Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 150

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 150 150. Music Count 1

Chapter 150. Music count (1)

"Please, can you tell us your thoughts about the movie!!"

"The album is going to be released tonight. What do you think will be it's position in the music charts?"

"What are your thoughts about your next ventures after A born star?"

"Ms. Xiao Rin, what do you think about working with Xin Ren?"

With the flashes and sounds of camera flashing, both Ren and Xiao Rin exited the van, with Chief Han and White bear following besides them.

"The reactions are really heated."

"If not for the security, I am afraid that the reporters will surely swarm us."

"They are still swarming us with their loud voices."

Chief Han said as he made a irritated face.

Movie Making was still broadcasting in CTS, where the ratings are only increasing and it's popularly online is also increasing with downloading platforms and streaming services.

Director Qian was literally jumping everytime he sees any comment about it online.

Even the higher ups of CTS are really happy with it, as they are even planning to increase the broadcast by one week.

"So, are you excited today?"

White bear asked as they entered the building.

They were currently at the venue of Music count, which was also the stage where the songs of the album will be released.

"We have practiced it quite a bit. It would be a pity if we failed."

"Yes, the songs are good and you have practice them quite a lot. Just go there and show your efforts to the people."

Chief Han said as they approached the green room assigned to them.

"It was quite big!"

Ren said as he looked around the green room. It was bigger than his expectations.

From his experience, he knew that this sort of room were only for top singers or groups.

"Of course, it would be. Your name has been trending these days, and CTS would not dare to choose a small room for you."

Music count was actually the music program of CTS.

With their relationship, they would be stepping on their own leg if they didn't provide good facilities to Ren.

He was like a cash bank for them right now.

They don't dare to offend him or Top star entertainment.

After they sat down on the sofa, they began to talk among themselves.

Chief Han has already left to greet and thank the producer of Music count. It was important to do so, at least to maintain the relationship.

"We are allocated 8 minutes, right?"

Ren asked and White bear nodded and replied.

"Yes, you can sing two songs in that much time. You are going with the title song and the ending song, right?"

White bear asked.

"Yes, we will go with 'Are you listening?' at first and end it with 'With you'."

'Are you listening?' and 'With you' were two of the most catchy songs in the album.

With 'With you' as the title song of the album and 'Are you listening?' as the end credits song, they were going all out tonight.

Actually, them receiving 8 minutes to prepare for their song was already giving them the treatment of top singers.

Normally, CTS would not give out much time to any singers, they were only doing it because of the popularity of Movie Making.

"Although, we are allocated the most amount of time, you should be careful of the other singers, today Chen Hao is also performing."

White bear said that like he was telling them to be careful of him.

"Chen Hao!!"

As Ren muttered that name, the door to the room suddenly opened and a man with yellow hair entered the room.

He has sunglasses on his eyes and he was looking like the average idol star.

He was undoubtedly Chen Hao.

"I heard that you were also performing here today. That's why, I came to greet you."

Chen Hao said as he smiled magnanimously. His smile was like the sweetest smile you can ever seen, but Ren felt something fishy in it.

"Hello, I am Xin Ren. Nice to meet you. I have heard your songs before. They are really nice."

Ren said as he greeted him with a smile.

There was no reason for him to be rude to him and make enemies.


Xiao Rin on his side also greeted him with a slight smile. She was not the type to speak or smile until it's necessary.

Of course, it was different in front of Ren.

Chen Hao gaze lingered on Xiao Rin's face for a while, making Xiao Rin uncomfortable but she didn't said anything.

"We would be competing today. I hope you can get at least the second place."

Music count was a program in which many singers or idol groups will compete with their songs to aim for the top place.

A trophy would be given to the first place winner and the winner would be decided by votes of the people present in the venue.

Chen Hao saying that Ren and Xiao Rin should aim for the second place was clearly disregarding them.

"We will see about that."

Ren's attitude became cold when he heard that.

"Ah, do you think that I will lose to you in a singing battle. If it was an acting competition, I would have considered it my defeat, but in a singing competition, I am undefeated till now."

Chen Hao's confident came from the fact that he has already won Music count 3 times consecutively.

He had become arrogant because of that.

"Let's compete with our singing instead of our words. We will see the results after the competition anyway."

Ren said as he know that escalating the matter would not do him any good.

It was the entertainment industry, there was many celebrities who will become arrogant if they received some popularity.

Chen Hao was arrogant because he was already a singer with a successful album and a fandom.

He was sure that he will the competition.

"Haha, let's meet on the stage when I will receive the first place prize!!

'Let's see if we will win or not!'

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