Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 156

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 156 157. Chen Hao's Worry

Chapter 157. Chen Hao's worry

As the album promotions were still going on for Chen Hao, he was really busy.

Just today, he has done two shows in a shopping mall and in a college festival.

Because of that, he was really tired these days but his face was always booming with a smile.

It was because his album was really selling well and it was close to getting the silver record, but his main aim was still getting the gold record.

He would not be satisfied if he didn't receive a gold record at least.

Although, he was satisfied with his album selling well, there was a tinge of worry in his eyes today. It was because he was looking at the music rankings in his hotel room.

[Perturbing- 1st]

His title song 'Perturbing' was still in the first place in the rankings but the problem was his other songs.

Except Perturbing, all of the other songs on the album was not in the top positions of the music charts.

After Perturbing, his next song in the rankings was in the 43th position.

In his album, only three songs were actually composed by him. His title song was composed by a veteran composer Zhou Shangfeng, who can be considered as a master of pop.

He has written many pop songs which had been great hits and for him to compose a song for Chen Hao, his agency has paid a good amount of money to him.

But the problem was his other songs, they were mostly less than average in quality and people are not liking it as much as his expectations.

On the other hand, he was more worried about his competitors.

At first, he hasn't thought much about the album of «A born star», for him it was not worth fretting over it.

It was the album of a musical drama filled with slow songs and sung by two actors.

He really didn't thought much about it and his confidence has just increased after winning in the Music count against them.

But now, he was getting worried because most of the songs in the album 'A born star', were in the top 20 in the music rankings.

The title song 'With you' and the ending song 'Are you listening?' were even at 2nd and 3rd places in the rankings respectively.

He was even worried that Perturbing would be uncrowned from his position of the 1st place.

Because of that, he was constantly looking at the rankings.

"You don't have to worry about the rankings. I don't think that Perturbing would lost his 1st place."

His manager said from the side. He was trying to uplift the spirits of Chen Hao.


"Yes, even if their album is selling well, their main focus is the movie promotions and they can't beat your fandom."

Those words gave some assurance to Chen Hao and his face eased a little.

Those words were also true.

For the past week, Ren and Xiao Rin has been doing promotions for their movie. They don't even have time for the album promotions.

«A born star» is also going to release in just three days and many people has booked the tickets already.

"Yes, he's just an actor, although he's a good actor, but singing and acting are fundamentally different. He can't beat me in it."

Chen Hao said as he leaned against the sofa with a proud and arrogant look.

His manager very well knew how to please him. He had been working with him for the past three years.

He has already gotten used to his behaviour and has learned the ways to please him.

"Here, see the album sales."

His manager said as he passed his phone to Chen Hao. There was a website showing the album sales of both the albums.

[Perturbing- 77,265]

[A born star- 62,438]

The difference between the two was of nearly 15,000. There was no doubt that their album would not lose to them.

"Yes, he can't beat me. I was getting worried for nothing."

Chen Hao said as he laughed and the manager also posed a smile.

Although his manager was smiling, there was cold sweat running on his back.

It was because he was the most worried that A born star will leave their album in shreds soon.

It was because of some points he has noticed.

First of all, the difference between the sales of both the albums was getting lower and lower.

The difference was around 25,000 at first but it was just 15,000 now. He was worried that it will lower again after sometime.

The second point was because, he very well knew that Chen Hao's songs quality was lower in contrast to the album of «A born star»

If Perturbing really lost his 1st place in the music rankings, then the consequences would be dire.

The third reason was because he was worried about «A born star» movie release.

He knew very well the hype around it and he was also sure that many people would go and watch it in the theatres.

It was one of the definite hits of this year.

He was worried that after listening to the songs in the theatre, many people will surely buy the album and it's sale would surely sky rocket.

Because of that, he was even wishing for «A born star» to flop.

The manager knew Chen Hao's anger well. That's why, he has stayed silent about all this.

He feared that if he really said his real thoughts out aloud, Chen Hao's anger would explode and the victim would definitely be him.

He didn't wanted that.

"Let's go the club tonight!!"

Chen Hao suddenly said.

"The club? There is a performance tonight."

"Just cancel it! I am tired of doing performances everyday."

Chen Hao said as he shrugged.

His attitude said that he would not listen to 'no' as the answer.

That's why, the manager replied with a calm face and a worried heart.

"I will arrange the best girls."

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