Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 172

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 172 172. Essence Of Music

Chapter 172. Essence of music

"You said you wanted to learn more about music?"

Director Zhao said as he stared at Ren while drinking his coffee.

They were currently in his office. Ren has come here to talk about the problem that was in his mind.

He don't know much about music.

It was a problem that he was facing for sometime.

After thinking about it for sometime, Ren has decided to learn more about music and that's why, he had come to Director Zhao's office.

"Yes. As I have decided to take my steps into the music industry too, I think it would be better for me learn more about music."

"If you need lessons with the vocal coach, then I can arrange it."

"No, I don't need those lessons. Currently, I want to learn more about the essence of music."

"The essence?"

"Yes, I want to learn more about the process of making music."

"You want to compose!?"

Director Zhao stopped drinking his coffee when he heard that. He stared at Ren like he was hearing a completely new nonsense.

"No, it's not that but"

Ren himself very well know that he can't compose. Composing was a completely different realm to him.

Even if he want to compose, he was sure that he will just create a lousy work. Because of that, he couldn't dare venture into composing.

The reason he wanted to learn more about music was simple.

He felt that he could become a better singer if he learned more about music.

Like when Producer Hui and Lin Ru were working on the album for the movie, he was not able to understand some of their conversations about making the songs and how they can increase his quality.

Because of that, he wanted to learn more about music. He didn't wanted some extensive knowledge, he just want to learn the basics.

"Well, if you do want to learn more about music, I can help you get in contact with one of the professors from the composing department of Beijing conservatory of music."

After hearing the thoughts of Ren, Director Zhao cupped his hands as he said.


"Yes, I know a professor from there. His name is Che Shu, he is my friend, he will most likely to help you."

"Thank you, Director Zhao."

Ren immediately bowed when he heard that. He very well know the meaning of getting lessons from a professor from Beijing conservatory of music.

Beijing conservatory of music was founded in 1983 and it was one of the oldest music universities in China and one of the best too.

It has produced many composers, lyricist and even some current singers.

The status of a professor from Beijing conservatory of music was huge in the entertainment industry.

Director Zhao knowing one of the professors there speaks of his status in the industry.

"Yes, although you can take lessons, it will only happen after the concert."

Director Zhao swiftly changed the topic to the concert. Ren also continued with it, as he also wanted to discuss about it.

"Yes, the concert is just in two weeks."

The date of the concert has finally been decided and it will be held two weeks later in the Tianjing concert hall.

Tianjing concert hall was one of the halls where many singers dream to host their concerts.

Being able to do a concert there was already a matter of celebration to all the singers performing there.

"The rehearsals will start from tomorrow. Are you nervous?"

"Slightly, but I think I will manage it. I think Xiao Rin and Lumous would be more nervous than me."

"Yes, they would be. Those girls are too young and Lumous first showcase will be there too. It would be the first time the public would see them. Those girls would surely be nervous about the reactions from the public."

All the girls from Lumous were indeed very nervous.

Since the day, Ren has finished the recording with them, all the girls have been practising hard for the concert.

The song they had recorded 'Once' has been chosen to be the title track of the album and their debut album would be also called 'Once'.

The marketing team was sure that Ren having been featured in the song would create a good hype for the album.

Now, the whole point has come to their performance in the concert.

If the public liked it, then the PR team would instantly start their official fan club and establish their fandom.

The likelihood of their success and failure has now come down to the concert.

"They would also be pressured that the concert would be live brodcasted by SKB."

SKB was one of the public network broadcast. After hearing about the news of the concert, they have officially bought the rights to brodcast the concert.

"Yes, getting on TV is always pressuring."

"Speaking of TV, there are many reality show proposals coming for you. What do you think about them?"

"I don't wanna go on them for the moment."

Ren said as he smiled slightly.

"Is there any reason?"

"I think I want to take a break before going on any reality TV shows."

"I think you wanted to take a break after the concert."

"Yes, I will take a week's break after the concert."

In the last year, Ren has just been working on his career.

Doing dramas, advertis.e.m.e.nts and commercials. That has all what he has done in the past year.

He was also a human. He can't always work. He also have to work.

That's why, he will be taking a break after a long time. He has taken this decision after some thinking.

Although, his mother's scolding that he works too much also played a part in his decision.

"Okay, you should look through some reality TV shows and appear in some of them. By the way, what about your next project?"

Ren smile instantly become a frown when he heard that. He scratched his head as he replied.

"I didn't liked any of the proposals you sent me."

"Not a single one?"

Ren nodded awkwardly and Director Zhao just sighed.

"Was it because every single screenplay was a romantic comedy?"


Director Zhao has previously sent many screenplays to Ren, but he himself know that all the good ones were romantic comedies.

It was not like there were no good projects, it was just that Ren's standard has gone up after A born star.

He was not satisfied with only doing romantic comedies.

He wanted something special.

"It feels like it would be hard to find a good project for you."


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