Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 166

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 166 166. Resentment

Chapter 166. Resentment

"Are you tired? You look like you haven't slept in days?"

CEO Wang asked as he stared at Ren's face which looked somewhat gloomy. He even has dark circles under his eyes.

"Yes, after the premiere, I feel like my workload has increased with all the magazine interviews and reality TV show appearances, but CEO Wang, it looks like you haven't slept much too."

Although Ren's face looked haggard and he was sleepy, CEO Wang was not much better than him.

He also has dark circles under his eyes.

"Well, of course, I can't sleep. The response towards A born star is greater than we thought. The theatre are all full with people and we have even achieved our goal of 100 million USD in just a week."

CEO Wang said happily. Although he was tired, he was also in a great mood seeing the money coming in.

Money was the thing he liked the most and now, his production house has been raking in too much money.

"Yes, just the collection of the first day was 22 million USD, it was the highest opening of this year."

White bear said from the side.

"Grave films large distributing network is also one of the factors behind this."

"Yes, we have to thank President Tang for it. I would personally thank him the next time we will meet."

CEO Wang said.

At that time, the door to the green room suddenly opened and Chief Han and Xiao Rin entered the room.

Xiao Rin was already dressed in a long pink dress, she was looking pretty cute today as well, perfectly showing her youthful charm, but her outfit was not racy at all.

She was showing her full charm while not showing much skin.

"There is a huge crowd outside the theatre, I can't even explain the situation inside. People were screaming like crazy there."

Chief Han mumbled as he wiped off the sweat from his forehead.

They were currently at the theatre to watch their movie with the chosen fans. The actors will personally give out autographs and take photos with the fans.

That's why, the whole cast of A born star, Ying Yue and even CEO Wang was here.

"Yes, I haven't seen people showing such enthusiastic response before."

Xiao Rin said as she sat down on the chair.

"People will of course be enthusiastic. A born star is currently the most popular movie and your popularity has increased too much after it."

"Yes, people are really liking it. No one will treat you as a young actress either."

White bear said towards Xiao Rin.

As they were talking, a staff member entered the room.

"The event will start soon. I kindly asked you all to get ready to meet the fans on the stage. We have already instructed the host, so the event will proceed smoothly."


Ren shook his heads to focus his thoughts when he heard that.

All the other people in the room also prepared to move.

"Do you need something else?"

Strangely, the staff member was still in the room, looking at them like he wanted to say something.

"Um, can I get an autograph."


"Yes, you and Ms. Xiao Rin. Please, I am a big fan."

The staff member said, as he slighly bowed his head. Ren and Xiao Rin happily gave him their autographs.

* * *

"Damn that Xin Ren!! I hate him."

Director Lu said as he kicked away the chair. After smashing with the wall, the chair broke into pieces.

Watching this, the other people in the room smiled warily. It was not the first time Director Lu has shown such behaviour.

His behaviour was the same since the time Vagabond had released.

It was because of the lukewarm response his film has been receiving.

Even after heavy promotions and the popularity of the lead actors, Vagabond has only earned 27 million USD till now.

It can be said to be a good opening but compared to A born star, it was nothing.

Due to the spectacular response of A born star, people hadn't bothered to even watch Vagabond.

Because of these reasons, his resentment towards Ren has only grown.

"Director Lu, please calm down. Acting violent would not do anything."

A short girl with freckles on her cheeks tried to appease him but there was no signs of him calming down.

"How can I calm down? Our box office collections has been decreasing everyday. Like this, we can't even break-even on our production cost."

Director Lu ranted with clear frustration on his face.

The other people in the room stayed silent and Director Lu continued.

"Even after paying the critics for good reviews, the reviews were still mixed. The reviews of A born star was much better than us."

Director Lu was just saying what was true, but it was a bitter truth to everyone in the room.

"Wasn't it just because of your poor directing ability?"

Suddenly, a voice came out from the corner of the room. It was the voice of Yang Kun, the male lead of Vagabond.

He was much more affected by the movie's low box office. His previous two dramas has only achieved normal ratings, nothing worth mentioning.

And his previous movie was also a flop, he needed a hit desperately at this moment, that's why he had even signed Vagabond.

He felt that starring in a big budget movie will be a good choice, but it has only achieved lukewarm response so far.

He was obviously angry because of this.

"You are blaming me when your acting was just average. You think you are still a big shot whose movies can sell just because of his name."

"What are you saying?"

"We are together in this. We are going down together in this. It was all the fault of Xin Ren, that bastard first rejected my offer and then, because of his musical drama, our movie is on the verge of becoming a flop."

Director Lu was really resenting Ren in this, but he and the people present in the room very well know that it was not the fault of him.

It was the entertainment industry, everyone is ruthless here and the profits are what matters the most.

Yang Kun also knows that Ren don't have much fault in it. Director Lu was just ranting out his frustrations.

But Yang Kun still bore a resentment towards Ren in his heart. He was not much of a good person to start with and he don't like others getting ahead of him.

Especially Ren who was still just a year old in the industry.

Although he was silent today, he will surely took out his resentment towards him in the near future.

He wanted to show Ren that surviving in the entertainment industry was not easy.

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