Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 145

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 145 145. Movie Making 1

Chapter 145. Movie Making (1)

It was the night in which Movie making was going to be released.

Due to the huge amount of hype around it and the people's attention to it, it was gaining too much attention on the online forums.

Even the media was waiting for the commercials to end and watch the first broadcast.

Those who have friends inside CTS's office were trying to contact them and find if the first episode was good or not.

In one of the online forums, there was a thread by the name of Movie Making, people instantly started talking on it since the moment it appeared.

-Is everyone waiting for the broadcast of Movie making?

-I am extremely excited for this!! I can't wait for the reality TV show to start.

-They are still showing the commercials.

-Yes, all of the commercials are sold. They are really earning from the hype of the story.

-I wanted to see Xiao Rin. I once met her during one of her commercials, she was really nice to me and I even got her autograph.

-Yes, the hype is too good. Just because of Xin Ren.

-He's really becoming one of the top most star in China.

-I think he's already one of the top stars.

-Yes, his acting spectrum is also great. A spy thriller, a romantic comedy, a big budget drama and now, a musical drama.

-Yes, I am becoming his fan after Heirs.

-I am already his fan since his first movie.

-I wonder why he choose a musical drama over other projects.

-Yes, I heard even Director Lu wanted him to act in his project but he still decided to go for a rookie director.

-Yes, I really wonder about that.

-I think we will find about it in the show.

-It's starting soon!!

* * *

Scene 1

The show started with the logo of CTS and then, Movie making.

There was some shuffling of the camera as the screen flashed for the viewers, then they were led to a meeting room.

From the window outside, it could be seen that it was night time.

The man sitting on the chair was actually Director Zhu, the director of Secret spy, Ren's first movie.

"So, he was originally casted for just a small role?"

Producer Qian asked him.

"Yes, his part was originally very small but during the shooting, the writer has suddenly modified the screenplay, so his role has gotten bigger."

Director Zhu said as he blinked his eyes and thought about the day he has first met Ren.

"It must be very risky to make a unknown actor play such a role."

"Yes, it was risky and we were originally searching for some other big names to play the part but we didn't find anyone suitable."

"Then, how did Ren actually got the role?"

Producer Qian asked with expectations in his eyes.

"We were just having him do the scene once as we haven't founded a suitable actor to play it but that one scene was breathtaking. We were completely enamored after seeing that and at that moment, I thought that he was the right guy to play the part."

"It must be shocking."

Director Zhu pondered before answering.

"Yes, it was truly shocking as he was not that good in the auditions, it was like he was someone else on the screen."

"So, we now know that Xin Ren getting his first big break was nothing short of magical. It was truly the work of the fate but what was his life before becoming a star, let's find out."

The scene changed again after that.

Scene 2

This time it was the scene of a moving van. Two people were talking to each other face to face.

They were Producer Qian and White bear.

"When did you met Xin Ren?"

Producer Qian asked him.

"It was the time when he was still in his high school. He was scouted by a small time agency and I was a manager there. I was assigned to him then."

White bear looked slightly nervous as he was constantly showing nervous expressions.

It was his first time in front of the camera.

"What were your first thoughts when you met him?"

"I was honestly a little excited to finally work as a manager and Ren was just a excited high school kid with dreams back then. We were both equally nervous and excited about our future together."

"At that agency, you two worked together for a while but you never experienced success. Can you tell me about that time?"

"Well, those were the hard days, we would both visit all the auditions we could find and after getting rejected by all of them, we will go to a restaurant to eat away our grievances."

"When do you think all things started to go positive for you two?"

Producer Qian asked and White bear pondered at it for a second and answered.

"It was probably on the sets of Secret spy. At that time both me and Ren were not working together for the same agency. I was even unemployed and was accompanying him to the set."

White bear paused for a moment before continuing.

"At that day, Ren's acting was the best I have seen. He was acting like it was his last chance and thankfully, the director liked his performance and he got his big break."

"It was really a fantastic story but after that, you two have only achieved success but suddenly, why did he choose a musical drama as his next project instead of a commercial movie?"

Producer Qian asked a question that was on the mind of countless viewers.

The viewers were also getting excited about what White bear would answer.

"I really don't know anything about that. It's a question that you have to ask Ren himself."

"You don't know anything about it? Isn't it the agency who have chosen this project for Ren?"

White bear shook his head as he replied.

"No, the agency was even against it. It was just Ren who was pushing the project with all his might. I was not actually much surprised as it was not the first time he did it."

"It was not the first time?"

"Yes, he did it before once too. It was for another project back then."

"What was the project?"

"It was The stars above."

Producer Qian eyes became wide when he heard that.

After that, the screen again became black and subtitles filled the screen.

[What was the reason that Xin Ren selected A born star as his next project and why? It was a question our team wanted to find out the most.]

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