Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 148

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 148 148. Rumours Going Around

Chapter 148. Rumours going around

It had been one week since Movie Making's first episode aired.

Although there wasn't a quiet day since then, today was the peak. Maybe it was because there would be the airing of the second episode today.

Being nailed at the center of attention like this was annoying and exhausting for Ren. Still, it was worth enduring since Movie Making overwhelmingly took first place as the topic of interest this week.

There was a lot of nonsense mixed in as well, but there wasn't anything that would result in controversy.

Ren was happy by the result of it as he went around in the office with White bear.

There were coffee cups in White bear's hands, as they were going towards the PR Team office.

The PR Team was busier than ever after the first episode of Movie Making released.

Ren felt bad for them, but it was their job and they were working hard for the bonuses the company would give them.

"People are still whispering about you!"

White bear said as he looked at the people passing them, they were all looking at Ren and White bear with weird expressions.

Some of them were of admiration while some of them were simply of jealousy.

"Well, it's not the first time. Let them talk."

Ren has already learned how to ignore these rumours.

Listening to them was akin to slamming his head on a wall, he was not an idiot to do that.

Talking like that, they finally reached the PR Team office and as they have expected, there was a mess going around there.

The office looked busier than ever today.

"Ah, you are finally here!"

Director Kang came towards him when she saw White bear and Ren.

"Everyone! The coffee is here!!"

She shouted towards all the members and they all flocked towards White bear to grab their coffee cups.

White bear looked like a child at that moment, getting surrounded by zombies like PR Team members.

After they each took their cups, they all sat down as they started talking.

Coffee was a sign of break for them.

"You! Do you you know rumours have again started flowing about you?"

Director Kang said as she stared at Ren.

"Yes, but aren't rumours always following about me?"

Director Kang shook her head when she heard that.

"Not those rumours! After the broadcast yesterday, the rumours has increased over night, I expected something like this to happen but it happened sooner than I thought it would be."

"What do you mean?"

White bear asked as he tilted his head. His expression said that he didn't understand what Director Kang was talking about.

"Well, you can think that, the lid we were holding on finally exploded."

Ren finally understood what Director Kang was trying to say.

With his growing popularity, rumours were already growing around but they were still in moderation.

But now, with Movie Making first episode, the hype around him has shot through the roof and the eyes watching his every move has increased.

With that, the jealousy of the people should have also been increased, people don't like others going ahead of themselves.

That's why, malicious rumours has started flowing about him again, but this time without holding back.

"What sort of rumours are there?"

Ren asked as he was curious to know what sorts of rumours were going about him.

"Fufufufu, you really want to know?"

Director Kang giggled when she heard that. It seems that she was founding this situation amusing..

The other members of the PR Team were also looking at Ren, with a hint of amuse in their eyes.

"Well, I also wanted to know if the rumours are true or not, so answer in yes or no."


Ren nodded as he felt that they were playing some sort of game.

"Well, are you a heir of a big conglomerate who is planning to take over the business and your every movie and drama is only become hit because your family is manipulating it behind the scenes?"

"What the heck?!"

Ren said as he tried to ask where the hell that rumour came from, but Director Kang just continued.

"Do you have a future vision or something that helps you see all the projects that will be a hit and that's how you choose The stars above as your project because you know it would be a massive hit?"

"Ah, no."

Ren answered straightly, he felt somewhat scared as the rumour was really close to the truth.

Although he don't have future vision, he does know the future.

Director Kang continued.

"Do you see a shooting star and made a wish to be always successful and now, the shooting star is just fulfilling your wishes?"

"That's childish."

Ren said as he thought that the rumours were getting more and more absurd.

Director Kang still continued the absurd rumours.

"There is a rumour that says that you follow a cult of something and you have the blessing of some luck goddess."

"Who is spreading these rumours?"

Ren asked slightly enraged, he really wanted to know the root of the rumours now.

He wondered how people even thought about those sorts of rumours. Don't they have anything better to do?

Although, Ren was angry, all the other people in the rooms were laughing their butts off, especially White bear.

He looked like he would fall from the chair while laughing his hysterical laugh.

'Where do these rumours even come?'

"People who are jealous of you are spreading it, I bet that if some rumours heard about them, they would surely write articles on it."

A male employee raised his hand when he heard that.

"Someone already posted an article about the cult rumour."


"Yes, the people are flaming him online right now. He will soon take the article down, I guess."

Ren sighed hearing all that.

He felt tired after hearing the rumours about him.

"Oh, there was a rumour about both you and Xiao Rin too?"

"A rumour about us?"

"Yes, it was a rumour about how you two were in a relationship and were dating."

Director Kang said those words but as she finished them, she noticed that Xiao Rin was standing at the door.

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