Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 163

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 163 163. A Heartbreaking Experience

Chapter 163. A heartbreaking experience

"Hey, come with me to watch the movie!!"

"A movie? Can't we watch it on the internet for free?"

"No, I want to see it in the theatre with popcorns in my hands."

"It would just be a waste of money. I don't think there is any good movie releasing currently."

"There is one, let's go or I will not talk to you."

Two people were arguing with each other. They were obviously a couple.

The girl was a above average beauty with slightly plump cheeks and a baby face while the guy was a graduate from a normal university.

The girls name was Yu Xian and the boy was Hou Fei.

They were dating for three months now and were compatible with each other, but the problem was that Hou Fei was not the outgoing type.

Whenever, Yu Xian would ask him to go with her to the movies, he will always refuse saying that they can watch the movie on the internet.

She has gotten tired of his attitude and decided to have a all out war with him.

The reason Hou Fei didn't wanted to go to the movies was simple, he didn't like them.

It would be far fetched to say that he don't have fun while watching movies, but he will really like a movie once in a blue moon.

It was hard to satisfy him and the reason he was even watching movies with his girlfriend on the internet was because he truly liked her.

After arguing for sometime, he was forced to go out with her to the cinema.

He was not happy with it, but he can't do anything in front of his girlfriend.

"You will surely like this movie, the reviews are exceptional in this one."

"We will see. Critics give paid reviews these days. So, it's hard to say if we can rely on them."

"Every critic don't do that."

Even if his girlfriend said that, the movie will be good. Hou Fei was not willing to believe it.

Like that, they reached the cinema. It was a pretty big cinema close to their rented apartment.

"Why don't you have tickets?"

"Sorry, sir, but all the tickets for A born star has already sold out."

"They are sold out so soon!!"

"Yes, people have probably pre booked them. You can't find them easily now."

People were clamouring in the cinema hall, as they stand at the ticket counters trying to purchase the tickets, only to be dissapointed in the end.

A born star was the most trending and hottest movie at the moment, no matter the songs or the movie itself.

"Why is the cinema so packed today?"

Hou Fei asked as he found it hard to walk between the huge crowd of people.

"It's because A born star has a big hype surrounding it, because of the reviews, people are dying to see the movie."

"Just because of one movie?"

His girlfriend smiled when she heard that. She pointed to the big screen on the wall and said.

"It's because of him, Xin Ren, my idol."

Ren's photo was displayed on the screen. Yu Xian literally have stars in her eyes, talking about Ren.

"I think I have seen him before."

"Of course, you should have. He's the hottest star right now, no matter if it's acting or singing, it's the best."

Yu Xian was a big fan of Ren. It was also the another reason, she wanted to watch this movie so badly.

"But the cinema is packed, I don't think we will get any tickets. Let's just watch another movie."

"I have already pre booked them."

"When did you do that?"

"A week ago."

Hou Fei was speechless when he heard that.

Ignoring his girlfriend's strange antics, he moved towards the cinema hall with her.

The movie was going to start soon.

"I wonder what is so good about it. Isn't it just another idol drama?"

"You can't compare it to an idol drama. It's a pure love story."

"How do you know that?"

"I read some comments online."

Yu Xian beamed a smile as she said that. They entered the cinema hall after buying the popcorn.

'I wonder what's so good about it.'

Hou Fei thought as the movie started. He thought that he wouldn't like it, but he was proved wrong just after a few minutes of the movie.

He felt like he was getting absorbed in the character of Ren, his broken self and his unforgettable past.

Xiao Rin as the female lead was just his type too, a innocent girl filled with dreams, someone who believes in true love.

He was completely invested in their story, to the point that he even forgot to eat the popcorn.

The start of their love story, the consequences of that, the growing popularity of Cao Fei and the growing hatred of Leo for himself, as he continues to drag Cao Fei with him.

He didn't know when but before he knows it, the movie has already finished, but he was still glued on his seat.

"Hou Fei, you are you okay?"

Yu Xian asked as she looked at him worriedly.


"Why are you crying?"

Before Hou Fei knows it, tears were streaming down his cheeks. It has never happened before.

He proceeded to held back on his tears, but he was unable to do it. He knows the reason behind this.

It was because of the ending of the movie.

It was too heartbreaking and real, that he can't help but cry over it.

Hou Fei looks at the people still left in the hall, many people were crying like him in the hall.

Some of the guys were trying to soothe their girlfriends, but their eyes themselves were red.

Even his girlfriend Yu Xian was on the verge of tears because of the ending.

There was only one reason behind this, the ending was real and those who have been in love will surely understand the feelings of Leo as a character.

A man who loved a girl, but when he found that he was only dragging her down, he can't help but end their relationship and there was only one way to do it.

In the end, Hou Fei was affected by the ending too much.

He can only describe it in one word- Heartbreaking.

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