has a general idea that the reality TV show would be above average but he didn't knew it's true quality.

"Well, I wonder if it is good or not but I know it would make a big splash."

"A big splash!"

"Yes, a splash enough to make A born star a blockbuster. It would be that much of a big splash."

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