Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 160

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 160 160. A Born Star 2

Chapter 160. A born star (2)

"Leo, you are again drunk!!"

Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) said as she entered the house. She saw Leo (Ren) sitting on the ground with a bottle of alcohol in his hands.

She tried to move towards him but before she could come close, Leo (Ren) smashed the glass bottle on the ground.

The glass pieces splattered on the ground and Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) backed off with a worried expression on her face.

"Cao Fei, don't come near me. Back away, go away from me, before, I became a burden on you."

There was a air of drunkenness in his breath and his voice was slipping away.

"What are you talking about?"

Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) said as she tried to move towards him, but he gestured her to stop with his hand.

Leo (Ren) tried to stand up, but his legs were shaking. He supported himself with a wall, as he leaned against it.

"I have went way too far. I can't stop now. If you come near me, you will also fall with me. We have not gone too far in our relationship, we can still back off."

"If I wanted to back off, I would not have even started this relationship."

"It don't matter. I will only drag you down. Alcohol has eaten me alive, I don't want it to affect you!!"

Leo (Ren) tried to push her away but she only got closer, despite him trying to stay away from her, he was unable to do it.

Cao Fei's (Xiao Rin) increasing popularity was only dragging Leo (Ren) into his depravity.

He even tried to fight alcohol for her, but in the end, he was unable to do it.

As the days went by, he noticed that he was doing what he feared the most, dragging Cao Fei (Xiao Rin) down.

He knew that he was not worthy to stand with her, that's why he even tried to make a comeback but alcohol has destroyed his throat completely.

He accepted the truth that he can't make a comeback and achieve his earlier fame, that only pushed him more into depression.

In his fit of rage, he even has a fight with a journalist who was trying to blame him for dragging Cao Fei's (Xiao Rin) career.

"I am a star!!"

"I, Leo, is a superstar!!!"

He screamed that in desperation, agony and rage as he further delved into his own madness.

* * *

Clap! Clap!

No one knew who started it, but as the movie ended and the end credits came on the screen, raging applause resounded from the whole theatre.

For a few minutes, there was only the sound of clapping going on in the theatre.

All the critics and reporters who have come here today has the same expression on their faces.

'A blockbuster!! It's a undisputed blockbuster!!'

No matter if it was the performances, or the soundtrack, they were all flawless.

Some people were even crying after seeing the sad ending of the movie, but they were fully satisfied with the movie.

Today, many people wanted the movie to be a disaster, but they were all forced to admit that it was a great movie.

Ren's choice to choose this was not wrong at all. He can even be said to be a master in choosing scripts after seeing the movie.

"It would create violent waves across the whole industry for sure!!"

A critic murmured but because of the silence in the theatre, almost all the people heard it clearly.

But no one refuted it, because they all agreed with him.

* * *

As the movie premiere ended in the theatre, everyone was looking for the star of the show, Ren.

But he was not in the theatre, he was in the lounge area in the third floor.

'Everyone liked the movie!'

Ren thought with a grin on his face.

He was feeling somewhat suffocated in that atmosphere earlier, that's why he has come here to cool off.

He was feeling really ecstatic that everyone liked the movie. He can still remember the deafening roars of applause in the theatre after the movie ended.

He felt that his effort has been appreciated, although he knows that the real fight would be in the box office.

Although, the reviews by critics will automatically help him get a good start at the box office.

"Let's go back!"

Ren murmured as he turned back to go to the ground floor. He knew that people would be looking for him there.

But as he turned back, he noticed a man standing there with a smile on his face.

He looked like a carefree uncle next door, but Ren was on guard as he knows the man true identity, he was the president of Phoenix entertainment, President Zhang.

"President Zhang."

"I saw the movie just now and I never expected such a masterpiece. Your acting was really good in it."

"Thank you for your praise."

"It's not a praise. It's just the truth."

President Zhang said as he laughed, and continued.

"With your level of acting, I can see that the future of Chinese cinema will be in good hands. I expected you to surprise me today, but you instead shocked me."

"You are giving me too much praise."

Ren was being modest because praise do not come without any reason, especially from a man like President Zhang.

Ren knew that he was no simple man, he was the president of Phoenix entertainment, one of the top three entertainment agencies in China, how can he be simple.

He has led Pheonix entertainment to become one of the top agencies in just 10 years. He also has a great reputation in public.

As Ren has expected it, President Zhang was quick to change the topic and come to the main point.

"Anyway, here's my business card."

"Business card!!"

"Mr. Xin Ren, do you have any thoughts about changing your agency?"

'Changing my agency?!'

Ren's heart thumped wildly as he got this unexpected offer out of nowhere.

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