Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 176

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 176 176. Tickets On Sale

Chapter 176. Tickets on sale

In the next week, the tickets of the concert were released on the online platforms like Book tickets. com and other websites.

It was also released simultaneously on the official website of Top star entertainment.

"The response of the concerts are explosive."

"Yes, just the name of Xin Ren was enough to make it explosive, but with names like Xiao Rin and Lin Ru, fans can't wait enough for the concert."

In the lounge area, two people of the marketing team were talking with each other.

Their topic of discussion was obviously Ren and the concert.

"Yes, I heard that the rehearsals are going on at the moment. The concert is sure to be successful."

"Yes, it has Xin Ren in it. It will obviously be successful. He can never fail."

"Isn't that just a rumour?"

The employee with a horned rimmed glasses said as he raised his eyebrow.

"Well, it's a rumour but it has credibility in it. Xin Ren has never failed before."

"What about the loss on Music count that happened a while ago?"

The other employee shook his head when he heard that.

"I don't think that will be considered as a loss. Xin Ren is an actor, he lost in singing and in the end, the sales of the album of A born star can't be compared to Chen Hao's album."

"Well, it's true."

In the company, 'Xin Ren' was a hot topic all the time. Many times employees will gather together to talk to him and even the celebrities assigned to the agency wanted to meet him.

But it's rare to see Ren idling around in the company.

Whenever he is here, he will either be in the PR Team office or would be looking at his screenplays.

It was hard to talk to him due to his rising popularity and because of the fear of getting rejected.

As the two employees were talking, someone approached them suddenly.

It was a young and handsome guy who was wearing sunglasses. He also has a bright smile on his face that make people unable to refuse him.

"Excuse me, are you two talking about Senior Xin Ren?"

"Ah, yes."

The two employees replied simultaneously. Seeing that he was referring to Ren as senior, he was probably a celebritiy assigned with the company.

"Do you know where I can find him? I don't see him much in the company."

"He is probably busy with the preparations of the concert."

"Yes, he must be giving all his time in practising for the concert and I have heard that he will be going on a short break after that."

"Is that so?"

The young guy face immediately saddened down but he held his composure as he said.

"So, when will he be free?"

"Only the higher ups will know that. With his current popularity, he will be racking in advertis.e.m.e.nt deals and many directors would want him in a project."

The other employee continued the words.

"There is also his singing career, the company also want to focus on that. So, I don't think he will be free anytime in the future."

The employee shrugged when he said that.

The life of a celebrity was always like this. The more famous you become, the more your schedule will become.

It was a two edged sword.

"Thank you for answering."

The young guy left after that with a sigh.

The two employees from the marketing team just thought that he was Ren's fan or something.

They again started their talk.

* * *

Inside the CEO's office

CEO Xu's secretary was handling her the reports about Ren and how they will proceed from now on.

"So, the planning of the concert is going well. Make sure that there are no faults in it. We can't let go off this opportunity."

"Yes, I will take care of it."

The secretary smiled stifly.

Due to CEO Xu's unique atmosphere and the pressure, she would always be stiff while talking to her.

"So, Director Chen Pu wanted him in his next drama named Slayers."

CEO Xu said as she flipped through the doc.u.ments.

"Yes, apparently Xin Ren is also excited to do this project. He has also agreed to take the audition."

"But it's a role of the antagonist."


The role of the male protagonist may be hard to do, but the more difficult thing is to play the antagonist.

Director Chen Pu drama's are also famous for its cruel and merciless protagonist.

"This role will definitely change the public image we had made of him."

"Yes, but it will also solidify his position as an actor in the industry."

"There are both advantages and disadvantages of it."

CEO Xu said as she leaned back on her leather chair. The secretary knows that whenever CEO Xu leans back on her chair like this, she hated to be disturbed.

It was because she thinks about the whole situation in this posture and the secretary knows better not to disturb her.

After a while, CEO Xu said.

"Let's go with it since Ren himself wants to do it. Are there any other matters?"


The secretary again stiffly said as she handed her some doc.u.ments.

"There are many offers of reality shows for him. There are also some popular shows who want him as a regular on their shows whereas some want him to appear with Xiao Rin."

"Reality shows!? Ren is going on a break, right?"

"Yes, Director Zhao has already approved of it."

"Postpone these reality shows at the moment. I don't think he will have time to go on them."


The secretary left her office after that.

'Ren!! The more I see him, the more I feel his future will be unexpected.'

CEO Xu thought after her secretary has left.

Ren was the only person who hasn't dissapointed her once. He has always done better than expected.

Due to this, CEO Xu was getting sure that he will be the one to achieve her dream.

'The dream to make a Global Star!!'

CEO Xu was already seeing how far his future will go.

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