Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 159

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 159 160. A Born Star 1

Chapter 160. A born star (1)

The movie started while portraying the scenes of how Leo (Ren) became a famous singer.

How he got his first break and how his first song was a big hit.

Him basking in the glory of his hit songs and him giving his speech as he won the award for the best singer of the year.




The endless shouting and screaming of the people as they watch him sing on a big stage and him enjoying his fame.

But the scene suddenly changed to show him walking on a red carpet, there was an award on his left hand and he was drinking a bottle of alcohol with his right.

There was still endless shouting from the people, but they were not cheering him, but despising him.

"He's an alcoholic."

"I wonder why I used to like his songs in the past. I must be blind."

"He has another fight with a celebrity yesterssy. His career is literally finished now!!"


That was the tag on his self as he was only left with alcohol and an award that was not much use to him.

Seeing this, the people in the theatre got completely engrossed in watching the movie.

«A born star» has made the audience engrossed in it from the first five minutes of the movie. It has a power to attract the audience.

The people were also surprised by seeing Ren portraying a failed singer on screen. His long beard and the hollowness in his eyes were speaking his pain, making him seem like he was really Leo.

The next scene showed him performing in a concert in a small town, where he had a fight with one of the people attending the concert and he left the concert in the middle, not thinking about the people who had come to watch his show.

"What are you doing? We got to perform here and you are leaving in the middle of the concert?"

His manager tried to stop him but Leo (Ren) just indifferently replied as he got in his car.

"My mood is off. I can't perform anymore."

"You can't perform! We have taken the money and your reputation will again take a blow because of this."

"My reputation is already in shreds. 'Finished!!', that's the tag, the media has given me."

"At least, don't drive while you are drunk. You can die because of drunk driving."

Leo (Ren) laughed when he heard that and replied while starting the car.

"You know me well. I don't drink to die, I die to drink."

He left the venue after that, living his manager sighing and thinking about how he could fix this mess.

The scene again changed after that.

Leo (Ren) goes to a bar where he orders some alcohol and this was where he met Cao Fei (Xiao Rin), who was a young aspiring singer.

He was stunned to notice that she was singing his song and she was singing it better than him.

At that moment, the expressions portrayed by Ren on the screen were priceless.

The moment when he talks to Cao Fei and how their interaction led to him falling in love with her and how he persuades her to believe in him.

It was a lovely moment and the people can feel that this was the start of a love story.

The story shifts into his second part soon and Leo (Ren) was seen convincing Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) who has ran away because of the nervousness and the fear of her first recording.

She was originally a timid and innocent girl from countryside who only has her dreams, but she don't have the courage to fulfil them.

"Cao Fei, I know you are nervous. Even I was nervous in my first recording. I even wanted to run away because I was scared that I will mess up."

Leo (Ren) and Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) were separated because of a door. She has locked herself in a room.

"I, I can't do it. I don't have the courage to do it. I will surely mess it up."

Even after trying to convince her for sometime, Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) was still scared.

At that moment, Leo (Ren) said.

"I love you!!"


"I really love you. From the first time we met, I fell in love with you and the feeling grew stronger everyday. I don't have anything left, my career is over. I only have one wish right now, to see you become a star."

Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) just continued to silently listen to Leo's (Ren) confession.

"Please, let me fulfil my dream!!"

After sometime, Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) came out and proceeded with the recording and it was also how their relationship officially started.

The scene changed and Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) is now a big star. Her debut single was a big hit and after that, she has become the next big singing sensation.

It was the scene of a award ceremony. Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) was nominated for the award for best debut singer.

She was standing in front of the cameras but Leo (Ren) was not with her.

He was silently watching her from the TV screen. He was currently drinking alcohol in the bar.

Although, he has managed to make Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) into a star, his alcohol addiction was still the same.

In the bar, he heard the discussion of two men. They were conversing about him and Cao Fei (Xiao Rin).

"Her career will be finished soon."

"Why? She's a good singer. Her voice is really good."

The two men were drunk as they were conversing with slurry voices.

"Not because of her singing, but because of that washed up singer, Leo (Ren)."


"Don't you know that there are already rumours about them dating."

"I don't think a dating scandal will end her career."

"You don't understand. No matter how much she steps up, she will surely take two steps back to help Leo (Ren). He will surely drag her down."

Leo (Ren) clenched his glass when he heard that and the scene ended there.

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