Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 165

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 165 165. Changing Waves

Chapter 165. Changing waves

After just a week of the release of A born star, many things started to change.

Especially, the sales of the album of A born star.

The sales of the album has been growing exponentially since the release of the movie, that it can even get a platinum record.

It has already surpassed 500,000 copies and got itself a golden record.

The total current sales were 534,219, including both the digital and the hard copies, but the main point was that, more than 300,000 copies have been sold in the last week.

It clearly depicted that current popularity of A born star. As the people heard the songs in the movie, they can't help but buy the album.

It was to the point that people were even expecting it to get a platinum record.

It should be said that getting a platinum record was not a easy thing at all. In a year, there would only be 2-3 albums that will get a platinum record and that was even being lucky.

Those albums would be off top international singers and they would be promoted heavily on all the platforms.

In that case, if an album of a musical drama got a platinum record, many industry insiders would be shocked.

No, it can be said that many people in the industry were already shocked by it.

Especially, Chen Hao who was currently looking at the screen in disbelief.

"How can it be?"

He muttered with shock in his voice as he stared at the screen with an indescribable expression on his face.

There was a page of a music website opened on his laptop and the rankings were displayed there.

[With you- 1st]

[Are you listening- 2nd]

The top two positions on the music charts were occupied by 'With you' and 'Are you listening?'.

The thing he feared the most has happened in the end.

His song 'Perturbing' was pushed back to the 7th position and the final blow for him was the album sales.

His album sales had literally stopped after crossing the 250,000 mark. It can be said to be a good sale, but Chen Hao was not a bit happy about it.

It was because the album of A born star has already crossed 500,000 and it was still increasing everyday.

People were even guessing for it to get a platinum record.

Chen Hao can't believe it.

He received another shock after looking at the comments on his album.

-Ah, the album isn't good.

-It can be said to be pretty ordinary. There are only fast tracks in it.

-I should have only bought the title song. Wasted my money!!

-Shut up you all!! What if my Chen Hao read those comments.

-He should read them and work towards producing good albums, unlike this one.

-The album of A born star is much better.

-Yes, the more I listening to it, the more I liked it.

-Ah, I wish Chen Hao can give me a refund.

-Yes, I should have bought a Korean pop album instead.

-it's a pity.

Most of the comments on his album was negative and even the positive comments were only from his fandom.

The rating of his album has also deceased to 8.1 because of the negative comments.

But even that rating is highly because of his fandom. The ratings of 'A born star' was way above his, catering at 9.3.

It was a really high rating.

"Why is this happening?"

Chen Hao muttered as he smashed his laptop shut with his hands.

His anger was getting out of his control, as depression was overtaking his mind.

Chen Hao originally have lots of expectations from his new album, mainly because there was not much competition in the month of September.

He was the only mainstream top singer releasing his album this month, but he had met with an unexpected enemy and he was even thoroughly defeated by it.

"Chen Hao, you should calm down."

His manager said from the side. All of his worries has come true, he can't help but cuss his bad luck.

The only thing he can do here is to calm Chen Hao down.

"How can I calm down when people are badmouthing me online. It's all because of that bastard and his damn movie."

"Even if we want, we can't do anything about it for the moment. A born star is going really strong at the box office, even overseas. Because of that, the sales of the album are also increasing."

"Then, contact the company and ask them to promote me more, it's the least they can do."

"We can't."

His manager lowered his face when he heard that. He very well know that they have already lost the battle, there is no way but to stop.

"What do you mean?"

"The company said that it will not promote you more. The higher ups are also angry about your nonchalant attitude and want to talk with you."

"Huh? What those"

Chen Hao had been skipping some of his events and performance in the past few days. He was even playing with girls repeatedly.

The higher ups of his agency has been getting worried because of this and has stopped promoting.

They don't want to waste their money in a bottomless pit.

"I think we should complete rest of our performances in Shanghai and return quickly."

They were currently in Shanghai, just to promote their albums but Chen Hao has been faking his illness and skipping his schedule.

Just because he was upset of his album performance.

"We really can't do anything."

Chen Hao was arrogant but he was not an idiot. He knows that he can't do anything when even his agency has abandoned him.

"No, we can't. A born star has too much momentum and there is no doubt about it's quality, no matter the movie or the album."

"Let's finish all of our events then."

Chen Hao muttered bitterly.

He was not at all happy about his lose today. He even has resentment towards Ren in his heart.

'You have won this battle today, but I still surely take my revenge one day!!'

That was the thought in his mind.

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