Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 155

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 155 156. Increasing Sales

Chapter 156. Increasing sales

"Which one should I buy?"

A man pondered with a raised eyebrow, as he looked at his computer screen.

His name was Mu Yuncheng, he works in the IT industry and he was paid well, but because of that, he has nearly lost his private life.

Everyday, he just go to office and from office to home. It was really a tiring life.

Because of these reasons, he don't even have a girlfriend at the age of 28.

Although he was busy, he still has his hobby that motivates him to go on in his work life.

It was music.

Mu Yuncheng loved music since his childhood. Everytime he will listen to a good song, he will immediately resonate with him.

There were several album copies in his house and it would not be wrong to say that it can be considered as a music store.

Mu Yuncheng was currently in a predicament, as he was confused as to buy which album.

He was in a overseas business trip for a long time, so he didn't knew much about what was going on in China.

When he returned, he found out that there were two albums which were trending on social media.

One was Chen Hao's 'Perturbing' and the other was of course the album of A born star.

He was pondering about which one to buy among them.

After much pondering, he first decided to buy the title songs of both the albums.

The cost of a digital album was around 10-12 RMB but you can still buy the songs separately which was around 2-3 RMB only.

It was a really cheap price for him.

That's why, Mu Yuncheng bought both the title songs of 'Perturbing' and 'A born star'.

He first decided to listen to 'Perturbing', as it was trending on the music charts. The albums sales were also high.

He has much expectations with this song, as he thought that it would definitely be a masterpiece.

But when he listened to it, his face was enough to tell his dissatisfaction.

"I will show you my love....."

"Baby, I will always love you even though I know you hate me...."

"Just like the way I used to..."

"Ah, Ah...I will...."

The song was a generic fast song, with fast beats and rapid lyrics.

The more Mu Yuncheng heard it, the more displeased his face became.

It was not because the song was bad, or he didn't like the lyrics, but the problem was that it was nothing new.

If he wanted to listen to a fast rapid song, he can listen to better songs than it.

He even wondered why the song was in the first place in the music rankings.

Even after listening to it three times, he didn't found something new in it. He even thought of it as plain.

After some time, he paused the song and opened the title song of Ren's album 'With you'.

Mu Yuncheng felt that it would be a generic love song because of its name, but when he started to listen to it, he was wide eyed.

"You are my love, you are my heart...."

"I can't leave without you, I am not alive without you...."

"Because I am only alive with you..."

It was not because he hadn't heard a song like this, but it was because he has never listened to such a emotional song.

The song lyrics were good but the main point was it's music. You can clearly feel the effort the composer has poured in it to make it this good.

Slow songs were rare in this era and getting to listen to a good slow song was a treat in itself for Mu Yuncheng.

He even got lost in the song and thought about his first love.

His first love was in college, he was still inexperienced back then and it was full of ambiguous and awkward moments.

It was sad that it hasn't worked in the end and his girlfriend has decided to get separate from him.

He was heartbroken after that and he didn't even left his room for a long time.

In that time, his girlfriend was his whole world and he really felt that he was dead without her.

This song portrayed that feeling well and he didn't even remember when the song has finished.

After the song ended, Mu Yuncheng played it again several times in loops and he got the same feeling everytime he listened to it.

After listening it for over half an hour, Mu Yuncheng opened the music website and immediately purchased the whole album.

He even ordered a hard copy of it.

That day, he continued to listen to all the songs in the album, completely forgetting about his own work.

But he didn't cared much about it, as he was content with all the songs.

Most of them were slow love songs but he also founded two rock songs in the album and he liked them too.

After listening to the whole album, Mu Yuncheng went to the comment section and saw the comments left by people.

-The songs are really great. I am crying listening to them.

-I have ordered the hard copy and the digital album both. Let's increase the sales and make the songs go up in rankings!!!

-Yes, let's do that. These types of songs are really rare in these days.

-We have to take the first place in the rankings, so that more people can hear these songs and buy the album.

-Even though Xin Ren is an actor, he's voice is quite good and his singing skills are also above average.

-Don't forget about Xiao Rin. Her voice is just lovely.

-I am really excited for the movie now. Can't it release soon?

-It will release in two weeks. I have already booked the first show tickets.

-I have also booked them.

From the comment section, Mu Yuncheng found out about the movie and he was surprised to know that the songs are from a musical drama.

He instantly decided to see the movie after that.

He felt that just the songs were enough for him to go watch the movie, even though he was really busy.

As he had liked the song, Mu Yuncheng also decided to comment on it.

-The songs were great and I will watch the first show of the movie. I am willing to watch it, just for the songs!!

He closed the website after that and went to home, not noticing that he has wasted his whole day and because of that, he has to work overtime the next day.

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