Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 158

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 158 159. Meeting Of The Big Shots

Chapter 159. Meeting of the big shots

Houhai district, SA cinema

The movie «A born star» would be premiering for the first time here for reporters, critics and the industry insiders.

The movie that includes Ren and Xiao Rin as the leads and various theatre and small time actors is highly anticipated.

Thanks to the reality TV show, Movie Making and the songs 'With you' and 'Are you listening?', «A born star» is a highly anticipated movie of the year.

It would be excited to see if Ren's decision to act in a risky project was right or wrong.

Inside the venue, many reporters were talking about the same topic.

"I really wonder what can the movie show us and how it will present itself."

"A hit, decent and flop. I am going to write all three articles."

"Well, I am looking for the critics review. They are all harsh when it comes to movies"

"I think they would be harsher with «A born star», it was highly anticipated, so if it fails to deliver itself, the critics would surely chew it out in their reviews."

"Their album reaction was much better than expected and looking at the songs, the movie will at least be decent."

"You can't look at the songs for judging a movie. It will depend on the story and performances"

"If it is about performance, I think Xin Ren will deliver a good performance. His previous performances were great."

"As for Xiao Rin, she was good in her debut and after that, the short web series she acted in was pretty decent and she portrayed her character really well."

"Her chemistry with Xin Ren was really good in her debut drama too. It's no wonder that they are from the same agency."

"Apart from them, I wanted to see what the theatre actors will show us in this movie. If one of them became a big star later on, it would be a great story for the media."

Like this, the repoters chatted excitedly. There was much anticipation in their eyes regarding Ren, Xiao Rin and the movie.

No matter what happened tonight, «A born star» was bound to be on the first place in the real-time search rankings tomorrow.

* * *

"Oh my, CEO Xu."

"It's been a while, President Zhang."

Calm music faintly flowed in the background, and CEO Xu was greeting a big man.

They were currently in the inner cinema where the screening of «A born star» is just about to begin.

The man greeting CEO Xu was President Zhang, the president of Phoenix entertainment, one of the top three entertainment agencies in China.

Unlike CEO Xu who was wearing a classy red dress tonight, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and ripped jeans.

He was a man in his late 30s who still looked young because of his carefree attitude and style of talking.

"There is really too much anticipation going on about «A born star». I saw Xin Ren's acting and he was really good. I wonder where is he? I didn't saw him till now."

President Zhang said, showing interest in Ren.

"Hahaha, let's sit down first, President Zhang."

CEO Xu showed a smile but her eyes were glaring at him. President Zhang obviously ignored it and sat down.

The president of Phoenix entertainment and Top star entertainment were now sitting together. There was not much people who can approach them now.

But someone did approached them.

"Hello, President Zhang, CEO Xu."

"Oh, Chairman Jing, I didn't knew you would also be attending this event tonight."

He was the Chairman of Hongdae entertainment, another one of the top three entertainment agencies in China.

Unlike CEO Xu or President Zhang, he was actually an old man and has a skinny figure.

"Well, I have to attend this event. I wanted to see with my own eyes, whether a musical drama can work in this industry or not."

Chairman Jing sat down with a laugh.

Now, only the president of RG entertainment was missing or it would surely be called the meeting of big shots.

Although, Top star entertainment was just a middle sized company, it's stocks are slowly going up and they were on their way to become the next big agency in China.

"Yes, I want to know that too. I saw some episodes of Movie Making and they really intrigued me to see this movie."

President Zhang said. He seemed particularly interested in this movie.

"Yes, I have heard about Top star entertainment stock prices going up. You are really getting up in your game."

"I am just doing what I can and I heard about Sky boys debuting in the overseas market."

CEO Xu said towards Chairman Jing.

Sky boys was a boy group assigned with Hongdae entertainment. They were currently debuting in the Japanese market and it was quite successful too.

"You said that but Top star entertainment will also release their next generation girl group soon, right."

President Zhang said.

"It seems like news travel fast."

"Well, it's the entertainment industry, news travels like fire here, no matter if it's a rumour or the truth."

"What type of rumour are you talking about, President Zhang?"

"The rumours about how you are biased towards Xin Ren or something. They are spreading in your company, right."

President Zhang shrugged as he said that. He was looking at CEO Xu with a smile on his face.

"I wonder where you heard those rumors from."

"Well, I have my connections."

CEO Xu wondered who was the one who is giving information to him.

"Anyway, I am not biased. I am just doing, what I think can help my agency to expand."

"So, you think Xin Ren is the one who will help you expand your agency."

"Who knows?"

CEO Xu just answered vaguely and before President Zhang can ask any further, Chairman Jing calmed the situation down.

"Ah, calm down, you two. Let's not make it an argument."

"We are just talking."

President Zhang said as he stopped talking.

At that moment, the host voice resounded through the cinema.

[Ladies and gentlemen, the screening of «A born star» will start soon. I hope you will all enjoy it. I repeat again...]

The atmosphere suddenly turned silent after that. All of the people stopped talking as they looked towards the big screen in the middle.

The words «A born star» was written on the screen.

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