Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 177

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 177 177. Concert Starts 1

Chapter 177. Concert starts (1)

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen who are watching our special broadcast today. We are outside Tianjing stadium currently where the live concert of the movie A born star will be going to start soon."

A beautiful woman with short hair who was wearing a purple short dress was standing outside Tianjing stadium.

She was a host from SKB, the public network broadcast that has purchased the rights to broadcast the concert live tonight.

The host name was Tan Hongyi.

She was reporting the situation outside of the stadium where a long queue extended all the way around the block.

Because of the large queue, there was serious traffic congestion.

Inadvertently, the relevant departments had to send people to maintain order, so the police was dispatched to standby at the scene in case of any accidents.

Tens of thousands of fans were holding tickets, some were also holding light sticks in their hands, and others were holding up posters of Ren, Lin Ru and Xiao Rin, all waiting to enter.

The issue was in the fans who didn't have tickets but came to squat outside the gymnasium, hoping to see the celebrities entering.

They were just here to get a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Some stood outside trying to buy tickets second-hand, they even offered triple the original price to buy the tickets, but unfortunately no one was willing to sell.

It was because of the popularity of A born star among the masses. The movie was still running in the theaters and it has already becoming the highest grossing movie of the year.

Thanks to that, the album of A born star has also achieved the platinum record, stunning many music critics and other famous singers.

A platinum record is a major thing in the music industry and this time, the album of a musical drama has gotten this record.

It has happened the first time.

Due to this, the craze of the concert was amazing and all the 20,000 tickets has been sold out.

"Let's talk to some of the people who have come to watch the concert tonight."

Tan Hongyi said as she moved towards the queue and started asking questions from the fans who have come here today.

"In a while, the concert would start. Are you excited?"

She asked a man who looked to be a college student and he answered happily.

"Yes, I'm very excited about experiencing the concert live. I have already purchased the album and I liked all the songs in it."

"What was your favourite song in it?"

"It was 'Are you listening?', I really liked it."

All the songs from the albums are still on the music charts. 'With you' and 'Are you listening?' has solidified their rankings and were still on the first and the second place respectively.

Their downloads on the online sites has already reached 100 million. It was an astounding number regardless of anything.

"We will now interact with more fans and I will be here to give you all the live coverage of the concert. So, be sure to tune it and watch."

Tan Hongyi said brightly.

* * *

Tianjing stadium backstage

Several makeup artists were doing the makeup of Lumous. All of the members have nervous expressions on their faces, as makeup artist put light makeup on their faces.

"Ah, I'm so nervous. Hey, hey, why are you all not talking at all. I'm getting more nervous with the silence atmosphere."

Of course, Sun Jia was not silent at all.

Instead, she was talking more in the silent atmosphere. Her talkative nature was on the rise with the tense atmosphere.

"Stop talking dummy. You are making me more nervous."

Rose said as she scolded her.

"No, it's you all who are making me nervous. I feel like I would die."

"I will really kill you if you don't stop talking."

Rose started glaring at her and they again started nitpicking with each other.

Watching this, the makeup artist all have light smiles on their faces. They were used to the cat and mouse fights of Rose and Sun Jia.

"How can I calm down when we will be performing on the stage, in front of 20,000 people in a while. Just thinking about it makes me want to hide in my blanket."

Sun Jia's voice was particularly loud when she said that. No one retorted her on this because it was the truth.

They were all nervous because of the same thing. With every second, their heartbeats were rising.

It would be their debut to the world tonight and it would be in front of 20,000 people. Anyone will get nervous thinking about it.

In that tense atmosphere, Cei Xin asked the girl who was quietly nibbling on a chocolate bar in the corner of the room.

"How are you so calm? I know you are already a celebrity, but aren't you nervous?"

The girl who was nibbling on the chocolate was Xiao Rin. She has already finished her makeup and was now sitting in the corner eating.

"No, I'm not."

"Is there a way to stay calm? Something like a breathing technique or something?"

Sun Jia asked excitedly but Xiao Rin's answer dissapointed her.

"No, I don't think there is something like that."

"Of course, it isn't a novel."

Rose scoffed at Sun Jia.

"Huh, you said that but when I asked that, you were looking expectantly at Senior Xiao Rin. I know you were thinking that it would be nice if there was really a breathing technique or something."

Sun Jia flailed her hands at Rose.

"Sit properly or the makeup will be messy."

The makeup artists reminded Sun Jia and Rose scoffed again.

"Calm down now or you will look like a ghost on the stage."

The other people in the room laughed lightly when they heard that and Sun Jia just grumbled under her breath.

"I look like an angel even with messy makeup."

"Then, why don't you dress up as a ghost and go on stage. I wonder if you will look like an angel or a ghost."

"No way!!"

Sun Jia immediately refused it.

The other people in the room again laughed.

'If they can still laugh, then they would be fine!!'

Xiao Rin thought as she watched the girls laugh and joke around with each other.

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