Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 162

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 162 162. Finally Released

Chapter 162. Finally released

{This movie brings back the realism in the romance genre. Director Ying Yue pitches the story well, and Xin Ren always manages to impress us with his performance as an angst failed singer.}

-A critic from Movie buzz.

{I have gone to the theatre with many expectations on my mind, and the movie exceeded my expectations completely. It was a pure love story unlike the Idol dramas these days. You will surely not waste your time watching it.}

-A reporter from E-media.

{A pure love story filled with heartbreaks and a lot of character development for the leads. It transitions their life well and show how fame comes with a lot of pressure. Both of the leads were great in their roles, especially Xiao Rin as the simple innocent girl who believes in love.}

-An old critic from Showbuzz.

{Ah, I can't stop gushing over the character portrayed by Xin Ren. The loneliness in his eyes was well apparent and his whole body language was of a broken man. Xiao Rin was great as the female lead and was perfect for it, but I specially liked the unknown actors in the movie, they brought a sense of freshness to the cast.}

-A female reporter who is a fan of Ren.

{Heartbreaking, depressing and pure. These are the words I would describe the movie with. It's been a long time since I liked a romance and it being a musical drama was the greatest dessert in this dish. The songs were great and they were portraying the emotions of the characters. Overall, a must watch!!!}

-The CEO of C4 news.

"We can't get better reviews than this."

An employee from Arc production said as she exclaimed in joy.

"Yes, it was good that we invited many critics and reporters. Thanks to that, word of mouth is spreading quickly."

CEO Wang replied as he brushed his hair to the side. He was really happy by the reviews A born star has gotten.

"Yes, word of mouth is spreading like fire. The hype around it was magnominous to begin with. Because of the reviews, more people are pre booking the tickets."

"The album sells is also expected to go up. I bet the songs would overtake the first position in the music charts."

"Yes, 'Are you listening?' and 'With you' are already in top 5 in the monthly music charts. It can't be more better."

All the employees in the room were in great mood, it was because of the stats on their screen.

More than 2 million people have pre booked the tickets and the sales of the album has already surpassed 100,000, giving it the silver record rank.

"Marketing is the key!! Tell the marketing team to push all the advertis.e.m.e.nts on TV, billboards and everywhere. We can't mess this up."

"Don't worry, CEO!! We will surely surpass the break-even mark soon and the movie will surely become a blockbuster."

"Yes, I was there in the theatre on its premiere. The ending was heartbreaking."

"We can't slack just because of that. Vagabond will also be releasing at the same time. It's budget is bigger than us."

CEO Wang said.

"Vagabond is average from the initial reviews, not many critics liked it. It was rather bland from their reviews."

"We can't be lazy because of that. No one knows which movie the audience would like. It is always unpredictable."

Although, reviews from critics matter. There are times where a low reviewed movie has gotten good box office collection.

That's why, box office collections are always unpredictable and no one knows which movie the audience will like.

"What is our goal for the movie."

A slightly plump employee asked.

"It's 100 million."

"100 million RMB?"

"No, 100 million USD."

"I think it would be hard to earn that much for the total collections."

"I am not talking about the total collections."

CEO Wang suddenly said with a smirk on his face.

"Huh? Then?"

"I mean for the first week. We will get 100 million USD for the first week. That's our goal!!"

CEO Wang voice has confidence in it, but it was still a goal that was too high for any movie.

* * *

"Why are you laying around here? Don't you have work today?"

Ren's mother asked him when he was lazing around in the sofa.

He was currently in his house. It was a break for him and the reviews of the movie were good, he can relax without worry now.

"I don't have work. It's a break."

"You were working on your break earlier though."

"It was because there were promotions to do for the movie. Now, it has already released."

Ren said as he sat up on the sofa. He planned to watch some movies today.

It has been a long time since he had done that.

"If you are free, then accompany me to the theatre."

"Theatre? Why?"

"Of course, to watch your movie."


His mother smacked him on his head, as she said that.

He felt happy by that, because he has missed these moments in his previous life.

"I can go with you, but I have to disguise myself."


"Yes, it would be trouble if I went without any disguise. You remember the incident last time, right?"

Ren was talking about the incident which had happened when his family has went to watch Secret spy.

His mother remembered it too and her face was pale recalling that.

She put a hand on her head as she said.

"I forgot that you are a celebrity now."

It would be more trouble this time, as Ren was a bigger star than before. People will probably swarm him like zombies.

"I will just go with your father then."

"I will book the tickets for you, then."

"It's not a concern."


"Your father has probably already booked them."

"Father has?"

Ren asked with a confused expression.

"Yes, he has already watched the trailer countless times and has even bought your album. He has surely bought the tickets already too."

"Then, you can go."

Before Ren could say anything else, there was a loud voice coming from the bedroom.

"What are you saying? I haven't bought any tickets!!"

It was his father's voice. He was probably eavesdropping on their conversation.

Hearing that, Ren and his mother just laughed with happy expressions.

His father was still not honest with him.

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