Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 151

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 151 151. Music Count 2

Chapter 151. Music count (2)

"I don't like him!!"

Xiao Rin said with a cold expression, after Chen Hao has left.

She didn't like him, especially because he was looking down on Ren.

Xiao Rin don't like the people who looks down on him, or have some ulterior thoughts about him.

"I don't like him too but, we will be couympeting with each other tonight."

Ren said while looking at Xiao Rin.

"Sadly, it's not just tonight, we will be competing in the album sales too. Chen Hao next album will be releasing today too. That's why, he was here to promote it.

"We are really competitors."

Chen Hao's album 'Perturbing' will be released at the same time as their album.

Chen Hao was confident in his album's sale and didn't thought that Ren's album would give him any competition.

It was just because he didn't thought that an actor like Ren can sing well and even his album will sell well.

Although, because of Movie Making, there was a lot of buzz around the album too, but Chen Hao still has the power of his fandom.

It was the effect of being an idol singer.


At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!!"

White bear shouted and a staff member came in. He glanced at the room and said.

"The host wanted to have you two and Chen Hao on the stage to have a back and forth talk."

"Ah, why only us?"

"It's because he wanted to talk with the two most popular groups today at the same time."

They nodded and followed the staff member to the stage.

'The performance is soon!!'

Ren thought as he went up on stage with Xiao Rin besides him.

* * *

Ear-shattering screams erupted from the audience.

Ren, Xiao Rin and Chen Hao were standing between the two MCs in the MC seating area to the left of the stage as they greeted the audience and said their predetermined speech.

There was too much sounds coming from the audience and it was hard for someone to talk in the venue.

In the fan seating area, the fans of Ren and Xiao Rin were sitting. There were also cheering for Ren and Xiao Rin.

"Have you booked the album?"

The fan known as Maple said. He was Ren's fan for a long time and has been supporting him till now.

"Yes, both the hard copy and the digital one."

"I have even pre ordered three copies."

Another fan said.

"Why three copies?"

"One for listening, one for my collection and one for spare."

The fan said with a excited voice.

"Wow!! You are rich."

"No, I just love the songs very much. I heard some of the lyrics in the Movie making, and I was hooked."

Producer Qian has used the most catchy lines in Movie making, just because of this reason. Many people would want to purchase the album after hearing those catchy tones.

"Everyone, don't forget to vote."

Maple said in a loud voice.

"The fandom of Chen Hao is big, but we can't disappoint Ren and Xiao Rin."

The fandom of Chen Hao was insanely big and because of that, he was sure of his win.

Many of his fans has come here, just to see his performance and vote for him. They can't disappoint their idol.

"It would be a hard thing to win but we will give it our all."

"Yes, we will not lose!!!"

All the fans shouted together as the performances finally begin.

* * *

"He's good!"

Ren muttered while standing on the backstage. He was watching Chen Hao sing on the stage and he can notice that he was good.

Xiao Rin also nodded, albeit with a hint of unwillingness to acknowledge it.

Although Chen Hao was arrogant and too full of himself, his singing was good and because of it, he has a huge fandom.

"I will show you my love....."

"Baby, I will always love you even though I know you hate me...."

"Just like the way I used to..."

"The song suits him!"

Chen Hao was singing the title song on his album 'Perturbing'. The song was catchy and matches well with his dancing style.

The dance was a hip hop style one and the crowd was cheering him with roaring cheers.

"Brother Ren, I am worried now!!"

Ren stopped watching the performance and glanced at Xiao Rin when she said that.

"Are you afraid of losing?"

Ren asked as his lips curved.


"Well, it's normal to think about losing when your opponent is powerful."

"Brother Ren, are you not afraid?"

Xiao Rin asked as she wondered, why Ren was so easy going? Was he confident in their songs?

"Well, of course, I am afraid that we will lose."


"But we have practised hard for this performance. We can only give it our all."

Ren and Xiao Rin has both practised vocalising and dancing everyday for the past two months.

With their shooting schedule, they were very busy and didn't even have time to properly sleep.

"But what if we lose?"

Xiao Rin asked while looking into Ren's eyes. There was only calmness there. It was like a slow flowing river.

"Then, I will just have a drink tonight!!"


"Well, winning and losing is all to the people watching our performance and Music count is only a small battle. The real battle would be the album sales."

Xiao Rin smiled when she heard that but suddenly, her face turned into a frown.

"What happened?"

Ren asked with confusion in his eyes.

"I am sad because I can't drink with you."

Ren suddenly burst into laughter when he heard that. Their performance was soon to start but there was a ambiguous atmosphere between them.

That don't even have a shred of nervousness!!

"Then, let's drink together once you are an a.d.u.l.t, although it would take time."


Xiao Rin asked as she looked at Ren with twinkling eyes.


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