Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 173

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 173 173. Rehearsal

Chapter 173. Rehearsal

"Senior Ren, you are here."

Lin Ru greeted Ren warmly when she saw him enter the concert venue.

The concert venue was Tianjing concert hall. Most of the staffs were already on the stage correcting the lightning and checking the other equipment.

The stage manager was using a mic because the stage was too wide and it was not easy for everyone to hear their voice.

"You are here early."

Ren said as he walked towards Lin Ru.

"Yes, I was too excited for the concert. That's why, I came here early."

Lin Ru said with a sense of youthful charm. She was spreading a air of girlish charm, as she communicated with Ren.

Even Ren was affected by it. He was barely able to get his composure straight.

"It's just the rehearsals, not the actual concert. You don't have to be so excited."

"Hehe, I am just excited because I would be performing with you on the stage."

As one of the composers working on the album of A born star, Lin Ru has actually composed the title song 'With you'.

She would also be performing it on the stage with Ren and Xiao Rin. These three would be performing a chorus together.

"Yes, I am excited about this too"

"Brother Ren!!"

As Ren was talking with Lin Ru, he suddenly heard a voice from behind him.

He turned back and saw Xiao Rin coming towards him with light, but quick steps.

She was smiling but her smile has a sharp feeling to it, especially when she glanced at Lin Ru who was standing besides Ren.

"Xiao Rin, I thought you would be late because of your photoshoot."

Today Xiao Rin has a photoshoot for a celebrity magazine. Ren thought that she would be late because of this reason.

"I am just coming back from the photoshoot. I don't want to delay the rehearsals, that's why, I finished it quickly."

Xiao Rin was telling a lie at that moment. The reason she was here on time was because she feared that Lin Ru would make a move against Ren in her absence.

She very well know Lin Ru intentions towards Ren. She can't let anyone snatch her 'Brother Ren' from her.

"You don't have to hurry because of it. We should have completed the rehearsals of solo performances till then."

"Well, we can't do anything about it now that I am already here."

Xiao Rin said as she smiled mischievously.


"It's nice to see you again"

Lin Ru coughed to divert the attention towards her, as she greeted Xiao Rin.

There was a sweet but scary smile on her face.

"Yes, it's nice to see that you are doing well."

They were both greeting each other politely but there were sparks going rampant around them.

Both of them were staring at each other like it was some contest and no one was willing to back down.

In the middle of all this, Ren stood there wondering what he could do in this situation.

He don't even know the reason behind this staring contest, but he have a clue about the reason but he didn't wanted to think much about it.

He was sort of ignoring it.

"There seems to be sparks flying there."

Standing in a distance, the four girls from Lumous were looking at Ren, Xiao Rin and Lin Ru.

At first, they were thinking of greeting them but seeing the sparks flying there, they stopped in their tracks.

They do not dare to go greet them in this situation. They would just be swept by the pressure emitting from Xiao Rin and Lin Ru.

"It looks like they were greeting each other but they were staring at each other like they could kill. Oh, Senior Ren said something and both Senior Xiao Rin and Senior Lin Ru smile's became more scarier."

Staring at them with wide eyes, Sun Jia was describing the situation like she was giving a commentary.

"I wonder what is going on between them."

Sun Jia whispered and said to the other members.

"You really don't know what's going on?"

Rose said as she looked at her like she was looking at a dense person.

"You know what's going on there."

Sun Jia asked and all the girls smiled awkwardly at her words.

They all can decipher what was going on between the three of them. It would not take someone to be a genius to guess it.

Only a super dense person like Sun Jia can't understand the situation.

"Hey, if you know what's going on, you should tell me. Don't keep it just to yourself."

"It would be better if you don't know about it."

Cei Xin said as she stared at Xiao Rin.

Her friend has now become a celebrity but she was still the same.

Cei Xin know better than anyone else what Xiao Rin feels about Ren. She has even advised Xiao Rin to take the initiative in the past, but it looks like things were still the same.

She was actually more surprised to see Lin Ru act like that.

She had not met Lin Ru yet. The only information she has on her was from internet and magazines.

"I never thought something like that can happen between celebrities. It's just an idol drama."

Rose said as she smiled mischievously.

Standing besides her, Nie Wen just nodded. She was not much talkative to begin with.

"You three are surely hiding it from me. If you know about it, can't you tell me?"

Only Sun Jia was still asking them about the situation.

"You are really a dummy. I bet you have no experience in love."

Rose said as she put on of her hands on her forehead like she can't believe that Sun Jia was this much dense.

"What do experience in love has to do with it? I tell you all, I'm pretty much experienced in dating. I have several boyfriends till now."

Obviously, no one believed those words of her. It can be well seem that Sun Jia have no experience whatsoever.

Despite Sun Jia asking them several times about the situation, they didn't said anything.

In the end, only Rose muttered out loud.

"Senior Ren sure is popular."

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