Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 168

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 168 168. Bad Luck

Chapter 168. Bad luck

{A born star- 300 million USD in four weeks. It can probably become the highest grossing movie of the year.}

{There's still a huge craze about A born star even after a month of its release.}

{Most of the small time actors who acted in it has signed next movies or dramas. They said that this movie changed their life.}

{The makers of A born star can probably sell the copyrights of the movie to a Hollywood director. This rumour has been spreading for a while now.}

"You are really on a roll. I bet that you would be receiving many awards for this movie. If I had read the screenplay earlier, I would have probably acted in this movie first."

Chu Min said as he grumbled while chewing on a dumpling. He was looking somewhat frustrated as he roughly chewed on the food.

"It's your bad luck."

"Yes, it's my bad luck. My luck is really bad these days."

Ren and Chu Min were currently eating in a restaurant. It was a good restaurant to talk in, as the doors were closed and no one will hear them..

It was one of the places celebrities would often use when meeting someone.

"How is your luck bad? You are raking in quite a lot of money and your movies are constant hits. You have already become famous overseas too. If your luck is bad, then everyone would want bad luck."

Ren said as he ate a dumpling. He was eating them after a long time, but the taste was just right.

"It's not about my career, it's....hey, why is your gaze always on my hair?"

Chu Min said as slight glared at Ren.

"I can't help it with that hair colour. That fashion is out of my sense."

Ren chuckled a bit seeing Chu Min's hair.

"Laugh all you want. It's my fault for signing an idol drama."

Chu Min was cussing at his past self at the moment. He wished that he would have never signed an idol drama.

If he had not, then his hair would be the same black colour, not this purple and green colour.

It was not bullshit, Chu Min's current hair colour was a mix of purple and green colour.

He has done that for his drama but he didn't liked it at all. Ren was also laughing at him because of this.

"Why did you even signed the drama then?"

"Well, it was my new manager who showed me the screenplay, it was honestly not bad and I was tired of those action flicks. I wanted to do something different, so I signed it."

"Now, you don't want to do it?"

"Yes, I don't want to. These days, they die my hair regularly on the set. I am sick of it."

Ren laughed loudly when he heard that.

He was imagining Chu Min in different hair colours. It was pretty funny in his imagination.

"That's not the only reason."

"There's another one?"

Ren asked curiously and Chu Min nodded and started to rant.

"Yes, you know the female lead was a pretty idol and I am a fan. So, I tried to go after her."


"She was good to me and we got along well, but guess what she asked me one day."


"She asked me to introduce her to you. Apparently, she's a big fan of you. I was not able to believe it when I heard that."


Ren could not help but laugh this time. He has stopped Chu Min's love life without even doing anything.

He was sure that Chu Min's luck was really bad now.

"Maybe you should look for a shaman or something?"

"I am seriously considering that."

Chu Min said as he sighed.

"Speaking of Idols, I would be featuring in one of the songs of Lumous."

"Lumous? That new girl group the agency is preparing."


Ren has only heard this news yesterday.

He will apparently be featured in their song, it was not confirmed if it will be the title song or not, but it is already confirmed that they will be singing it in the concert.

"Ah, first a successful album, then a concert and now a feature in a song. Aren't you on your way to become a singer?"

"Well, it's a good chance to venture in the music Industry."

Ren has thought about it a lot and he had come to the conclusion that, if he can achieve success through his voice, he should do it.

It will surely benefit his image and people will see him as an all rounded celebrity.

There was also another reason, if he ever ventured into Europe or other Asian countries, he would be easily be able to get some popularity as a singer.

People may or may not remember actors, but people will surely remember singers.

"So, will you also launch an album or something?"

Chu Min curiously asked.

"I don't think so. I will be focus on stabilising my position as a top actor first."

Ren had gotten too popular in the last year. Since his debut, he has always blown up and has lived his life around hype.

All of his projects had been successful till now, because of that, his position in the industry isn't stabilised yet.

He wanted to stabilise it by doing some different movies or dramas.

He has mainly ventured into romantic roles since his debut as a antagonist.

He wanted to try something different now.

"Well, you should maybe choose a thriller. You were great in Secret spy. People will like to see you acting in it."

"I can do that but I want to see a good screenplay first."

"Choosing a good screenplay isn't an easy job. No one knows which project will be successful as there are too many factors involving success and failure."

Ren agreed with Chu Min.

Just look at A born star, it was rejected by many investors and production houses, but no one knew that it would become this much of a blockbuster.

No one knows what will be successful in this industry.

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