Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 154

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 154 155. Album Sales

Chapter 155. Album sales

"People heard it, people liked it, people are buying it."

Director Kang exclaimed excitedly as soon as Ren entered the PR Team office.

"Is the album sales increasing that much?"

"It is not just increasing!! We have sold 20,000 copies in two days, including the digital albums and the hard copies."

"Isn't that good?"

"Yes, it's much better than we have thought."

After the broadcast of Music count, people flocked towards the online sites to buy the album of A born star.

The response towards it was also heated as there were many people praising the album and loving the songs.

There were comments about it on many online forums and blogs.

"I think we can probably cross the 100,000 mark. That will gave our album a silver record."

Music records were categorised into four records, Silver, gold, platinum and crown.

Getting a silver record means the sales of 100,000 including both digital sales and the hard copies.

A gold record means the sale of 500,000 and a platinum record means the sales of at least 1 million copies.

The crown record was the highest with a sales of 10 million records. It was nearly impossible to do it in this age, where there is piracy in almost everything.

"Well, we will get the silver record, but it's hard to get the gold record."

Director Kang said dejectedly.

About 70% of an album sale would be in the first week of its release. After that, the songs will be available on almost every pirated sites.

Piracy was a thing that was really fatal for every singer.

"Anyway, it's good that our songs are in the music rankings but Chen Hao's 'perturbing', is still in the first place."

On the music rankings, Chen Hao's title song 'perturbing' was still in the first place. It was because of his fandom buying huge amounts of albums.

While his single was in the first place, 'Are you listening?' and 'With you' were supposedly on the 5th and 8th ranks.

It was more surprising considering that Ren and Xiao Rin were not singers and the album was the album of a musical drama.

"It does not seem to come out soon."

"Yes, his album sales are already over 40,000. His fans are really scary. I had heard that many are buying his album twice or thrice."

"That's crazy."

"Yes, hardcore fans are not called hardcore for nothing, but we are slowly achieving our goals, so I don't think it would be fatal for us."

Director Kang said as she cupped her hands.

Their goal from the start was not getting first place in the music rankings or beating Chen Hao.

Their goal was to gain publicity for The stars above, as the main goal was to make the movie a hit.

If the movie becomes a hit, then the album sales will go up again and their main source of profit would be from the box office of The stars above.

"Still, I wanted to beat Chen Hao at least."

Director Kang laughed when she heard that. She can see that Ren was slightly bitter because of his earlier defeat.

"Well, we can just wait and see for now. Anyway, you were on a break today, right? Why are you here?"

Director Kang asked as she was curious as to why Ren was here today from the start.

Actually, today was a break for Ren, so him being here was weird. Director Kang hasn't asked about it yet, because she was excited because of the album's sale.

"Well, I wanted to hear about the album sales."

"Just for that, you should just have called me."

Ren scratched his head embarrassingly when he heard that. He has gotten too used to coming to the office everyday, so he had forgot about it.

"You are really becoming a workaholic. That's bad for your youth, you know."

"What youth?"

"I mean you just turned 21 this year, it's a very young age. Even those idol drama stars are not young as you, and you work too hard."

"Maybe I do work hard, but I have to work hard in order to make the movie a success."

"Ah, can't you just enjoy yourself like a young man? I thought that an celebrity who is obedient would be good, but now I am worried that you would one day collapse from work."

Director Kang sighed like she has given up on Ren.

A normal celebrity in his youth years would surely be unrestrained and would definitely have some scandals but Ren was completely unlike this.

Although it was a good thing, she was now worried about him.

'Maybe I am getting too old and my motherly instinct is coming out!'

Director Kang thought but she quickly shook her head and stopped thinking about it.

Director Kang was already in her 40s, maybe it was the right time for her to get married, although she didn't wanted to think of marriage yet.

"Anyway, go home and rest. The promotions for The stars above would be starting soon."

Ren was on break today, just because the promotions of The stars above would start soon.

The shooting has already ended and the staff was fired up, even on the last day.

Now, only the editing and the promotions are left before its release.

"Yes, they are starting soon. Director Ying has even shut herself in a room and is editing the movie without resting."

"Well, it's her debut movie and she has too much pressure. The pressure is making her work hard, although, I hope she will not collapse from her work."


Ren said as he and Director Kang has some more talk and after that, Director Kang made Ren go home and enjoy his break.

After Ren has left, she opened her laptop and checked the album sales

[A born star- 24,468]

The sales were increasing but there was still a behemoth in front of them.

[Perturbing- 47,573]

The sales of Chen Hao's album were almost double than theirs. It was posing a threat to their sales but Director Kang still thought optimistically about it.

It was just because of a single reason.

'Ren has always been successful!'

Although she knows that one can't stay successful forever, she has to think twice about it after seeing the performances of The stars above, Heirs and even 'Movie making'.

It gave her a sense of reassurance and she was looking forward to the future, as she thought that the statistics of the album sales can change.

It would also depend on the movie release.

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