Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 147

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 147 147. Huge Impact

Chapter 147. Huge impact

{Movie Making, a risk that gave huge benefits, with 2% ratings on it's first episode.}

{Xin Ren's popularity has been rapidly increasing after Movie Making.}

{The reason Xin Ren choose the movie, A born star, people are extremely curious to know the answer to this question?}

{Movie Making next episode will premiere next week, the expected ratings are over 2.5%.}

After the first episode of Movie Making, A star is born and Ren completely broke out.

Ren again plastered his name to the real-time search rankings again and he stayed at the top for a while.

Not only him, even Lin Ru, Director Zhu and the name of A star is born stayed at the rankings for a while.

People were even searching about White bear on the internet.

"Ah, I feel like a celebrity now."

White bear murmured as he sat down next to Ren on the sets of A star is born.

His face was slightly frustrated and he was even wearing sunglasses, probably because of the hot weather.

"What happened to you?"

Ren asked.

Chief Han who was sitting next to him also looked at him, but with slight interest in his eyes.

"After Movie Making, I have suddenly gotten famous, people has started recognising me on streets. Yesterday, when I went to the supermarket, there were some women pestering me for your autograph and they even thought that you were there somewhere in the supermarket."


Ren and Chief Han chuckled when they heard that. There was playfulness in both of their eyes.

"It's not funny!"

"At least you will be able to meet girls now that you are famous."

"Tell me if you want to be a celebrity, I would talk to Jiang Wan about it."

White bear grumbled in annoyance when he heard that. He didn't look much happy with his 'Celebrity status'.

Looking at him, Chief Han said.

"You know, there are even celebrities that don't get recognised on the streets many times. You should feel lucky instead."

"Why should I feel happy? I want to be a manager, not a celebrity."

"Well, it will die down soon anyway."

Ren said as he stared at White bear.

People were recognising White bear on the streets because the interest in Ren and A star is born is really high because of the reality TV show, Movie making.

After the hype gradually slows down, things will automatically start to get normal.

White bear, Ren and Chief Han talked like that for a while.

Because they now knew each other for quite a while, they have become good friends.

Ren also knew that it was necessary to make some allies, especially when Chief Han was from the same company.

It would be beneficial in the future.

"Well, now that Movie Making is such a hot topic, I don't think that the movie would be a flop."

"Yes, it would at least become a hit."

Chief Han said and White bear agreed with him.

There was no way that A star is born would fail now, it was absurd to think like that.

"Yes, well, I don't think we should be worried about Vagabond now."

"Yes, I am sure that Director Lu would be gnashing his teeth right now."

"He can't do anything in this situation. Even with that star cast, people are more optimistic about our movie. He was not able to get any hype even with his tries."

Movie Making was such a big hit and it have benefited many people but it have also took away all the possible hype from Vagabond, leaving Director Lu unable to do anything.

He should even be cursing Ren in his dreams. He has started to hate him that much.

* * *

"So, we are going to reveal the songs in 'Music count'?"

Director Kang asked Director Zhao.

They were currently in a meeting deciding the venue where they should reveal the songs of the album.

A good promotion and marketing was necessary nowadays to make the song a hit.

And after thinking about it, they have decided to reveal the title song, 'Born Star' on the venue of Music count, a musical reality show.

"I think music count would be good. It has a great following and more viewers will tune in after the broadcast of Movie Making."

Director Zhao said.

"Are you confident in the songs?"

Director Kang suddenly asked.

For the album and the movie, the songs were a great necessity. If they are not good in quality, the interest in A star is born would also die down.

That's why, they wanted to at least guarantee the quality of the songs.

"I heard most of them. Although there is still a final recording left, they are really good."

"Well, Ren and Xiao Rin are not professional singers, I hope it don't affect the quality of the song."

Director Kang said that with a hint of worry.

As Ren and Xiao Rin were not professional singers, they can't achieve the results like them. There could be a problem in the quality because of that even if the songs are good.

"Well, the guide versions were nice to hear and after tuning the voice a bit, I think we would be ready to go."

Nowadays, there are softwares to make a singer's voice more pleasant to hear.

Those types of softwares has been getting immense popularity in the entertainment industry.

Even some top singers use them nowadays.

Director Zhao was just implying that they should hide away the unpleasant parts with it.

"Then, I don't think that there would be any problems. When we will go with the release of the songs."

"Let's release them after the final episode of Movie Making, I will talk to the producer of Music count first and get a slot for us."

"Yeah, the public would be more hyped about them after it and we are releasing teasers of the songs in the broadcast anyway."

Even in yesterday's broadcast, during the interview of Lin Ru, there was one of the songs playing in the background.

The songs were getting played as a teaser for the public to anticipate the release and they were working as many people has grasp the slow lyrics playing in the background.

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