Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 152

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 152 152. Music Count 3

Chapter 152. Music count (3)

"Hello everyone!!"

Ren said as he and Xiao Rin went on the stage, amidst the deafening roars of the crowd.

He looked at the thousands of people below him and exhaled his breath slowly.

'Now, it truly starts!!'

Ren thought as checked his mic and started to speak to the crowd.

"This song is named 'Are you listening?' and it's the ending theme song of the album we were preparing for a long time. I hope you would all like it."

"I hope you will appreciate our performance."

Xiao Rin went on to say the finishing words and the music slowly started.

The music was slow and it was filled with sorrow and grief. The crowd felt a kind of sadness hearing it.

"Do you remember the days when we used to be.....together...."

"Those days were the nicest days..."

"But now I am all alone, watching you with someone else....."

"Are you listening to my voice...?"

The first verse ended with Ren's singing it. His voice was not bad, but it was not too good either.

It was just normal but there was a tinge of sadness in it. At that moment, Ren was imagining himself as Leo on the stage.

The star who once has a award in his hands, but in the end, he was just left with a bottle of alchol.

Ren was imagining it like that.

"Remember the grief you gave me..."

"Making me feel all hollow and lonely....."

"Like a moon without the stars in the night sky..."

"But you were never listening to my lonely self..."

The next verse was continued by Xiao Rin.

It was her first time standing on a stage this big and singing towards a crowd of thousands and she was scared.

But she was still singing because she trusted the person she was singing the song with me.

'Nothing will go wrong if I stay with Brother Ren!'

That was the thought in her mind as she continued to sing the song.

As the first and the second verses ended, both Ren and Xiao Rin started singing the chorus together.

"Are you listening to my cries...."

"Are you listening to my sorrows....."

"To my grief, Oh my love....."

"I wish that I was with you at the moment..."

"But I know you are listening to my voice...."

Both of their voices mixed together and with the slow and painful music flowing out, they all mixed together to make a lovely feeling that resounded within the whole venue.

* * *

"They are really good!!"

The producer of Music count said as he exclaimed with shock as he looked at the stage, where Ren and Xiao Rin were singing.

"Of course, they have worked hard for it."

Chief Han who was standing besides him replied. They were watching the performance from the backstage.

"Although the singing is average, but the song and the singer is really portraying the emotions well."

The producer said as he folded his hands. He was the producer for music count for years.

Naturally, he has some knowledge about the acting, especially the performances of the singers.

"Between 'Perturbing' and 'Are you listening?', which one is better?"

Chief Han asked, wanting to hear the thoughts of the producer.

The producer looked at him for a second, then he lowered his head to think about it and replied.

"Both of the songs are different in both styles and their way of singing, 'Perturbing' is a fast and catchy song with rapid lyrics while 'Are you listening?' is a slow song but it is filled with emotions that can immediately get through the masses."

Chief Han nodded his head in reply and asked.

"So, which one of them is it?"

"I think....."

The producer paused for a second and replied while looking at the stage.

"I think 'Are you listening?' is better, although it's just my personal opinion."


"Yes, nowadays, there are only fast paced songs in the market. A slow song is rare and this song is off top quality. Are the other songs of the album also like this?"

The producer asked.

"Yes, I heard some of them. All of them are top notch."

"Then, maybe we will get another platinum album after a long time."

"I hope so too."

Chief Han said as he looked at the stage. The second song 'With you' was starting on the stage.

He hoped in his heart that the songs and album will do great.

* * *

"A slow song in this age. It will fail without any doubt."

Chen Hao muttered as he watched the broadcast of Music count from his green room.

He was disdainfully thinking that the songs would definitely not work, because he very well knew that this was the era of fast songs.

"But the songs are really good."

His manager said from the side.

"Even though the lyrics and the music are good and there is hype around it, they will be buried in the presence of my album."

"Yes, the company has chosen the songs specially for you. They are all the type of songs you are good at. There's no way we would lose."

His manager agreed with him when he said that.

Their agency has prepared for the album for about six months, with most of the top music producers and composer.

They have even called some producers directly from Korea. It was a way to add the Korean flavour to the song and ride on the Korean wave that was going on.

"What is the number of the pre ordered albums?"

Chen Hao suddenly asked while watching the broadcast. He was not much interested in it, since he was sure of his win.

"There are already 10,000 pre ordered copies of the album. We will surely not lose to anyone and the title song is bound to take the first place in the music charts."

10,000 copies was not a number that can be achieved by just any artist. It shows Chen Hao's huge fandom.

"Let's go. The performance is finishing."

Chen Hao said as he stood up. The time of the results has came.

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