Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 167

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 167 167. Concert

Chapter 167. Concert

"What do you mean? A concert?"

Ren exclaimed in shocked when he heard that. He looked towards Director Zhao with an indescribable expression.

"Yes, a concert. Although it's still not official, but there could be a official concert of A born star."

"That type of thing has never happened before?"

"It is the first time that a musical drama has garnered this much success. Everything has to start with the first time."

Director Kang from the side said as she silently drinks her coffee.

"But why a concert so suddenly?"

"It's not suddenly. We were thinking about it if the album got the golden record, as there were chances that it would be successful."

"There is also another reason."

Director Kang said and Ren asked.

"What's the other reason?"

"It's for you and Xiao Rin to enter the music industry. These days, many idols will go to the action industry to establish themselves. Some are even successful."

"Yes, but it's hard for actor's to do the same and not many can do it honestly. Now, we have a got a chance at out feet, we can't miss it."

Director Zhao finished her words. They were as usual were in sync with each other.

Ren fell into thoughts when he think about him singing at a concert.

Honestly, Ren was an actor and he would always stay as one. For him, being a singer was just a pipe dream which he can't achieve.

But he had also seen the surging waves in the entertainment industry and know very well that having more cards is really helpful in the long term.

The company is also thinking the same as him. If Ren can really become a successful singer, then it would be beneficial to them.

"Me and Xiao Rin will not only play in the concert, right?"

"No, no, you can't possibly handle a entire concert on yourself. Actually, there would be Lin Ru and some other singers from our company accompany you."

Director Zhao said with a laugh.

Doing a concert was not a easy thing to do even for the big singers. It takes a lot of efforts in stage planning and making a good concert venue.

There would also be a sound engineers and various guest singers to keep the concert lively.

Many times, a singer will invite some of his other singer friends to be the guest singer.

"Although we have to go through some more internal meetings, this concert can possibly be the first showcase of Lumous."


"Yes, it's the next generation girls group our company is planning. You must have heard about them?"

Ren nodded his head when he heard that.

He has indeed heard of Lumous and how they would be the next generation girl group from Top star entertainment.

The current generation girl group Top star entertainment has is Tristine, it was the same girl group Wu Qing is part off.

He don't know the exact reason but they were currently disbanding. The contracts of the members are also ending.

It was not sure if they will sign with the agency again. That's why, the agency has decided to launch the next generation girl group.

"Why is there first showcase at our concert?"

"Well, that would be because of that Director Huang!!"

Director Zhao clicked his tongue when he called out his name, clearly showing his hatred towards him.

"He again stormed into the CEO's office after learning that we were planning a concert. Although that man is really selfish, he still knows how to benefit himself."

"What did he did?"

"He asked the CEO to let Lumous make their first appearance in the concert. He even blabbered about it would be a great start for them or whatever."

"What did CEO Xu replied?"

Director Zhao sighed as he said.

"Well, she agreed in the end, although it can still get held up."

Ren knows that, if the CEO has agreed to the matter, then it will surely happen.

Director Zhao also knows that, but he was reluctant to admit it and let Director Huang benefit from his department.

Even if they were from the same company, the competition between them was apparent like their hatred for each other.

"The A&R department is currently looking for their debut song and are working on it. They would probably play that during the concert."

Director Kang said smiling at him.

"But won't a concert be too much for them, considering that they were just trainees a while ago."

"Of course, it would not be easy, but they have to learn to cope with the pressure. They are already practising hard for their debut, I think they would be able to adapt."

Like that, the three of them talked about the concert for sometime.

The concert would probably held three weeks from now on.

At that time, most of the people would have watched and heard the album of A born star already, so the interest in the concert would be enormous.

They will strike the hammer at that moment.

Of course, to prepare for the concert, Ren will have to again start his daily practising of vocal modulation and other things.

He also have to rehearse with the other singers and choose the sequence of songs and the order in which every singer will appear in.

Overall, his work schedule will again increase in the future.

Director Zhao also didn't forget to made him remember the matter about his next projects and whether if he wants to take a short break in the future.

Ren has tactically agreed for the break but that would be probably after the concert and as for his next project, Ren was still looking into them with White bear.

After A born star, the number of project proposals he had received has almost become double.

In them, there was a number of projects he has liked, with some good characters and storylines but they were still choosing one.

This time, Ren will probably pick at least two or three projects for the next year.

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