Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 146

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 146 146. Movie Making 2

Chapter 146. Movie Making (2)

-Ah, I don't know if Xin Ren is lucky or not?

-He got his first role like that! That's like straight out of a novel.

-I don't want to believe it either but facts are facts.

-Am I the only one who is shocked to know that he got the same vibe from The stars above and A born star?

-Yes, it's really shocking.

-His manager looks like a bear or something but he is really friendly.

-Yes, he looks slightly cute with those droopy eyes.

-The main question is that we need to know why he selected A born star as his next project?

-Yes, I can't wait to know it!!

-I think only Xin Ren has the answer to this question.

-Yes, let's wait for the commercials to end, so that we can watch the rest of the broadcast.

-Damn those commercials!!

Like that, the public reaction reached at its peak after the broadcast started.

It began spreading in SNS platforms and other medias. Many people were tuning in for the broadcast.

The commercials soon ended and the broadcast started.

* * *

Scene 3

It was now the scene of a cafe. Producer Qian was talking to a woman in the cafe, she was Ying Yue, the director of A born star.

"When was the first time you met Xin Ren?"

Producer Qian asked her and Ying Yue answered with slightly trembling voice.

"It was in his agency. I was actually chasing CEO Wang, the CEO of Arc production that time. He has gone there because of some reason and I was chasing him for investments."

The people can clearly see struggle in the eyes of Ying Yue. She has struggled a lot to get here.

"You met him there! That was pretty dramatic."

"Yes, we met in the elevator there and I asked him to read my screenplay. Ren was a star at that time and I was really nervous but he still read it."

"He must have liked it a lot."

"Yes, he said that he liked it but it was not until the first broadcast of the Heirs that he said okay to the project. Actually, he said that he will do this movie in this cafe."

The camera took a shot of the entire cafe when she heard that. Producer Qian looked towards the camera as he said.

"It was really weird for Xin Ren to say okay to a project with this much risk and even when his own company was against him. Let's try to talk to the man himself to see what he will say about it."

The scene changed again after that.

Scene 4

Ren was sitting on the chair and the hairstylist was doing his hair.

Ren has a rough beard in this scene. The people watching the broadcast can guess that he was currently in the shooting of A born star.

"Do you think that your decision to act in A born star was crazy?"

"Well, I can't deny that it was not."

Ren said with a small laugh. Even the hairstylist was smiling.

"Then, why would you do that."

"I just thought that it would be a hit."

"It was a project by a rookie female director and it was rejected by countless production houses and investments. It was even a minor genre, no one will think that it would be a hit in first glance."

Ren smiled when he heard that as he replied.

"I just got a feeling from it."

"What type of feeling."

"I don't think I can explain it well."

Producer Qian continued to ask him questions this way. In the end, he just asked a final question.

"What will you do if it failed?"

Ren paused when he heard that question. He glanced at Producer Qian through the mirror in front of him and replied.

"You know, when I was finally doing this project, many people asked me the same question and everytime, I replied the same thing- I will just make the project a hit."

The scene again changed after that. The camera went blank for a movement before getting back on.

Scene 5

It was the scene of a recording studio this time. There was a song playing in the background.

It was one of the songs from the album of A born star.

"So, as we all know, in a musical drama, music is a important thing and you are tasked to make the music in it. How do you feel about it?"

Producer Qian was talking with Lin Ru this time. She was not nervous in front of the camera as she has done many interviews and has featured on many reality TV shows after getting famous.

"Yes, I was offered to make music for this album and I am glad that I was able to work with so many amazing artist."

"In a musical drama, music is a essential thing. What can we expect from the album of A born star?"

Lin Ru smiled as she answered this question.

"I am confident that people will like it and we have worked quite a lot on the songs."

"Xin Ren and Xiao Rin who are playing both the leads are also giving their voices for the songs. Was it tiring to record with them?"

"No, it was actually quite easy as Xiao Rin has learned music once in the past and Senior Ren was regularly taking lessons with a vocal coach. They have both worked hard on the project."

"You and Xin Ren met in a radio broadcast, right?"

Producer Qian asked and Lin Ru replied while nodding.

"Yes, we met at a radio broadcast. At that time, I was too nervous to play the guitar and I didn't have any recorded background music for my song and Senior Ren has helped me."

"That video has become viral too! You even went on to sing the Ost of The stars above."

"Yes, I would say that I was really lucky to meet Senior Ren that day in the radio station."

Producer Qian asked her a few more questions and subtitles filled the screen in the end.

[We talked to a lot of people and the more we talked, the more confused we became. We think that we would only know the answers of our questions when the movie will finally premiere.]

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