Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 171

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 171 171. Lumous 3

Chapter 171. Lumous (3)

"Ah, let's take a break for today."

Producer Hui said as he checked the final version they had made after a full day of recording.

"Okay, let's do the final verses tomorrow."

"I'm so tired."

"I am hungry. Let's go eat!!"

The girls also slumped down on the sofa when they heard that the first day recording has finally finished.

They had worked really hard today and their throats was slightly sore because of too much singing.

Although it was tiring for the singers, a recording obviously took time.

A music producer has to get the tone, pitch, sound right. He also has to get the post production done to finally make a good song.

By this, Producer Hui was the most tired out of all of them.

"Why don't we all go to dinner together?"

Ren suddenly said attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

He was really hungry after the recording today and he thought that going to dinner together would be a good thing.

That's why he invited everyone to dinner. It was also a way for him to thank Producer Hui and Director Kang, as they have helped him quite a lot till now.

"Really? Senior Ren, a dinner together with you. I'm in."

Sun Jia was the most exciting out of all the members of Lumous.

"Well, I'm hungry. I don't mind."

"Yes, I am tired from eating the food from the canteen anyway."

"Let's go then."

The other girls also nodded with a blank expression but their curved mouth implied that they were happy by the proposal.

"Unfortunately, I would not be able to go today."

"Me too!! I still have some arrangements to do on the other songs."

Although the girls agreed with the proposal, Director Kang and Producer Hui refused the dinner invitation.

The reason for rejecting the invitation was because of work. Due to this reason, Ren was not able to force them.

"Although we can't go. You and the girls can go enjoy. I will inform their dorm manager but remember to not cause a commotion. They still haven't debuted yet, so we have to protect their photos from circulating."

Director Kang didn't stop Lumous from going to dinner, but she still reminded Ren about the necessary things.

As the girls haven't debuted yet, the company wanted to protect their images.

Ren also understood that, so he nodded and went to a close by restaurant with the girls.

It was a restaurant that was close to the agency and Ren know the owner after dining their sometimes.

Due to this, they were able to get a closed room easily.

Ren treated this dinner as a bonding session with his juniors.

"Do you eat here often, Senior Ren?"

Waiting for their food to come, the girls started asking Ren various questions.

Even after a day of recording, they were still really curious about him. He was still just a year old in the industry, but his growth was too rapid.

But he was still modest. This made the girls more curious about him.

"I eat dinner here sometime. It's a nice place to eat and the owner is nice."

"Senior Ren, will Xiao Rin be there for the concert?"

This question came from Cei Xin, she wanted to know about Xiao Rin because of their friendship in the past.

Due to Xiao Rin getting too famous, Cei Xin was not able to meet her often but they were still good friends and will talk sometimes on the phone.

"I think she's shooting some ad films in Shanghai currently, but she will obviously be there for the concert."

"Then, we will able to perform with Senior Xiao Rin. Ah, I am too excited."

"Rather than excitement, I feel more nervousness."

The girls also talked about Xiao Rin excitedly. Rather than Ren who was scouted by the agency just last year, they know Xiao Rin much better.

As Xiao Rin was a trainee earlier, all the girls have seen her and they all wished to become like her.

After getting famous, Xiao Rin has become one of the goals for the trainee.

"By the way, Cei Xin, wasn't you in the acting department? I was surprised when I heard that you were making your debut as an idol."

It was the question Ren wanted to ask for the entire day, but he didn't find the chance to ask it earlier.

Cei Xin was originally a trainee from the acting department. Her debuting as an idol was a mystery to Ren.

Cei Xin blinked her eyes when she heard that question and replied.

"Actually, I thought that I would do much better as an idol and my singing and dancing was good, that's why I reassigned myself to the idol department."

Debuting was not a easy thing, especially for trainees. Some trainees would not even get to debut as they have to go through multiple examinations before making their debut.

It was a complicated process and slow process. Just the word 'Debut' can bring immense pressure to the trainees.

It means showing yourself to the whole world. It was the first step to walking the path of a celebrity.

Ren understood Cei Xin's decision.

She was insecure about if she would be able to debut as an actress or not. That's why, she reassigned herself to the Idol department as she thought that her chances of debut would be higher as an idol.

She took a risk but in the end, her risk gave her the result.

"There was also another reason."

"There was one more reason?"

"Yes, I didn't wanted to lose to anyone."

Cei Xin said that she look directly at Ren. She was not her usual shy self at that moment.

"Yes, when I saw Xiao Rin getting more and more famous. I felt jealous that she has become a celebrity and I was still a trainee."

'She hates to lose.'

Ren thought as he changed his evaluation of Cei Xin in his eyes.

She was a shy, innocent girl but she was also someone who was proud of herself. That's why, she hated to lose.

Maybe that quality made her work hard and now she was finally taking the first step into the world of stardom.

The rest of the dinner with the girls was nice and Ren felt that he has now got some nice cute juniors to himself.

Although Xiao Rin was also a junior to him, he can never see her as his junior because of her status in his previous life.

That's why, Ren felt that he has finally graduated to a senior.

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