Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 149

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 149 149. Conflict

Chapter 149. Conflict

"Xiao Rin, why are you here?"

Director Kang asked staring at Xiao Rin.

She was looking at her expression, to see how she would react but she was just showing a flinching expression.

Ren on the other hand was thinking that Xiao Rin has a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was not much worried because he already knew that the rumour was just a bluff.

"I came here since I was free, and I heard that Brother Ren was here but about that rumour...what is that rumour?"

Xiao Rin said as she glanced at Director Kang and Ren.

Her expression was blank but there were surging waves going around in her eyes. She was trying hard to hide the ripples going around in her heart.

"It was just a blank rumour. You don't have to worry about it."

Director Kang said trying to soothe the situation.

"But how does the rumour even come from?"

"Well, I think it's because of us acting as the male and female lead in the movie. Some rumours will surely generate."

Ren said as he thought that the rumor was probably created like that.

It was normal for rumors of the dating of male and female lead of a movie to go around but it would never cause a big wave and will die down after the movie release.

"Yes, apparently this rumour came from one of the trainees."

Suddenly, a female employee said.

Xiao Rin stabbed at her with her eyes when she heard that. She looked like she could kill at this moment.

"Who was it?"

Her eyes were cold as she asked that.

"It, It was apparently one of the trainees that was with you in the acting department. She was probably spreading it because of jealousy. We have already prohibited and scolded her from speaking more."

The female employee said hurriedly and Xiao Rin's expression finally become normal.

"We are working hard, as to not let those types of rumors spread. Don't worry."

"Why were these types of rumors even going around?"

Xiao Rin asked.

"I think that it's normal for these types of rumours going around."

Ren answered what he felt.

He felt that Xiao Rin was getting too much hyper on it. Maybe it was because, she was still 16 year old that the rumors were disturbing her.

"Yes, it's kind of normal for rumors to go around, the more your popularity will increase."

Director Kang also said.

Xiao Rin finally calmed down slightly.

She didn't knew why but her mind just blank, when she heard that sort of rumors were going around about her and Ren.

"Well, she would surely be disturbed if such a rumour appeared."

White bear said while laughing, trying to appease the situation.

"Yes, maybe she didn't like to be paired up with me."

"Yes, it must be that."

Ren and White bear joked around a little, and the atmosphere was again the earlier one.

Watching Ren and White bear joking around, Xiao Rin really wanted to say that she didn't mind getting paired up with him.

But she held it in her heart.

"You don't have to worry about these sort of rumours until there is really something going between you two."

Director Kang said.

"That would be simply impossible. With my workload, if I can date, I would be a superhero."

Ren replied with a jokey tone and Xiao Rin also replied but with slight hesitation in her eyes.

"Yes, there's nothing going around between us."

* * *

Inside the CEO's office

There was completely a storm brewing here with both the director's cutting each other with words.

"CEO, are not you too biased towards Xin Ren?"

Director Huang grumbled as he shot a glance at Director Zhao who was standing at the side.

"Biased? I don't think like that."

Director Zhao said as he smiled smugly.

He and Director Huang was always at odds. He was happy with the attention his department was getting.

"You are saying that like you don't even know anything. There are clearly talks about how Xin Ren and CEO Xu has some kind of relationship going on between them."

"You very well know that this is just a stupid rumour."

"Yes, but from the way things are going, I have started to doubt if the rumour is really fake or not."

Director Huang said as he scratched his beard.

It was a blow directly at CEO Xu but she stayed silent. She was just watching this conflict with a interest in her eyes.

"You are going out of the bounds."

Director Zhao said as he glared at him.

"What bounds? We all know that Lumous is also going to debut soon but the whole company is only busy in promoting Xin Ren. I don't think other artists are worth promoting anymore."

Lumous is the next generation girl group Top star entertainment was producing.

They have already announced their debut and they were in the revisions stage and their debut would happen soon.

"What do you want?"

CEO Xu said as she noticed the atmosphere becoming more intense.

She was the type of person who will let her subordinates handle matters themselves, but she will not let the matter go out of the bounds.

"I heard Xin Ren will be releasing the title song on Music count."

"Yes, but there would also be Xiao Rin with him."

"Really? I thought that he was alone enough for everything."


They both glared at each other and CEO Xu interrupted them as she raised her hand to stop them.

"What do you want?"

"I want Lumous to debut on Music count too and with heavy promotions from the company and I really want to know why you are so biased towards Xin Ren."

"I am not biased towards him. I will give my attention to anyone who can give me results."

"What will you do if he fails?"

"I will think about it that day."

Director Huang grumbled in annoyance when he heard that.

He wanted to see if he can keep up his success stream or not.

From his experience, he knew that no star can stay successful forever.

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