Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 170

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 170 170. Lumous 2

Chapter 170. Lumous (2)

"Okay, let's start the recording."

With the signal of Producer Hui, the recording finally began.

All the girls held their breathe together as they prepared for the recording.

Recording was a big deal to them and they have already practised the song multiple times, they can't mess it up now.

"You don't know me, how much I love you..."

"Once, when we walk together.."

"Talk together, holding each other hand."

"I used to love you once."

All the girls were singing together at first. The song was called 'Once' and it was personally composed by Producer Hui.

It was a love song and because of the success of 'A born star' album, the company was going for a slow and sweet melody for the song.

All the girls in the recording studio were singing together at first, then they sing their verses alone, producing a unique song.

"They are good."

Producer Hui muttered as he listened to the recording.

"Yes, the song is just okay. We can go for it."

Director Kang also nodded her head in tow.

"Yes, the pitch and melody are good. The girls have surely practised hard for it. Due to their unique voices and traits, it can be a hit."

The members of the girl group Lumous were chosen for their unique traits and personality.

Top star entertainment wanted to make a unique girl group with different traits which can also focus on the individuality of the individuals.

The final project was the girls inside the booth.

"Ren, how did you like the song."

"Ah, it's good."

Ren answered stiffly when Director Kang asked him. He liked the song quite a bit, but at that moment, he was thinking about something.

'I don't know much about music.'

Although, he has decided to venture into the music industry and work as a actor/singer from now on.

He still didn't know much about music.

During the recording of the album of A born star, Ren has learned quite a bit about the vocalisation and the singing techniques.

Singers have to sing each song quite differently because of the melody, pitch and other stuff. Because of that, they have to practice various singing techniques.

Ren was still a complete amateur as a singer. He has to learn about music and vocals to get better in it.

"Okay, let's record your part now."

Producer Hui said to Ren and the girls meekly came out of the booth.

They felt that they could have done better. There was always a slight fear in their hearts that they would mess up.

"I'm ready."

Ren went inside the recording booth as he prepared to sing his verse.

Producer Hui was recording both Lumous and Ren's verses separately.

After that, they would sing the chorus together.

"Let's start now. Don't stress yourself and just do you as you have practised."

Producer Hui said and the melody started flowing in Ren's headphones.

It was a soft melody but it was a bit rough on the edges.

"Once, I saw you on the streets walking by..."

"Someone else side..."

"I was devastated when I saw you like that."

"My heart was broken once again.."

The main reason the agency wanted Ren to try his luck in the music industry was because Ren's voice was good.

It was a sweet and soft voice which was good to hear and he has already proved his worth with songs like 'Are you listening?' and 'With you'.

Although, they have to use some music softwares to make it more presentable, Ren can still be called average overall.

"The tune and melody is good. It seems like he has practised a lot."

Producer Hui said as he slightly admired Ren. It was because Ren was good despite not having any experience or training in singing.

He has notice this quality during the time of the album too.

"Yes, after we gave him the guide version and the lyrics, he has been practising it everyday. Sometimes, even between his schedules."

Director Kang said and hearing that, the girls have admiration in their eyes.

Especially Sun Jia who was not able to control herself at all.

"Ah, Senior Ren is so desirable. I wonder if he will give me his autograph later."

She said that with stars in her eyes.

"You can ask him after the recording. I don't think he will refuse."

Director Kang said as she laughed slightly.

"Really!! Then, I will ask for a selfie, a hug and a.."


Seeing Sun Jia getting out of the control, Rose smacked her on the head with her fist.

"Uhhh..that hurts."

Sun Jia groaned as she rubbed her head. She looked towards Rose with a glare as she said.

"What was that for?"

"It was because your hormones are getting out of the control. Go take your medicine."

"Hey, that was rude."

Seeing Rose and Sun Jia bickering, Nie Wen just stayed silent with her poker face and Cei Xin just laughed silently.

Them bickering was not a rare occurrence, they do it often and it has already become a habit.

Because they were a team, they were living together in a special dorm. It was to build up their teamwork and relationsh.i.p.s with each other.

"You are acting like you don't think that Senior Ren is singing good."

Sun Jia said as she slightly glared at Rose and she said in her usual chic attitude.

"Of course, I admit that he's good."

"Yes, he is good. He was great in 'A born star' album too."

"Yeah, it seems like he can do anything."

The others girls also complimented Ren.

"But you were acting like you don't like him or something earlier."

Sun Jia said as she pointed at them with a suspicious glare.

"Of course, we admire him as a senior but I think it was just you who were overly excited about it."

"Yes, like usual, you were too excited."

The other girls said as they smiled teasingly and Sun Jia just glared at them.

"It's enough playing around for now. We have work to do."

Director Kang said as she clapped her hand to gather attention and the girls instantly become silent, as they focused on the recording.

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