Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 157

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 157 158. Promotions

Chapter 158. Promotions

"So, why did you choose «A born star» as your next project?"

It was a question Ren has heard countless times since he has started promotions and since the final brodcast of Movie Making.

"People have been asking me that question for a while now."

Ren said as he chuckled.

He was honestly tired of that question, as people have been asking it everytime they saw him.

No matter if it was relatives, friends and even his own mother had asked the question.

It was because of the suspense and hype created by Movie Making.

That show has strongly emphasised about why he has chosen a musical drama as his next project when he can just pick a safe project.

What was the reason he has taken such a risk when his career was constantly going sky high.

"People will of course ask that question. They never got a clear answer even after the final broadcast of Movie Making."

The reporter said as he smiled.

He was currently in a interview with a reporter. Xiao Rin was also here with him.

She was sitting on his side silently.

"Yes, they never got the answer and honestly, I don't know what will be a answer that will satisfy you. I can just say that I got a good vibe from it."

Ren said as he gave the answer he has remembered earlier.

"Do you get the same vibes from other projects too?"

The reporter continued with the conversation.

"I got the same vibe from «The stars above»."

"Really? Then, I guess, we can expect «A born star» to achieve the same results as «The stars above»."

"I hope so too."

The reporter continued the talk with Ren with a smile. Ren's stature in the industry was completely different than, when he had first debuted.

In just an year, he has gave two dramas with over 2% ratings each and he has continuously shocked the people with his risky choices.

His current popularity was due to the fact that all of his risky choices has become successful.

"Ms. Xiao Rin, it will be your first movie and you are even playing the female lead at such a young age. What do you want to say about this?"

The reporter moved his question to Xiao Rin and she answered in a graceful manner.

"I feel glad that I have gotten a chance to act alongside Senior Ren and I feel lucky to be able to get the female lead role."

Xiao Rin continued to talk about her experiences for about three minutes.

It's been sometime since her debut in «The stars above». She has completely transformed after getting to experience the entertainment industry herself.

Her earlier childish and immature nature has changed to a graceful and mature one.

In front of the public, her image was of a refined young actress. Top star entertainment was also promoting this image as it suited well with her character.

"Thank you for giving us sometime today."

The reporter shook hands with Ren and Xiao Rin after the interview.

As the interview ended, Ren and Xiao Rin left for the parking lot with Chief Han and White bear following them..

"Ah, another interview ended."

White bear said as he sighed. He looked like he hasn't slept for some days, as the work has gone up because of the promotions.

"I thought you would have already gotten used to it."

"It's hard to get used to it and I didn't want to get used it."

Chief Han chuckled at White bear's answer.

"Are you tired?"

Ren asked as he glanced at Xiao Rin who was dozing off.

"It's just that I have exams soon. So, I am studying for them."

Xiao Rin was in her second year of high school this year. It was really hard to manage her schedule since she also has to take care of her studies.

"Are your parents particularly strict about your studies?"

"Well, it's…"

"I never thought that we would meet each other like this."

As Xiao Rin was replying, a voice interrupted her. There was slight mocking in the voice.

Ren looked at his front and saw a chubby man standing there, he was Director Lu.

Standing besides him was Yang Kun, a veteran in the industry and a beautiful girl with angel like beauty.

She was Zhou Qingqing, the female lead in «Vagabond».

"Me too! It's nice to meet you after a long time."

Ren said as he lightly smiled.

The last time they have met was on the occasion of Beijing Film Festival, their first meeting was not good at all.

"I didn't knew you were doing a interview here too. If I had known, we would not have agreed to do a interview."

Director Lu said, not hiding his animosity.

His animosity towards Ren has only went up after their first meeting.

Due to the hype around «A born star», his movie «Vagabond» has been somewhat buried.

Director Lu was not happy about that. That's why, he has started to hate Ren more.

"Our interview has just finished, you can go and give your interview."

Ren didn't wanted to start a fight here. So, he was replying calmly.

"We are going to do that anyway. I wish you luck for your movie. I hope it will not go down the drain despite its hype."

"I don't think you have to worry about «A born star». I am sure it will do good business."

"We have to see about it. A movie can't become a hit just because of a reality show. It has to have a story and good acting."

Director Lu was clearly trying to pick a fight with Ren, but Ren was too tired to waste his time on him.

Director Lu was just not worth it.

"Yes, I think so too. I hope «Vagabond» will do good business."

"Yes, it will surely do good business. Our movies will release at the same time. Let's see who will emerge as the winner."

"I wish you luck."

"Me too."

They parted ways after their heated conversation. The release of «A born star» was just around the corner.

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