Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 153

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 153 154. Results

Chapter 154. Results

After the performances ended, the host called all the singers who had performed today on the stage.

Ren, Xiao Rin and Chen Hao were also here. Most of the other singers were also glancing at those three, as everyone knows that they has the most chances to win tonight.

"Tonight, we saw many great performances, especially two performances who blew us away completely."

The host continued to talk about the performances today, asking Ren and Xiao Rin some questions about their performance, simultaneously doing it with Chen Hao too.

"Okay, then, it's the time for the results."

The host said that and the big LED screen behind the stage lit up with numbers going around in it. Those were the votes given to each singers tonight.

There were still spinning, so no one was able to see who has won, but everyone's eyes were on the screen.

'I wonder if we will win!!'

Ren thought as he glanced at Xiao Rin from the corner of his eyes, he saw her holding the helm of her dress.

She was clearly very nervous as her eyes were glued to the LED screen.

"So, the winner is..."

The host paused before announcing the winner. Ren holded hid breath in that moment.

He wished that they would win tonight but the results were unexpected.

".Chen Hao!!"

Ren released his breath when he heard that. He looked at the screen and Chen Hao's name was written there with golden colour.

Golden confetti poured on the stage, especially on Chen Hao's hair. He was smiling like he has expected the result.

His confident eyes were well apparent on the screen.

Ren tried to control his control his expressions the most at that moment, as he knew that the camera will focus on him.

He also gestured to Xiao Rin to do the same and understanding his gesture, she also tried to control her emotion.

But her face was still strange. She was holding back her emotions well.

"Thank you for all my fans for their support tonight. This song was very dear to my heart and I am glad that everyone liked it."

Chen Hao on the other hand was talking about his feelings with the host. Excitement was well apparent on his face.

He has already stopped glancing at Ren and Xiao Rin, basking himself in the moment of his glory.

That's how, Music count ended, resulting in Ren's defeat.

* * *

After the broadcast, Ren and Xiao Rin sighed continuously after getting into the van.

Xiao Rin's eyes were rather moist. It was the first time Ren has seen her like this, but it was normal, if he thought that she was just a 16 year old girl right now.

She has just started his career. She was not the future queen of acting, but a young actress.

"Are you sad that we lost today?"

Ren asked while glancing at her.

"Brother Ren, aren't you sad that we lost?"

"Of course, I am sad."

It was true that Ren was really sad when he heard the results.

Things were going on in his favour, since his regression. He was beginning to think that everyone would go his way because of that.

This small failure was honestly a good thing for him as he was able to realise the reality that he would not be successful every single time.

Thinking it like that, Ren has become calm after sometime. Although there was still some sorrow in his heart, Ren knew that he has just lost the small battle.

The big battle has still not started.

"If you are sad, then why are you so normal, Brother Ren?"

Xiao Rin asked blinking her small and moist eyes.

"It's because the results would not change, by being sad or crying. Although a failure is sad and depressing thing, you can just think positively and look forward."

Ren said as he recalled the failures in his previous life. He had failed countless times, that he can't even remember properly.

But everytime, he has just moved forward because he didn't have a choice but to move forward.

Getting hung on a failure will not lead him to success.

"Here, see this."

Ren pulled up his phone and opened the SNS forums.

"Ah, people are talking about our songs."

Xiao Rin said in a surprised tone.

There was a lot of talk going around about their songs on the SNS forums, although it was less that Chen Hao's victory, there were still a huge majority of people expressing their appreciation for the songs.

-Wow!! I was there at the Music count broadcast tonight. I never thought Xin Ren can sing this good.

-You are forgetting about Xiao Rin. She was like a song princess tonight.

-Yeah, both of them were great.

-I have already decided to buy the album.

-It's a pity that they lost.

-I heard 'Are you listening?' and I can't help but cry. It's really an emotional song.

-Yes, it has been a long time since such songs has released.

-I also heard Chen Hao's 'Perturbing', but I liked 'With you' more.

-Yes, Chen Hao's song were good but it was like usual pop songs. There was nothing new in them.

-I hope I get the album soon. I have already pre ordered it.

-Me too!! I can't wait to watch A born star now, with songs like this, it's a big hit.

-It would surely be a blockbuster.

"See, people are prasing our songs. It's not like that our efforts has all gone down to the drain."

Ren said and Xiao Rin nodded.

Her moist eyes were now gone after reading the comments and she was not thinking about their loss now.

"Brother Ren, are you confident in the album sales?"

Xiao Rin knows that, if the Music count was a small battle, the big battle was obviously the album sales.

"I will not say that I am fully confident in our win, but I am certainly optimistic about it."

Ren said as he looked outside the window. The night sky was without stars today.

Ren wished for a starry sky tomorrow.

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