Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 175

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 175 175. Director Chen Pu

Chapter 175. Director Chen Pu

"Junior greets you, Director Chen."

Ren immediately bowed towards Director Chen Pu when he heard his name.

In entertainment industry, status and fame is everything and Director Chen Pu status was unrivaled in the industry.

White bear was also bowing his head, but due to the big bulge in his stomach, he was unable to bow his head.

It was a little funny and Director Zhao could not help but laugh. Even Director Chen Pu has a smile on his face seeing it.

"Who is this fellow?"

"His name is Dong Shu, but we call him White bear. He is the manager of Ren."

Director Chen Pu nodded and everyone sat down. After sitting down, Director Zhao started talking.

"The reason I called you was because Director Chen wanted to meet you."

Director Chen Pu has earlier called Director Zhao and asking him to set up a meeting with Ren.

Director Zhao has hurriedly called Ren after that.

"You wanted to meet me?"

"Yes, I heard a lot of things about you and I saw Secret spy and A born star. With you, I think the future of the acting industry is prosperous."

Director Chen Pu quite liked Ren's acting after seeing it. He felt that it was realistic and the emotions has emotional feeling behind it.

It was rare to see this type of acting these days.

That's why, Director Chen Pu really appreciates Ren. The future was in safe hands because of Ren.

"I am just average. You praise me too much."

"You don't have to be modest."

Director Chen Pu shook his head with a smile. He has a carefree attitude like an old man next door.

After some talk, the atmosphere in the room was ambiguous.

After getting familiar, all the people were talking with each other freely, with smiles on their faces.

Especially, Director Zhao has a beaming smile on his face. It was because Ren was playing only the right cards.

At first, Director Zhao was a little worried that Ren would not be respectful towards Director Chen Pu.

Ren's popularity was too high and rapid. He has gotten famous in a short span of time.

Getting this sort of popularity can get anyone arrogant. There are countless talented stars that have lost their career because of their arrogance.

Director Zhao didn't wanted Ren to be like that.

But seeing Ren's attitude towards Director Chen Pu, he was relieved.

The second reason he was beaming a smile was because he knew the reason Director Chen Pu wanted to meet Ren.

It was a reason that will create another hype if it was revealed to the public.

"There's a reason behind, why I called you today."

Director Chen Pu didn't linger on casual talks much, as he started the main topic.

"Actually, I will be directing a drama in the future."

Ren's heart started beating rapidly when he heard that. The way things are going, Ren could expect what Director Chen Pu will say next.

White bear and Director Zhao also listened attentively.

"I saw your acting and I quite liked it, that's why I wanted you to audition for a role."

'It's really as I expected.'

Director Chen Pu was telling him to audition for an role in his drama.

Although, it may seem too below his status to audition for a role, but it was the drama of Director Chen Pu.

He may seem to be carefree but Director Chen Pu was known to be strict about his movies and dramas.

He will only cast the actors he liked and he will only do it after examining if they are perfect for the role or not.

That's why, he asked Ren to audition for this role.

"It's not a bad role too. It's the role of the main antagonist, I wanted a young and daring actor for this role. You fit perfectly in it, if you like it, you can give an audition."

"I understand. I will not disappoint you."

Ren quickly said before Director Chen Pu can explain any further.

Ren was already willing to do this role.

His last three projects were romantic comedies, despite their uniqueness, they were more or less from the same genre.

He wanted to change the genre now and what's better than appearing in Director Chen Pu's next drama.

Director Chen Pu was known to be the god of historical dramas, as he have always created masterpieces in this genre.

Ren also has a hunch that the drama he was talking about was the same drama that will cross the 10% mark in the ratings, in the future.

"The drama name will be Slayers. Like its name, it will be a historical drama."

'It's the same drama.'

Like Ren has thought, the drama Director Chen Pu was telling him about was the same drama that will cross the 10% mark in the future.

As far as he remember, Slayer was a drama based on the adventures of a cursed boy in the warring periods.

It will delve about the boy journey to an a.d.u.l.t and about the tough times he went through.

Although the main character was shown as a child at first, the main story will start after he reaches a.d.u.l.thood.

It was then that his true powers would manifest and he will fight against seemingly similar supernatural creatures and will be known as the 'Slayer'.

It was a drama that was famous for its direction and the characters. People especially liked the fight and war scenes between the different members.

Slayers was a drama highly sought after by the viewers and there were also a movie adaptation of this drama, that was announced after the monstrous response from the viewers.

Another reason was that, Director Chen Pu wanted Ren to play the antagonist.

After the protagonist, the role of the antagonist was the most popular one in the drama. It was also a role that can change Ren's current image.

His current image was too perfect in the eyes of people. Many girls wanted to marry him and people are all admiring him because of his image.

But Ren felt that it was too perfect.

That's why, he wanted to do this role. The role of a villain will surely change his current image and also made his career stable.

Overall, it was a drama Ren definitely wanted to do.

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